Tuesday, 31 December 2013

(Delayed "Merry christmas and a) Happy new year!

Another year has passed!
A lot has happened, and I can not express my gratitude in anyway near enough.

Thank you to you all who have supported this game!

I hope we all will have a great new year, with lots of smut and goodies!


Sunday, 29 December 2013

Fix out AloneXP Ver.

Now, what is to be the last fix (I hope) has been released.
It addresses a few issues that has been mentioned, and adds the Journal.



  • Journal for sciencey stuff


  • Fixed reward from Sciencey stuff
  • Fixed bandit in the crossroads, still using the old summoning system.
  • Fixed arena match with justice fighter, so you can no longer flee and win.
Hopefully nothing else is needed for this release!

We will be starting on the castle, however, while Mugginns and Nagi works on the castle stuff, I will not be making a lot right now. I have 1 exam left, and I will be focusing on that for some time, till it's done.

That being said, I'll be doing a few minor things, adding to the game, no worries!

The support you guys have shown has been amazing! Even though we have had relatively few posts, so much support has been shown to us! So many visits, which really makes things worthwhile! And fans posting here with good or bad is really helping out. This game would not have been here if not for you guys! So pat yourself on the shoulder and know, you are the only reason why this game can continue! I appreciate every single one of you! Thanks! My Christmas is raised to another level with the support of you guys on my game!

Thank you!


Monday, 23 December 2013

Fix 2 AloneXP Ver.

So, to fix the issues that was found in the previous version here's a fix!


Hope this makes it work now!


Friday, 20 December 2013

Mandatory fix

So, as always, you guys busted us. Yea, we make mistakes :P

And thus, mistakes are meant to be fixed! And so I give to you!
A fixed version of the game! Hurraaaaaa!

No journal for the new stuff yet. I will be doing some tweaks to the game over the next few days,
fixing a few errors and making a few design choices better, and with that fix I'll add the journal.

To clarify, NOTHING will be missed out by playing this version, there just won't be
journal entries yet. They will be added to the game in the next update, but even if you
complete some stuff now, they will still be there once implemented.

Download here.

Also, a bug fix:

  • Phallia questline now works (I'm fairly sure)
If the questline does not seem to allow you to go any further, it probably means you
had a fairly low score. This fucked up the game due to the game having a faulty trigger.

It is fixed now, but: If you already have the bug in your save you won't be able to fix it.
Send your save to me, and I'll fix it. (If it is a problem that many of you encountered (too many to fix manually) I'll add a thing in-game where you can fix it by talking to it.)
Anyway, that's it for now! Hope you guys will enjoy the new content! Mugginns really did a lot of hard work here!


Huzzah! It's here!

Yes lemons,it's here.The new release that I've slaved over for the best part of 2 weeks(I think).Sciency Stuff parts 3 and 4 work,I played through them myself.Be warned,part 4 is a right nut buster(not in a good way).I've fixed all the bugs I found on the way but don't hesitate to let Crouler know if you find any more.Without further waffle

...I lied...

Download link

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Updates on the next build

So, going through Mugginns stuff, I find that, seeing as I have no idea of what he meant on
different story parts etc. fixing the bugs is impossible for me. I'm pretty much
in a state of "Da fuq just happened" all the time :P So, until Mugginns has some time
to explain to me what he meant to happen I can't release this build since it
would be bugged.

He is very busy, and I'm not sure I'll see him until the weekend, and I'm sorry about
that. We all wanted you guys to play the game as soon as possible, but we need to
attend to these bugs first.

I hope you'll have a bit of patience, waiting just a few more days!

As always, thanks for all the continued support! I love you guys! :D


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

About the next update. (Will be out soon)

So, I am currently going through the game.

What is important to understand is that the game is complex due to the mechanics I'm using.
And I need to do some fixes here, as Mugginns has left a few out. I will
make the game work for you guys soon, don't worry!

That's pretty much all!

I realize I haven't posted in a long time, but I will be the one doing the game now, so prepare for more of me! You know you want it! :D


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Aaaaaand It's Gone

A post just to say I'm done.Sciency Stuff 3 and 4 are in the game(but not yet tested) and all bugs will be sorted by Crouler.The game is back in his hands,the transfer is official.I'll be back to map making in a few days,the next project will be(I think) the player castle,which I'll enjoy after the up hill struggle that was/is Sciency Stuff.I also threw in an easter egg,though I doubt most of you will understand.And so I'm off to do...things.Not the kind of things you're thinking of.Just things.Got it?Sweet.Byeeeeee.


Saturday, 14 December 2013

Looking good

Right,Overlord Crouler has been cracking the whip and telling me to post an update so you don't leave.
The script for Sciency Stuff 4 is done but a lot of the boring dialogue was assigned to the cutting room floor.Yesterday I got a good start on the quest,maybe a third or so,and some unimportant conversations.
It would have been more but I spent 3 hours on Borderlands 2(yes I know it's an old game) looking for "Badonkadonks" and screaming profanities at robots.Even so,I should get the majority of the quest done today and spend some of sunday finishing it.Mugginns out


Thursday, 12 December 2013


Right,sorry for the lack of info for the last few days but I've had a lot of bad luck and little time to work on the game.I'll have even less time come Monday,so I plan to get all my stuff done on Sunday and hand everything back to Crouler.If I finish it then I'll post a small release,if there's no release on Sunday then it means I lost all my data because my laptop committed suicide.


Saturday, 7 December 2013

Busy Busy Busy

A second job,just what I never wanted! This is just a little notice to say that for the next 6 months I'm gonna be a bit bogged down with work.Crouler is also busy(even if it doesn't look it).Good news is that I'm back to writing the script for Sciency Stuff part 4 and am about half way done.Needed to make a few changes but it's all for the good of the story(which may or may not be good depending on your view).Right,I guess that's all for now.
And here's a video to explain what I'm up to

Writer's Balk


Friday, 6 December 2013

Hotfile is dead... DAMN YOOOOU!!!

So, hotfile has been closed permanently...
I had like 2 Tb of hotstorage there, meaning premium storage sharing speed, as well as tons of important files I'll never get again... For fuck sake... I feel like kicking a stone, though the prospect of breaking my leg prevents me from doing so. (Stone is a metaphor for other stuff too, in case you did not realize...)

So, no more hotfile... I'm really quite saddened by this, but not much to do about it at this point.

I will find an alternate download site, or more for you guys. Maybe that multiupload thing where I upload to a billion pages in one upload lol. In any case, that's what's been happening. A darn shame, but we will keep working!

Thanks for all of the support you guys are showing us in our long development phases! It really means a lot!
Until next time, take care and stay safe!


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Quick Fix

Right you lemons,Seems that either me or Crouler fucked up but thankfully no charges are being pressed.As some,or a lot of you might have noticed,the start point is in the wrong place.Why it took 6 days for someone to realize this,I don't know.Now,since I'm the one putting this out some of you might find that part 3 of the Sciency Stuff quest is implemented but not finished(or maybe it'll take another 6 days).I would recommend not doing it until the official release because changes will be made and could possibly corrupt some saves.I would have liked to have finished before anyone gets to see it but this problem needed to be fixed quickly.
You have been warned.
Okay,by request I'm uploading a mirror,though actually it's a slightly more updated version.Sciency Stuff Part 3 is finished but not yet tested.I don't have a lot of time so I'm working fast.Please leave a comment of any bugs and such you may find.
I've updated the download link



Saturday, 30 November 2013

Back From Arcane Lands

Right you lemons,as some of you might know I've been away for about two weeks and didn't have a chance to finish up my quest line.While I have been back all this week I've been busy with work.That being said,things should pick up on Monday.Right now part 3 of my quest line is about 40% done(sprite hunting can be a bitch) and part 4 shouldn't take too long either.Parts 5 and 6 will be put on hold since they'll be a good deal different and Darkshine Mine won't feature as much,this is so the unfinished quests can be done and so the player castle can get started.
That's all for today folks!
The Silly Adventures of Mr. Mochi

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hotfix for release

A hotfix has been released, fixing several issues with the latest build.

Especially the gamebreaking loop, this has been fixed.

Downloads in the download section.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

AloneXP Ver. (Beta) - Release!

Now, this is in no ways a large update. It adds some Casino and Arena stuff to the game, as well as a lot of fixes reported by you guys. :) The arena battle's didn't reach the first champion I'm afraid, so I will add that together with the player castle once Mugginns is done with his release!

Give us your thoughts on the game, maybe we can make it better!

In any case, there is not much to say here. Enjoy the release, and thanks for all the support you've shown us!




That's all for now, I hope to see you guys later!


Monday, 25 November 2013

25-11-13 Update report

So, I did some more stuff and I wanted you guys to know :)

  • Added 2 new parts to the arena battle's
It is not as much 2 new battles though. Added a little something to prepare for the first champion fight.

I hope you guys are still feeling psyched about the next update, since I know that I am getting excited about you guys playing it!

This was just a small message to keep you up to speed.

Thanks for the support! I love it! :D


Sunday, 24 November 2013

23-11-13 Aaaand things are slow xD

Now, as some of you may have noticed, things are going slow.
Yea, I know. I have an exam (again...) I'm working on, so I've very little time.
However, I did manage to make some stuff this evening! (Night...)


  • Added 3 new arena battles.
  • Fixed some bugs I found in the arena.
  • Fixed some transportation errors.
Right, here's how things will happen!
I will be adding battles until the first champion and then I will be releasing this update. 
This means a lot of battles. I may feel inclined to add some other stuff as well, but I will keep you guys informed!

I am really grateful that even though things are going as slow as they are, and that updates are somewhat slow lately, you guys are still dropping by, checking up on the blog! Thanks! As soon as I'm done with my exam I will be working on the game really hard to make things up to you guys! I'll probably be able to do daily blog updates, since I'll have enough content to support this, like I did some time ago!

As always, thanks for all the support! I'll make it up to you once I can!


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

19-11-13 Work-log and a few answers

Right, so let's get right to it!

I've yet to add anything since last time xD
I've been fixing a few bugs instead.
Biggest fix is:

  • Rain indoors no longer happens.
Some various small stuff like, turning the wrong way in a conversation, etc.

Now, I'm going to answer a few things I've been asked a few times.
I will not go over the order of the next updates as I have already done so in an earlier post.

Now, answers:
  • Detective jobs are somewhat bugged. Some can be done, others can fuck up. I will fix this, and add more, but right now it is relatively low on the priority list, as we want to be done with a few things first, the castle being one of them.
  • Sex items like; Dildo, Onahole, Anal-beads, used condoms, etc. has no use as of yet. However, they will be used later on in many varieties of scenes, as well as it will unlock other scenes.
  • Lucia will have no sex scenes, though I intend to make her integrated in the game, but please keep in mind that it's actually no more than 2 or 3 releases ago that she was introduced, and much like the detective jobs, I have other things I prioritize much higher than her. 
    • The reason why she has no sex scenes is, I have no art to support this :P
  • Revisiting old sex scenes. I've had a lot of suggestions on this. They range from adding it to the porn book (not going to happen I'm afraid, as the porn book is going to disappear soon) and places to see them. However my main goal is to make a CG mode in the menu of the game, where you can see the scenes you've already completed, even if your current save has not completed them. (So you just need to complete it once)
  • The nature of the divine will be revealed by the story, but as a lot of other stuff, I need to castle for this :P
  • I have gotten many messaged by people with ideas on how to proceed with the game. (Some where really good) However, I'm 99% sure I'll not be implementing this. I'm sorry if this makes anyone angry, but please realize that I have already planned nearly all of the game, and there's a lot. If I was to implement new beginnings, new quests or new anything really, I'm in a position where there is a 99% chance it will go against something else already planned, leaving obvious plot-holes and contradictions. Sorry.
  • I do read all messages I get! And I don't get angry about them! Unless they are obvious trolls lol. I almost always write back. Only if there is no reason not to, do I not write back. Tell me how you like the game, tell me what you hate about it, tell me anything! I love getting feedback and simple thanks/fuck-you's by you guys!
  • The income system will be fixed as soon as I get my finger out of my arse... (Need to ad some stuff to all the maps I found out...)
  • The game is around 7 - 9% done.
  • There will be no sex scenes between Rei-Long Oak's mayor and her personal prostitute. (No art supports this).
  • You will not be able to have consensual sex with every woman in the game.
    • The main reason here is, it would be too unrealistic. No matter how "divine" and awesome you are, not everyone will be willing to jump on your d*ck. sorry!
  • Not all women (not even the ones you can have sex with) will be possible concubine/lover/slave candidates.
  • The farm is still under construction, and many more areas will be added.
I think that is pretty much it. I've had many messages in my inboxes on the various forums and many messages here asking questions!

If I missed any question, or if you had one not answered here, feel free to ask below! I will answer any question! (As long as it is relevant to the game, and as long as it does not ruin the surprise in the story, so asking how the game ends will not be answered :P)


Saturday, 16 November 2013

16-11-13 Work log

A few new additions to the game.
I've been working on ways of implementing the new image system, and it will be a gradual process which will start once the player castle has been built. Nothing has been made for it yet, but today I managed to plan out some of the details. By now not much needs anymore planning, and soon, once the maps and such are ready, things can be done!

Anyway, for my work today!

  • Added a new part to the casino questline.
  • Fixed issues regarding the quests made earlier, where some random disappearing of people would occour.
Now, how things look now, I have finished what I currently can with the casino. Thus I will move on.
A more detailed list of things to do bellow.

Things will be made in the order they appear:
  1. I will add arena fights and arena quests, making as much as currently possible.
  2. I will need to do some tweaks here and there for the newer stuff, as many things have been changed. 
    • This is what I will be doing until Mugginns comes back. Once he does.
  3. .Mugginns will finish his questline in the snow town.
  4. The player castle will be made and implemented with the first basic features.

I do not wish to spoil a lot about the player castle, but know it will be huge, full of content.
It will be player customisable, events will happen, the player will get a wardrobe where he can change clothes, the player will be able to hire crews and servants, and much MUCH more, but I will, as mentioned before, not reveal everything.

But rest assured, these are not even close to being all the available actions in the castle, if I get my will, and I'm able to do it, it will be less than 1/4 of the content that will be there. Also, did I mention the castle will be huge? lol.

In any case, I hope you guys are enjoying the game! The new content added with the last release has hopefully been able to keep you guys interested, as we work on more content for you all!

Once again, thanks for the continued support. I realize this is getting old, but I'm simply astounded every time I go to the statistics and see just how many people come here, and how many plays the game! Thanks so much! You guys make all the hard work worth it!


Friday, 15 November 2013

14-11-13 Todays work

So, let's just do as we normally do! I began working on the game again, and will be keeping you guys informed on my progress.

I've decided to start on the Casino quest line first, trying to finish what I can there with the maps currently available.

Today's work.

  • Added 2 parts to the casino questline
  • Fixed transfer bug in the new map where you would be taken to the tent area, unable to move.
  • Added a (fucking huge) new sex scene. Lots of stuff here, as well as a bit of an after goal.
That's todays work. I'll be keeping you guys informed!

As always, you guys are the best! I feel privileged to work on a game with so many people wanting to play it! Thanks for your support, without you there would be no Alone!


Saturday, 9 November 2013

Hongfire is back! And a few notes on stuff to be done.

So, as you may have noticed, I'm not back to being the one actively working on the game.
I know I said the next update Mugginns questline, but unfortunately, it won't

We changing the queue, and it will be like this:

  • 1. Update - Adding a finish (or as close as possible with the current maps) to incomplete questlines.
  • 2. Update - Mugginns questline will be done
  • 3. Update - The castle will be implemented.
This is most likely the way the next few updates will work!

And, now!

Hongfire is back!
This is great! Once again our fans will come lol xD

In any case, I'm still proud to work on this game! I'd never imagined it would become this big...
Thanks to all of you! This means a lot!


Something,something darkside

Right you lemon,some good news and some bad news.
Good News;
-All the bugs posted have bee fixed by yours truly.
-Part 3 of the Sciency Stuff quest has been written up and just needs to be implemented.
-The game is moving forward

Bad News;
-I'll be taking a leave of absence for about 2 weeks.Ya,I know,it sucks.Sadly I won't be helping with the game in that time but customs can keep their grubby mitts off my hard drive!

Crouler is still at it so it ain't that bad.Well,this is all you'll hear from me till I get back.So long suckers!

Mugginns A'Gogo,
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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hongfire is down.

And what does this mean? Well, it means the amount of people coming here has been drastically reduced.
It makes me sad, I'll admit. I hope it is temporary, and not a permanent closure of hongfire.

However, even though maybe half of our players have disappeared, we will continue creating new content!
We could not stop, even if we wanted. :P
So rest assured, the game will not be affected by hongfire being down.

If anyone knows what happened, feel free to post here! I just wanted to talk about it, and to tell you guys nothing will change on the game's part.


Good news! It would seem hongfire had a HDD problem, and they are working to fix things.
Let's all be patient and wait for them to get things back up and running!

Monday, 4 November 2013

AloneXP Ver. (Beta) is out!

So, as you probably read earlier, I received the game from Muggins not long ago, and now the game has been checked, and double checked, and triple checked... You see where I'm going...

In any case, the game is now ready for you guys!

The game now adds a new destination for you guys to explore!

The snowy north is harsh, and even though it is somewhat empty compared to the other maps at the present times (I'll be adding different monsters, quests, loot etc as with all the maps) there is still a great deal of new content!

A new questline has been made too, and the small town of Fuar has been populated!


  • Several treasures to find (Non epic atm, but time will change that)
  • Tons of new maps which will be utilized further in the near future.
  • A new questline! (Mugginns, you are awesome.)
  • As well as tons of smaller stuff!


Nagi will have some stuff implemented soon as well, but I could not get a hold of him, so I decided to temporarily hide his new content, as I need to speak to him before adding his stuff. It will likely be in the next update.

In any case, I hope you guys enjoy the new stuff! Look around, enjoy the scenery!

As always, the support you guys are showing me is making it all worthwhile, and now, with 2 other's on the team, everything seems so much more do-able.

Thank you all! You guys are great!


Sunday, 3 November 2013

God damn(Update 3.95)

Right you lemons,I just finished all the stuff needed for the next release.Fuar(formally Snow Town)is set up and all the roads are connected.The rest is up to Crouler to finish.As for my Sciencey Stuff quest,the first two parts are available.The quest should be posted on the bounty/help board in Rei Long.I've run a few test plays and squashed any bugs I found,though I don't expect to have found all of them.And since I made Fuar you might as well report any bugs to me about it as well as the quest.The file is back in Croulers hands so for now I have some other projects that need doing,though I'll also be working on the rest of the quest for the next release.That's all for today folk!


Mugginns A'Gogo,
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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Build Update 3.7

Right you lemons,a lots been happening in the last few day but stuff gets done.This is just a short notice to let you know that the first part of my quest(haven't come up with a name for it yet)is done and the second part should be done and tested before the next release.A slight problem with resource finding and my own stubbornness means I'm hand drawing two bosses(one who might feature as part of all my quests).I had wanted to get the full story line done but Crouler pulled a deadline out of nowhere so you'll have to settle for parts 1 and 2.
That's all for now,have a happy Halloween all you pagans.

Mugginns A'Gogo,
Keeper of the Brass Monkey,
Banana Whisperer Extraordinaire,
Watcher of Chickens,
Slayer of The Terror,
Usurper of the Throne,
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Code Map Monkey,
Got Your Nose,
Protector of the Sacred Gnome,
Coffee Nut,

Monday, 28 October 2013

New release (Porn release and weather system)

Right, without further ado!


This update is purely porn and the new weather system, as well as fixes to the old porn stuff.

The next update will be the new snow area, and it will be out sometime at the end of this week or the start of next week.

As always, thanks for your continued support! It's much appreciated!


Sunday, 27 October 2013

What he did something?

I have finished what I consider to be a decent path to the snow village/cave  area. I just need to hand the stuff over to Muggins or Crouler.  Granted I would have made it bigger, but I am not sure I want to. Or that it is needed.  Added in what is to be the last part of my mini quest hunt, it will be completely finished once some of the other areas I made are in the game. The area will not be accessible until certain key things are found  ending with something you guys may or may not like.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

26-10-13 New scenes as we near the much awaited release!

Well, I'm psyched about Mugginns contribution to the game! For the first time it might not be a hassle to go through the new content for me^^

In any case, as we near the week's end, I have made new scenes for the game.
The one mentioned before, and two more as of now. I might make some more tomorrow, but I can't promise anything as I'm fighting to do my exam too lol.

So, for the next release, there will likely be more sex, again, and then, the release after, if we're lucky, the snow maps and quests will be here!

Just wanted to keep you guys up to date on my progress, as I have no idea of how mugginns is doing :)

for now, thank you so much for the continued support! Going to the blog and seeing so many people from all over the world checking up on my game, it is amazing! You guys are the best!


Edit: And I made another scene... I kinda went all out here, and made it into a somewhat large "quest-ish" thing... So you probably won't have it right away with the next release, since I'm going to have to add a lot of quest stuff that I can't add while Mugginns is working on his quest.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Build Update 3.3

Right you lemons,it's about time for another update.The Snow Town is finished,all interiors and exteriors have been connected,this way Crouler makes no mistakes.On the other side,most of my quest maps are done,though I may need to touch one up a bit,not being entirely happy with it.
To Do list;

  • Finish the cave map(two parts left)
  • remodel one map
  • Try to make content for the quest that doesn't break the rules and make Crouler cry
The final part of the cave is going to be a boss battle of my own devising.I have ideas for this that I need to discuss with Crouler because he's the Lore Master and all that,though I haven't seen him all day.Until I do the cave is on hold.
I'm attending a wedding tomorrow(not my own,that would be silly) and plan to get thoroughly scuttered/hammered/smashed/intoxicated/drunk/of-my-face/etc so I'm going to absent for a couple of days.I had planned to hand over all the work done to him but as I said,I've not seen him.When I do I'll hand it over,sign off and he can get stuff done.
That's all folks.

Mugginns A'Gogo,
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Monday, 21 October 2013

Another Build Update

Right you lemons,it's about time for another update and we have progress.
The Snow Town exterior is finished,featuring 19 buildings,14 of which will have interiors.These 14 include the obligatory Inn,a Church and the Merchant house(basically 2-4 shops in 1).There may be plans to expand later but for now we have a new town.I also got 5 interiors done,but much is left to be done(like my stuff for example,which was the point of me getting my hands on the main game).
That seems to be all for now,until next time folks.

Mugginns A'Gogo,
Keeper of the Brass Monkey,
Banana Whisperer Extraordinaire,
Watcher of Chickens,
Slayer of The Terror,
Usurper of the Throne,
Lord Admiral,
Master of Ceremonies,
Inventor of Original Sin,
HomNomNom Veteran,
Code Map Monkey,
Got Your Nose,

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Update + Plans for next update (20-10-13)

Hello all! As you all know by now, I've allowed Muggins to create his own side-quest, and since he needed a snowy area, I killed to birds with one stone, and told him to make some quest related maps for later use.
Now, while he is working on the game I can not work on anything that changes any in-game variables and switches. In other words, I can only make single events, like a conversation or the like!

So I've decided to simply make smut while we're waiting. While he makes his quest I will be making more porn content. This content will likely be released around the next weekend, and then, the weekend after that we hope to have the main story that Muggins is working on out as well. I will be releasing porn content on that too I hope, though I have exams so I might not be able to create a whole lot. (As always, lol)

What's more, with the next update I will be adding a weather system to the game. There will be a chance at any given time that there will be rain, sandstorms, fog etc. Of course you will still see sun, and the weather will be rare, depending on the location. For example, you will never find rain in the desert, but sandstorms. The mountains will have less rain than the forest, etc.

I just wanted to give you guys a bit of a teaser.

I really think the weather system will help make the game more interesting, as the weather nearly changes the actual maps, making them refreshing to look at!

In any case, I hope you guys are looking forward to Muggins' update, I know I am, and the sex updates, though, as their name's hint, it is nothing but sex lol.


  • I made a sex scene with Sichil's (the meaty goodness woman) maid. It's really extensive with 2 different options, and the main option is a long sex session.
I hope to see you guys around! As always, thanks for the support you are showing us! The fan-base is ever growing, and it makes me proud to be making this game!


Saturday, 19 October 2013

Nature Scenes Ahoy

Oh god I talk, and do updates.. THE WORLD IS GOING TO END.

All joking aside, I will be working on the paths to the snow village, beware of frostbite on your futa balls. Process is gonna go slow, since I am giving Crouler and Muggins some time to take off. Also..I am lazy. I suspect by next sat or sun it will be done. As for today I will be live streaming my map making once again.

Update: I have 2 of the 5-6 parts of the path to snow village.  My process of making them is indeed up on my livestream. If you wish to watch me flounder several times trying to make the map.

You can follow the livestream link above to find it. Be sure to ask me all sorts of silly questions :D.

-Naki The Lazy

Build 3 Update

Right you lemons,it's about time for a little update of the current build.In short,things are looking good.Right now about half of the maps for my quest are done(no content,events yet) and a good part of the Snow Town is done.It would be about half,only the buildings were changed and some fiddling with the tileset was needed.
I'm hoping that I have no obligations tomorrow so I can get the snow town(we have a name for it but I'm leaving that for Crouler to announce) finished so I can focus on my own stuff.

Mugginns A'Gogo,
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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Big Build Number 3

Right you lemons,as you know,I now have a direct hand in the game(no one was more surprised than I).So,while Crouler is tucked away where ever he is,I am now responsible for the progress of the game.I hope to get everything done in a week,two weeks at the most.Why so long you ask?Well not only am I making a series of maps for my side quest but I also have to code it and write the dialogue.But wait,there's more!Crouler sprung another project on me,a whole new town! It's gonna be about the size of Everlight,perhaps a bit smaller.
To Do List;

  • New Town: 9~13 buildings of varying size + interiors
  • 1 large building and a cave system
  • Content that doesn't break any of the game lore    
I'll aim to get an update out every 2 or 3 days,provided theres something to report.
Thats all for now minions

Mugginns A'Gogo,
Keeper of the Brass Monkey,
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HomNomNom Veteran

Monday, 14 October 2013

14-10-13 Porn release out - future work

I'll make it easy for you . go HERE to get the porn expansion! :P
I added LOTS of new porn moments in the game. And with tons I think it's like  7 or something xD

Some of the new scenes can only be accessed by chance, and you'll have to be at the right place at the right time for them to execute. Others are plain sex. Added some sex to your cattle, and some sex events around the maps where the divine will be able to fuck someone or see someone getting fucked.

Also, about the future updates.

Muggins has been given the permission to add some side quests to the game.
This means, that even though I know that I promised to finish up the unfinished storylines in the next update, I won't be doing so. Only 1 person can work on the game at any given time, which makes it impossible for us both to work I'm afraid.

So! What will happen? Will I, Crouler, just be lounging around!? No! Most certainly not! SEE!

What we'll do

  • Muggins will work on a quest - adding new areas while he's at it, which I need later on
  • I will, while he works, be adding porn! I can make porn, no problem. All it takes is copy pasting once I get the game back. So the next update will be Muggins side quest and hopefully a ton of porn content.
Worried and/or interested in how the future will be worked out?

Things will be faster this way. If Muggins quest line lives up to my extremely high standards (Yea right <.<) I will be allowing him to make other things too.

I will however do everything important to the main game, and everything he makes will go through me, so that I can make sure no lore has been broken, and no future events ruined.

I will however prioritize the things I need to do. So once we reach the main quest, and I'll be going on with that, Muggins will not be making any quests until I'm done with what needs to be done. And as said before, only I will be making the main quest, and sidequests relevant to it.

I will still be making tons of random sidequests like I've always done, no worries, the only thing that has changed is that Muggins will do quests while I'm recharging my batteries, and can't be arsed to do anything worthwhile. So the game will probably speed up, as mentioned before.

In any case, if you have any questions, do feel free to ask below! And remember to download the new porn add on in the download section!


A short update from crouler

So, I've not managed to do much. The reason is, the artwork for this game needs to fit into a certain, and very limited "box". We all know that the divine is the only guy, and futa's are there and women, and to find pictures for this is harder than you'd think.

The main reason for this is that, on top of fitting those criteria, pictures for single sex stuff, like I'm doing now, needs to be "original", as in not using a known character from a manga or anime, like Nami from one piece or the like. (And it's not like I can afford to have original art made for the game :P) The reason for this is that I don't want to limit myself when I get to choose the design for new characters. And the big characters tend to have much more content. So, if I were to use Nami for a small character, I'd be ruling her out later on where she might fit better.

So this is why I only take original art where there is 1 - 10 pictures of the woman for one time sex events.

Now, mixing these with the above mentioned criteria is hard! But! Rest easy!

I have found a better way of organizing this!

This means that I'm well on my way to create some new sex scenes. Once I've made them I'm releasing the sex update!


Sunday, 13 October 2013

It's dangerous to go alone,take this!

Right you lemons,what do you get when you nick a random box from the storage room of your shitty employers.Go on,guess.No,that's not it.Nope,no that either.Oh,you in the back,what did you say?Why yes,that's right,36 square inches of carrot cake.
It's only been a couple of days since I was put on break by the boss man and,well,you know what they say.All work and no play makes Mugginns a very productive boy.Since Crouler has nothing queued for me to do I'll make a batch of side quests,stories and maps and see if I can hammer them into the final product.
Things might go well,or i might get fired.Who knows!
Guile Theme

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Friday, 11 October 2013

10-10-13 Sex scenes! Sex scenes everywhere!

Hello everyone! I've added a few more sex scenes. I'll probably be adding a few more tomorrow, and then I'll start thinking about releasing this build.

Keep in mind that the build is purely smut content, so no new quest lines, no new houses etc. Simply sex here and there.

Currently I've added prostitutes, spot events, and a new sex scene at the farm. Once I release the update I'll come with a full list!

Until then, you guys are awesome! Even though I've been having a break after the last release, so many still visit the forums daily! I'm truly happy that you guys are still around, and that you still play my game, even though I can't work on it every day!

Stay tuned for more news on the game!


Thursday, 10 October 2013

Here we are again

Right you lemons,despite my best efforts to take as much time as I wanted with the Villa it's now done.
It has 3 main sections to explore,maybe more if Crouler wants to go that way. Crouler seems to approve of the map and has authorized me to take "a break". He still isn't paying me.
That's all for what could be a while from me,so I leave you with this;
Odds Are

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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Oh gods,not again

Right you lemons,as you know,I've been taking my time with the Villa.Part of this is because it's not needed anytime soon,the other half is StarMade.Now,if you're like me and love Minecraft then StarMade is a safe bet.Right now its a free to play Alpha version and shows a lot of promise.I spent weeks of my life on Minecraft so StarMade might be a bit of a drain.
Now for some actual news;the front of the Villa is done,which is a good chunk(lets say 40%) so all that's left is the interior and the back.
That's all for today from me,I leave you with this;
Lollipop Dreams

Mugginns A'Gogo,
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Lord Admiral,

Friday, 4 October 2013

Update 04-10-13

Just a quick update.

I've started my work again, and as mentioned before, I'm focusing on porn content for the next relatively small update. I will then, after making this, proceed with the next update, which will include the remaining unfinished quests. I hope.

Anyway, current progress for today - I may work again later, in which case I'll update this post.


  • Added sex scene with two prostitutes in Rei-Long Oak.
That's all for now! I hope to give you guys some more content soon!


Thursday, 3 October 2013

Is Bigger Better? You Decide

Right you lemons,apparently there's no immediate need for the Villa so I've been taking a leisurely pace. While making the grounds  and the building itself I noticed that it might be a little on the grand side. Were I to compare the floor space with some of the mansions I made I think in would match up to,if not exceed,the smaller ones. This puts me in a spot of trouble,while its looks about right for a luxury villa it cant really be mansion sized. Now,do I leave it as is,or have at it with some scissors? What to do,what to do.
That's all for now,I'd have asked Crouler but sometimes he's harder to get a hold of than a greased up 7 year old on crack.
Stay tuned for the season finally of He Did What?!

Mugginns A'Gogo,
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Monday, 30 September 2013

On to bigger and better things(Update 2)

Right you lemons,the Noble's map was finished last night and handed over to Crouler for review,so far so good. Doesn't seem like there needs to be any major changes(yet),but time to move on. So,I was presented with 3 choices;

  • the car,where the lovely Mr.Smithers is standing
  • the villa,or
  • the BOX
I chose Villa,which I'm going to enjoy more than the Noble's map(it's not nearly as big or time consuming).
That's all for folks,tune in next time for you chance to win a walking tour of Everlight.

Mugginns A'Gogo,
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Saturday, 28 September 2013

28-09-13 And the next update news!

I've been doing some things on the game, and I've decided to make an entire update only with porn content.

Lately I've not added much porn to the game, focusing on playable content to the game, and I still think that is much more important than the actual porn. But I simply feel like adding random porn segments, spreading them throughout the game.

So!; I've decided to make an entire update where I simply add new porn to the game. Once I've done this I'll try and finish up the last unfinished quests so we can finally move on to the player castle and the main quest can progress.

As some of you may know I added 2 scenes not long ago.

Today I've made 4 more scenes with the same kind of trigger. Where you simply stumble upon a couple having sex somewhere. I will be adding more of these events, as well as events where the player can be part of the action too.

Anyway, that's all for now really! Due to the nature of this update I don't think the next update will take too long. Not much new content, all I need is to write the scenes. As boring as that might be.

Thanks for all the support, I really appreciate it!

Until next time, please continue to support this game! Write on our blog, write on the forum posts! And keep yourself up to date with our progress!


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Getting off topic(Update 1.5-ish)

Right you lemons,I had planned to get a lot of the map finished in the last 3 days but events conspire to grab my attention at every turn. The first was the long postponed Warhammer match(I lost 18-2), then there's me trying to learn Japanese,my nephew's 2nd birthday and being conscripted to help tile a kitchen. I've no idea what bullshit fate plans to throw at me tomorrow but I thought I should give you a heads-up that progress might be slower than expected and that updates might be scarce.
In the time I did have I;

  • Redesigned one house(a small set back but I think its much better now)
  • Finished the redesigned house and started the next,all the floor plans have been done which is like 1/5th of the work.
Not much of an improvement but I'm trying to clear up time to power though 2 or 3 more houses,and with any luck I'll have it all done before the week's end. 
That's all for now,stay tuned for the next exciting expisode of What Crazy Shit Will Happen Next.For now,I'll leave you with this handsome devil;

Rape and Pillage

Mugginns A'Gogo,
Keeper of the Brass Monkey,
Banana Whisperer Extraordinaire,
Watcher of Chickens,

Monday, 23 September 2013

AloneXP_Ver._7.0.6.5_(Beta), quick fix

This is hopefully the last fix. I know I said this would have some content, but unfortunately, nothing has been added. It's a fix for the tester being in your party when creating a new character. If you do not want to start a new game until the next version, there is no need to download this.

All this version does is to remove the tester.

As always, you guys are amazing! I'll be taking a small break, maybe a week or so from now, and then I'll get right back to creating more content!




About the last update -

I realize you guys have just gotten the "Tester" character with you if you started a new game <.< I will add a bit of content tomorrow and remove her. Then I'll upload the game for you.

The game isn't meant to be played with her, but I can't force you not to when you have the chance.

In any case, will be removed tomorrow! For now, I need to sleep.


Saturday, 21 September 2013

An official apology with some content to make you forget about it

So, I realize the last version of the game had too many needed fixes. I apologize. We did through testing this time, but I though testing was done. However, only a few hours after the release of the version the next bug report came from the testers.

I have now made some final small adjustments. Nothing major has been changed in the version below, but stop! Hear me! :P

I added some porn for you guys as an apology. The way it is found is something I will add many places. I'll describe below.


  • Added 2 porn scenes of prostitutes being fucked by others.
    • This is accessed by chance. Much like the broken detective quests sometimes are. Though these aren't broken.
      • There is a 1/10 chance that when entering the map, the event is possible.
        • Spoiler: The event is activated in the slums at the harbor looking part, in the bottom  left. Keep in mind it's a 1/10 chance, so it may not work every time. There are 2 events which are activated by chance by hitting the event.

That's pretty much it! I hope you guys can forgive me! We worked hard on this release, and I was hoping to have you guys enjoy it from the beginning.

Maybe another time...



Update,the first

Alright lemons,so I guess this'll be the first update of mine,so to cover what Crouler hasn't been posting is that I've been working on a Nobles district.Thus far;

  • It has 9 buildings(there's room for expansion)
  • 3 of which are normal/small-ish and 6 that are pretty big
  • So far the 3 smaller buildings are done along with 1 of the bigger ones
All in all,my rough estimate of work done is about 39%  because interior decoration is a bitch.
That's all for now,tune in next time for more thrilling tales.

Mugginns A'Gogo,
Keeper of the Brass Monkey,
Banana Whisperer Extraordinaire,

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Here comes Mugginns!

Right you lemons,I'm Mugginns A'Gogo and I'm helping Crouler with mapping and pep talks. After a lengthy talk Crouler has begged me to post on the blog and keep you lemons happy and up to date on my progress.
In short,I ain't getting paid enough.

Mugginns A'Gogo,
Keeper of the Brass Monkey,

AloneXP Ver. fix out- Minor fixes addressed.

A lot of minor fixes has been addressed in the fix. Some medium ones that affected game-play, but did not render the game unplayable.

I will keep updating till it's bug free, though I hope this is one of the last times I need to do it... The last time preferably...



Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Ver - I'm truly sorry...

I accidentally broke the arena when I fixed some other issues there in the last update. Here is a fix for the arena.

I don't have much time now, since I need to sleep, so that's why this is all I can do.

Tomorrow I've seen that a lot of small bugs have been reported, and I'll be working on those.





AloneXP Ver. fix out.

A fix with tons of minor, as well as a few major fixes for the game. Hopefully no more fixes will be needed.

Download in the download section!

Monday, 16 September 2013

AloneXP Ver. 7.0.6 Is out!

Many thanks to all who contributed to bug finding!

I won't mention names, since I do not wish to end up in a situation where someone has been forgotten, but know that the detailed descriptions and awesome dedication has helped me more than you could ever imagine!

So without further ado! I present you with the newest release!

This adds:

  • Farm quest stuff
  • Michelle quest stuff
It fixes a ton of old bugs and bugs I didn't even know was there.
I hope you'll enjoy playing this game!

Should you find any bugs, report them in the bug part of the blog! I check daily!

I will now take a small break from the game, as I do after all my new content releases. I hope you'll have fun playing the game with the new stuff!



Sunday, 15 September 2013

Beta 4

As always there seems to be a fuck-ton of fixes for the release <.<

Fixed a bunch of bugs. (If you are interested in a list of fixes, check the bug section and the comments on the posts. I've posted lists of things fixed)

A lot of bugs not related to the actual release has been found as well. Harvey Robert has found many old and new bugs! A big thanks to him!

Here's the next fix! It fixes the queen and other stuff.

I'm hoping this is the last or at least second-last beta before the actual release!



Saturday, 14 September 2013

Friday, 13 September 2013

AloneXP Demo Ver. 7.0.6 Beta Test 2 - Fixed some errors in the game. Description below.

We had a few errors that needed fixing.


  • Fixed a long standing bug where Lisa (Mayors daughter, Everlight) would go to the bath, but the maid wouldn't notify you, thus preventing later stages from happening. If other bugs persevere, report them in the "Report bugs" section of the blog.
  • Error in the questlog wrongly saying the ship to the beach, in the Meaty Goodness questline would be going West. It is of course East, as all other dialogues would say.
  • Fixed, when meeting the accountant in the Capital, asking for an explanation of "bonus" would cut past the choices.
  • Fixed later in the accountant scene where at the end it would say you invested in the lowest budget for advertisement even though you chose the highest one.

If you can live with these bugs you do not have to download the next Beta. If you can't download it below.



Known bug, The Accountant is not placed at the farm yet.

Alone 7.0.6 Beta test out!

It is a test, so if you don't want to be running through walls, crashing your game, having an eternal black screen in game, wait till it is officially released!

For those of you who wish to test however, please download this version and give me them bugs to squash!

What to look for:

  • Black screens.
  • Faulty triggers
    • If possible, try several options when allowed to chose. Some may not work which is what I want to fix.
  • Maps!
    • In the new cave I am sure there are a lot of walk through walls, stones, bricks and anything else really. If you are able to walk through something that seems odd, post it with a description of where!
  • Maps 2!
    • If any transfer points are inconsistent, please tell me! It was a huge set of maps, so I fear I may have f*cked up some of the routes! 
Please post any test bugs in this post! Not in the bug section.

I worked hard on this release, and I hope you guys will enjoy it!


12-09-13 - Part 2!

So I said I'd be working more, and I know, technically, it is 13-09-13 now, but I don't care since I'm such a rebel.

So, I finished the f*cking dungeon! WOHOOO!

That being said, I lied a bit when I said that... The quest is done, and a few events have been added, but if that is all I guess it'll be a bit boring, so tomorrow will be adding minor events and loot to the cave, and then to continue the farm questline. I think I'll be able to reach the end of the farm questline tomorrow if I work fast, and maybe I'll release the current game then, however I'm not sure THAT will happen tomorrow. This new release has a lot of new stuff that can, and probably will go wrong, so we'll be doing a lot of testing before we release this.

In any case!!!


  • Several encounters in the cave
  • 3 parts to the current questline
  • Added boss fight (You'll need yur A-Game here....)
  • New armor in game created
  • Added another Mimic, good luck!
Bug Fixes
  • Sichil leaving the butcher has now been fixed!
    • You can now sell your meat to a store clerk that appears when Sichil leaves here place behind the desk.
  • Barracks "walk through walls and on the roof" tile error has been fixed.
That's it for today! I hope you guys are sticking with me! I'm doing everything I can to make the game better, and I really feel like the new quests I'm adding will add to the game! Even if it is less content that normal, there are a lot of detail and many choices to make, so I hope you guys will enjoy it once it gets out!

As always, thanks for sticking with me, it really means a lot!


Thursday, 12 September 2013

12-09-13 Early news for the day!

I started populating the new dungeon... It is huge! Good luck finding your way around, lol. Damn near impossible. There is likely to be a few bugs here, but I'll do what I can to fix them.


  • Dungeon connected
  • Added monster encounters
  • Added 1 boss encounter (needs several)
I'll be working on it again  later today, I just wanted to get this out now!


Monday, 9 September 2013

09-09-13 Update report

I made some work today. I finished setting up the necessary parts of the tileset I'm using for the new map, and did a few quest related things.

That being said, I've started at university again after my vacation, so I'm afraid I won't have everyday anymore. This means slower updates, but rest assured, it does NOT mean no updates :P


  • New maps in place.
  • New part to questline
I'm afraid that's all for today folks! 
As always, I am thrilled with the support I've been given, and I'll do my very best to not disappoint you guys!


Saturday, 7 September 2013

up to 07-09-13 - Sorry about the lack of updates

So I've been needing a cave, and I finally got it! Now, the cave uses a huge tileset, and I'll need to prepare it, which will take some time. I've spend a good few hours on doing so so far.

I can't say I've done much else, so this is all I can really update at this point.
I'll be spending some more time today on making the tileset ready. Once finished I'll be able to continue on with the quests I've gotten to.


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Shout out to Akira - and others interested in helping with mapping.

To Akira - If you still want to help out with mapping, write a comment below! We need some more help since things a speeding up and I need a ton of new maps!

To others - If you feel like helping with the mapping of the game, feel free to drop a message!

Requirements - Experience with RPG-Maker XP mapping

That's pretty much it for now. We're at a stand still since we can't keep up with the demands of the storyline, so write a message if you can and will help!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Unfortunately, I'm currently lacking a map to continue the quest, and have not done much today except for a bit of tweaking. I'm starting to get over the accident, though the shock was brutal, things are starting to go into place again.

In any case, I don't have any news today, I'm sorry. Please, do keep turning in, I'll work again as soon as I'm able, which should be very soon!


Monday, 2 September 2013

I meant to do stuff today, then, wild accident has appeared...

So, I kinda figured I'd use most of the afternoon doing stuff on the game... Problem is, I got into an accident... Fuck. It's so frustrating and it scares the crap out of me.

I won't say anything about the actual accident, but I just wanted to say, I probably won't work much for a few days while I try to clear out things with my insurance company and the police...
I fear I'll have to pay more than I'll be getting for the next few months... There goes my books for university...

Anyway, I'm really sorry guys! I really want to work, but I can't focus right now. I tried sitting down to actually relax, but my thoughts kept going haywire, so I had to abandon mission...


Sunday, 1 September 2013


Made a good deal of stuff today.
I'll go straight to the content stuff!


  • Added the income system for the human cattle.
    • Explanation - it will simply go automatically like all other incomes, but this was a bit special since the amount varies depending on choices AND time, since choices may be long term investments. So basically, you may start out with zero income, but end up with 10400! (This is max from human cattle) depending on your choices.
  • Added the last "behind the scenes" stuff. 
    • Explanation -  All the events etc that are not directly affecting you guys, but doing stuff to make the game going. This means from not on I'm going straight for quests, story and the occasional porn.
  • Added 1 semi-erotic scene.
    • No sex, but more of an "eye candy" event. You'll see when you enter the milking area.
  • Added 2 new quest parts.

I really managed to do a lot today! I'm kinda proud of myself. In any case, now I'm just waiting for Naki to make me a new map I need, and then I can continue with the farm story/quest.

I enjoy seeing people coming to my blog and the forum threads, so keep yourselves posted! It means a lot to me when you do :)

As always, you guys are awesome! I hope to have something for you sometime soon, but until then all I can do is cocktease/(vaginatease?) you guys with these status reports! I hope you guys will keep looking out for me and my game!


Friday, 30 August 2013


Had Naki make me three small maps and made the new farm map. Now all I need is to add the quest parts and new options :D

I'll keep it short today, so here's today's stuff!

  • New farm map (Expanded)
  • 3 New rooms. (You'll see one only, depending on your choice in the meeting I mentioned yesterday)
  • Added a small quest part
As always, stay tuned, I'll make sure to keep you guys posted on any development!

(I may do some more stuff tonight)


Thursday, 29 August 2013

29-08-13 - The farms future!

So, I'll describe the new options you'll have with your farm!

  • Set how good accommodations are for your human cattle.
  • Advertisement budget.
  • Bonus system.
  • How much people are allowed to "play" with your cattle.
  • Play with cattle yourself.
These choices will affect happiness and income of your farm. Happiness will often cost more money, but in the long run it may raise the income since happy workers and cattle are more efficient.

I have not actually completely finished this, but I have laid out the basics so I can start working on these things. 

Things I need to do:
  • Quests - Expanding upon the farm
  • The above mentioned options needs to be fully made.
  • Sex scenes for various people.
I hope you guys like these things, and are looking forward to having them in game! I'll keep working to make the update for you guys!

Anyway, here's today's work!

  • Added 2 quest parts to the farm.
  • Added a meeting where you activate some of the first mentioned options.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed Lej Vakh disappearing even though you don't have the castle.
    • (To those of you who have a game where she has disappeared, do not worry. It was a faulty trigger, so she just acted like she would if you already had the castle, going to your castle. Once the castle is implemented she'll be there.)
I can already tell you guys, I'm psyched about this next update! I can't wait to release it for you all!
Take care everyone and remember to drop by every now and then for news about the game!


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

28-08-13 - On to new stuff!

So, I decided to start working on the farm now. And when I'm done with what I can here I'll likely release the update. :) Though this isn't necessarily in a short while. My vacation is ending and unless I finish before university starts again I'm not going to be able to spend hours each day working on the game. Sorry, but while normal university goes on I have little time at home, and when I am at home I need to use some time on reading for the lectures.

However! That being said, I will not yield! I love working on this game and will always find time to squeeze in an hour or two! So worry not, your updates will keep coming!

Anyway, today's work! I've been checking for responses on the new blog and forum designs, and I have yet to hear any complaints. Hope you guys are of the same opinion, because if no one objects, I'll keep things the way they are. Anyway, on to the real work.
I began working on the farm questline, and have found some pr0n for 3 new characters to be introduced. (All married, so to all of you who like going after those already taken, they will be great.)


  • I made the continuation of the previous quest, which was just after having obtained the deed to the new land as well as the permit to sell human milk. 
  • Finished 1 more quest in the farm quest
  • Set up for the upcoming quests. (New sprites and porn) I'll be making new quest parts tomorrow.
To do tomorrow
  • I need to expand upon the farm, this will requre a new farm map, just bigger.
  • The quest parts.
  • New sprites (I need a few more).
Hope you guys are looking forward to the next update! I'm on fire recently, and especially after having broken all records on blog hits today xD I wanna just work all day long lol. Though I'll need to spend some time on my exam as well, but after that I'm going to focus on the game and give you guys more content!

Anyway, stay tuned for more stuff, and enjoy the new design!


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

27-08-13 - New mission and new design!

So, as most of you may have noticed the blog has been slightly re-designed to make it easier to navigate!
Download links have been placed at the top and a bug report post have been made as well.
The forum posts have been updated as well, making them less gibberish and more coherent.

Tell me what you guys think of this new design! Both the forum posts and the blog!

Anyway, on the the new stuffs in the game!

I finished the last part of Michelle's questline that I can for now. Once I implement the player castle I'll be able to continue on with her fight against the evil that dwells in the country of Emrionge!

Tomorrow I'll start again, but I guess I'll be writing here what is to be done now and what can be finished later.

Things to do before the player castle:

  • Farm - The farm will be expanded upon until it reaches a point where I need the main story to progress to give me more maps and events.
  • The casino + Arena - The casino and arena is mentioned together. The reason for this is that, even though they are two different questlines they are somewhat intermixed later on. Both will however be expanded upon individually as well as together.
  • Succubus in a box - The succubus trapped in a box questline can be expanded upon a fair deal now, and I'm likely to do that before the player castle.
To be done after the main quest progresses:
    • Detective work - This questline is royally bugged, and I'm not sure of how to do this. I'll likely have to re-think my approach to the system I use. This can be expanded upon, though I'm likely to make the player castle first seeing as these quests will take a long time to fix AND to add new ones.
    • The Gem - This questline can be expanded upon, though not much until I progress the main story, so I'm likely to not do this yet.
    • The mysterious Woman - This questline needs some maps that won't be in the game for a LOOOONG time, so don't expect to see this questline expanded upon for some time. Sorry.
    • Lej Vakh - Unfortunately this quest line needs the player castle for the next quest. We'll have to wait for this.

    As you guys can see there is some way before the castle, but we are getting there. My goal is to do the three mentioned quests to the point where I need the main story to progress, and then once done with all of them, continue the main quest, adding the player's castle as well as the new cities needed.

    Anyway, you guys want a work report, I'm sure.

    Todays work:
    • Added a new weapon.
    • Added 1 part in Michelle's questline (Last one possible for now)
    Bug Fixing
    • Fixed the "Bandit letter" not removing from your inventory, rather duplicating.
    I hope you guys enjoy the new blog and forum design, and I hope you are psyched about the new stuff and upcoming stuff to the game! I know I am!

    Also, I'd like to extend a thanks! The game is getting more and more popular! I'm not sure if it is you guys talking about it, (You are more than welcome to do so! lol) or if more and more people simply stumble upon my game! In any case, the amount of people playing my game has more than tripled since the last release! I want to thank you all so much for the support! I couldn't believe my own eyes when I saw the download stats today.

    So to the new players, and to the old; Thank you! You make it all worthwhile!



    Forgot to mention Lej Vakh, so added it up there.

    Monday, 26 August 2013

    26 - 08 - 13 done with the choices... For now xD

    So I finally finished the arc with all the fucking choices... Holy shit... That was a bucket of feces covered in snot from a fucking yeti bred troll...

    And now it should be downhill for a while. I prepared for tomorrows work by adding and places the newly needed sprites (people) and this should just be a matter of writing the quests, not writing them 520 times due to choices lol.


    • Added the final pieces of the huge ass mess I created before this lol.
    • Added 2 new sprites and found their picture sets. (Here be pr0n)
    Bugs fixed - If I had to write all the bugs fixed I'd be dead before I came halfway. So I'll tell you guys in general terms.
    • Fixed a lot of direction bugs. This would cause something to change when talked to. (Like activating a crate (the assassin at the farm) and it turning into a chess piece) I fixed these by making them always stay the same, till called upon to become another spite.
    • Fixed several quest bugs, though somewhat minor.
    • Fixed sex goods vendor in Ceeves Ocean. Now she will not stop selling drugs.
    • When giving the mother and her child in the slums Iroa's old house, the soldiers are now gone before you enter.
    • Lija's Necklace is now removed properly from the inventory after the quest.
    • Some other minor stuff.
    A lot of bug fixes in this release.

    Still known bugs (Please!, write if you know of any others)
    • Summoning bugging out when you've used more mana than needed.
    • Detective quests has lots of inconveniencing, as well as lore breaking bugs.
    We're still a long way from a release, but I will continue working! Thank you guys for following this game! I have many times thought; (Why do this? Is it really worth spending so much time on this game with nothing to show for it?) But whenever I see the amount of people following this, as well as the posts of people around the blog and forums, I feel like creating this game! I'm happy whenever I sit here creating, knowing that you guys are waiting for me to release the game to you. So thanks! You guys make it all worthwhile!


    Thursday, 22 August 2013


    A new day of work. Holy fuck the quest is confusing to make... I hate making choices lol.


    • 5 Routes in Michelle's questline (1 quest part)
    It's going somewhat slow since I have placed so many choices that affects the story in this storyline, so it's hard working with this. 

    I'm sorry I've been neglecting to update the blog for the last few days, but truth is, I've had nothing to write about. Sorry.

    I'm writing my exam, and as I though I have some time in between exam writing to do some game writing, so I hope you guys show a bit of patience as I can't dedicate several hours a day to the game. I am however dedicating all I can!


    Tuesday, 20 August 2013

    Slight delay in map making...again.

    Final Fantasy XIV is coming out soon, and I have early access. So my productivity will be down. However, from playing new games and new things. I bring back ideas for better maps. Wish me luck~

    Monday, 19 August 2013


    I've reached a point in the Michelle questline where there are a gazillion ways of doing it. In other words, too many choices to you guys xD This is a hard thing to do for me, since I need to make all the outcomes, which is a separate route for each choice. This also means that things are taking longer for less actual gameplay, so I hope you guys will bear with me while I work on finishing this part!


    • 2 parts of Michelle's questline. Multiple outcomes.
    A lot of text in this questline, and a lot of checking for faulty triggers etc, so, once again, I hope you guys understand that this is a slow process.

    Anyway, once again, I look at the visitors on my blog, and I'm happy! So many come and check my game, and I'm honored that so many take the time to actually follow my games progress! 
    Thank you so much! Every fan of the game makes me happier than you could possibly believe! Thank you, I will do anything I can to make the game worthy of you guys! 


    Sunday, 18 August 2013


    I kinda forgot I had an appointment yesterday, so I didn't get to do anything, hence the no updates xD

    Anyway, I've had a bit of time today to make some more!


    • new part in Michelle's questline
    I only got this much done, which is laughable, I know... Anyway, hopefully, nothing will sneak up on me tomorrow, leaving me with a fair bit of time to work on the game!


    Friday, 16 August 2013

    Exam over, 1 more to go, but will work while writing that.

    This post is what the title says. A post to tell you I'll be working on the game somewhat more every day now that the exam is over. I have one more, but it's a hand in that I have a few weeks to write, so I'll be able to work while writing it! I'll most likely have enough to write about again tomorrow! Hope you all still want to play my game when the next release gets out!


    Tuesday, 13 August 2013

    a delayed 12-08-13 report :P

    A short report on yesterdays progress.


    • Added a new part in Michelles questline
    Used about an hour or so on the game yesterday. It is quite likely I won't be spending much time for the next few days till the next exam is over I'm afraid. I'll do my best to do a few hours here and there!


    Sunday, 11 August 2013

    11-08-13 - A new day. That should = work

    I've been working for an hour or so today. Had a visit, and didn't get to make my pervo game while they were here. I know, I'm a failure.

    Anyway, I added some new dialogue and a bit more quest to Michelle. A lot of Dialogue actually.

    Anyway, that's pretty much it. Tomorrow no one is coming, so I hope to do a few hours of work to make up for these last couple of days.

    Anyway, it's Content time!


    • Michelle - 1 part in the storyline
    • Michelle, tons of dialogue
    Unfortunately, that's it.

    I don't have anything else to really say, so take care! Thanks for your support, you know I love you!


    Saturday, 10 August 2013

    10-08-13 - Yay, more stuffs

    I didn't really get to do anything yesterday, so I had nothing to write about, sorry <.<

    Anyway, today I've progressed the Michelle story. So far the story is progressing smoothly, and I've had no major problem as of yet. There's a lot of options and outcomes in this storyline, so it will take some time for less visible game. Sorry!


    • 2 new parts to the Michelle storyline
    That's pretty much it really :P Sorry about the relatively small amount of work. I'll try to make up for it tomorrow!


    Friday, 9 August 2013

    08-08-13 (Sorry about no update yesterday, forgot to post it)

    This is a bit late. This is what I did yesterday :P Forgot to post it last night, so I'm posting it now.


    • Added 2 new parts to Michelle's quest.
    I'm currently working on a meeting, so it takes a while, due to the options the player can make etc.

    This is a somewhat short update, since I don't remember everything I made yesterday xD 

    I'm not entirely sure I'll be making anything today. I'm reading a lot of crap for my exam, but if I do manage to get some work done, I'll make a post tonight telling you guys what I've managed to do!


    Thursday, 8 August 2013

    A bit of downtime.

    As the map maker, you guys will hardly care if I vanish. I just wanted to give a decent heads up. I am upgrading to fiber optics internet/cable. Which means a 4-7 day of no internet. Just wanted to let you guys know.

    Wednesday, 7 August 2013


    Today was a not so active day. Read a lot of my exam related stuff, so ended up only using 2 hours on the game.


    • New quest in the Michelle questline.
    • Added 1 (3) new fighters + sprites for them.
    Making a new fighter always takes a bit more time, which is why I only managed to get 1 quest done today.

    Anyway, hope you guys are getting back to the game, and following its progress once again!

    Until next time, take care and know your support is making a person happy! (Namely me ;P)


    Tuesday, 6 August 2013

    06-08-2013 We are once again working.

    So, I started out with the game today. Fixed (I think) a bug that has been plaguing me for ages, and made some new quest stuff.

    And, now! The moment you've all been waiting for!!!

    I'm working on Michelle's questline! In the army I think it's called.
    So, anyway, here's what I've done.


    • 2 new parts of Michelle's questline.
      • Corrected some typos in the questlog and on some characters.
    • Fixed the mayor's daughter I think.

    That's it for today! It feels good to be back, and the break really helped me.
    I hope you guys are looking forward to the next update! I'll work hard to make it worthwhile.

    As always, you guys rock! Keep following the game, here, on the blog to see what progress I make!


    Hello again, dear followers of Alone!

    I just wanted to let you all know that the breather has been great, really stimulating my enthusiasm for the game. I will be starting on the next update tomorrow again, (It's 2AM now, so I'll wait till tomorrow, lol) and hopefully work on some good content for you guys!

    I have 2 exams within the next month, so I might not do as much as normal, since I'll be studying for that, but I'll do my best to not do nothing at all.

    I want to thank you all for your support. Even if it is sometimes silent, seeing how many people look at the blog daily, even though nothing has been posted for a long time, really warms my heart! I'll do my best not to disappoint you guys, and to waste the time you take to see if this game has some news!

    Now, Some info.

    As per the vote, I will be finishing up the unfinished quest lines in the game before going on with the main quest. I noticed that the main quest votes started going up late on in the voting period, and please, know that I will be making the main quest as soon as I'm done with all of the unfinished quests! I have no plans on abandoning the main plot.

    Anyway, to sum it all up, I'll be starting to work tomorrow. I'll be updating the blog, letting you know my progress!

    As always, you guys rock! Thanks for the support, and for following my game!


    Tuesday, 23 July 2013

    On the next update

    I've been trying to pump some hours into the game, but, truth be told, after the last update, I'm burned out.
    I'll likely take a slightly longer break. I didn't plan on this, but it would seem that's just the way it is.

    I'll be sure to start working on the game as soon as I feel like this period passes, but until then, I'll be on a small break, as mentioned above.

    I have 2 more exams to do, and steam summer sale just ended, so I'm guessing those 2 things may have had something to do with it.

    Anyway, I'll be sure to get back to the game as soon as I can/don't puke from thinking about it xD

    Thanks for all the support! You guys are awesome!


    Monday, 22 July 2013

    last fix

    Here's a fix, fixing everlight and the summoning system...
    Sorry xD


    Sunday, 21 July 2013

    21-07-13 - Sorry, nothing done yet.

    I came to realize the summoning system error, and how the "fix" didn't fix it.

    I have not yet thought out a good system to hinder this. Thing is, it "should" work the way it is.

    I won't go into details on a technical level, but it's just weird, since it "works" without working...
    Need to figure out why...

    Anyway, I have not done anything with the game, since I'm trying to fix summoning.
    I hope to make a breakthrough tomorrow, and then get on with the game itself, since I think I've had a good breather now, and I'm ready to begin again.

    Also, thanks for all the votes! I noticed that the main quest votes have been piling up yesterday and today, so I'll wait and see when the voting period is over for what way to take after the next update!

    As always, thanks for your support! It's heartwarming to see how many play the game, and really motivates me!
    Until next time, take care, and please follow the blog for more updates!


    New Map~

    I am sure it has been a while since you have seen a post from me. But I have created a new map for the game. It is my first time creating a city like area, and I am sure it is not so good. However, I think I did a great job.

    When Crouler gets on again I will be sending the map to him.

    PS. Has anyone found the new girl hidden somewhere within the maps?


    It has come to my attention that summoning is still not working. When your summoned creature dies during battle it will not disappear, even with the "fix" i thought fixed this.

    I will be looking into ways of fixing this, so please hold on while I try to fix this.


    Thursday, 18 July 2013

    About the next two updates.

    So, I'd like to know you opinions.

    The next update will be unfinished stuff like the Meaty questline. However, after that, I could either go even further on other unfinished stuff, OR I could start going further with the main quest.

    I'd like to know your opinions, since you will be playing the game.
    Would you like to play more of the side stuff, or would you prefer I start working on the main quest instead?

    As mentioned, the next update will be another one where I finish up some side questlines, but after that, what would you prefer?

    I am making a poll, please vote if you want to have a say in what comes next!


    Tuesday, 16 July 2013

    Fix d is out (We think this is the last one)

    So fix d is out. Naki went through the entire new content, as well as some other reported bugs, and with his playthrough I was able to fix all of the remaining bugs, unless someone finds something else xD Anyway, dl below! Last fix is here!

    DL Links:



    Fix C is here



    Fixes various bugs. Most notably the game breaking bug with the sponsor meeting.

    Fix is out - AloneXP Demo Ver. 7.0.5b

    The fix is here.
    It fixes the game breaking screen blackout.


    DL - Link (Thes

    Please wait for the fix to be posted


    Edit: Yet another version is being uploaded.
    Fixing even more crap... *Sigh*

    16-0-2013 First fix

    As always I needed a fix... And it's here! It fixes some quest stuff that few did, so I only just now got to know that it happened.

    Also Important!!! Look below!
    To fix the summoned creature not disappearing if it died in battle you need to go to everlight one time.
    For new players this is no issue. I simply placed an event that told the game to remove downed units, since you normally can't remove them. (As I found out <.<)

    Anyway, download links below:



    Monday, 15 July 2013

    AloneXP Demo Ver. 7.0.5 is here :D Huzzah!

    I finalized the update... Finally! For those of you who have not been following the blog, the next update adds content to the "meaty" questline, making it the longest questline in the game so far... (I think).

    Anyway, the update has stuffs! Lemme tell you what!


    • Meaty questline! Tons of it.
    • The income system now works for both the farm and the shop in meaty.
      • To activate the income, simply go to the farm and shop (after unlocking an income of course) and it will activate. Read the manuals in game to learn more. (Manual for farm is the mail box, manual at shop is in the sleeping area. A small book)
        • Income is automatic, and you will only hear a *Cha-Ching* sort of sound. This means the money has been added to your player.
    • Fixed various small bugs from the previous release.
    This release is likely to have bugs... (Like always) so feel free to post them if you find any!

    And now, what you have been waiting for!

    Download links:

    Play the game, and hopefully enjoy it too!


    Sunday, 14 July 2013

    14-07-13 - Imma done whit da meaties :D

    I finished up the meaty quest, however, I'll likely add more, since it's been awesome to work with, and has potential for more. I'll also add some less story important stuff too. I changed Sichil's sprite. I loved the old one, but I want her to be a sex option.

    Anyway, this also means that we're close to the next update.

    I need to do a few things before I can release it though, I'm sorry. If I could, I'd release it right now!
    I'll write below the new content what needs doing, so you guys can get a picture of what needs to be done.


    • 1 (2) new part(s) of meaty.
    • Had to create a huge amount of new sprites.
      • Sichil's new sprite - 5 new maids - Special maid Dali... "special" *Wink* - New type of soldier.
    • Populated and fixed Sichil's mansion to be playable.
    As you can see the things I've done has been aimed at finishing up the last few things, readying for a release.
    What I need to do is below.

    Stuff that needs doing before next release:
    • Need to talk to Naki about some content (Think he'll be on later tonight)
    • Need to test the new income system.
    • If time allows me, need to add 1 - 2 sex scenes. (Most likely won't add yet.)
    • Need to finish editing the new maps. (Adding treasure, and ambiance).
    I hope you guys are looking forward to the new stuff. It has been awesome making, and I hope you guys will enjoy playing it!

    As always, thanks for your support! Visiting this blog allows me to see how many of you follow the game, and really helps motivate me!
    Stay put, I'll release the next update as fast as I can :D Possibly tomorrow night!


    Saturday, 13 July 2013


    only got 2 hours of work done today. Did the last real quest part of meaty done. The rest is sort of a finisher, as well as a few consequences that needs doing. Then I'll need to test the new content for bugs and that's pretty much it.


    • 1(3) part(s) of the meaty questline.
    As mentioned above, I've not been able to spend a large amount of hours today, so the update log will match the work I'm afraid. However, we are nearing an end. Only the last few things needs doing, and then it is done. I might actually expand upon this questline later, since it's really cool to work with, and has a lot more potential!

    Anyway, as always, thank you for your support. I'm very happy to have so many following my game. It makes me think I really wanna do this, in spite of my logic telling me to do stuff like education and other less important stuff!

    I'll keep working hard for you guys, and I'll enjoy doing so!


    Friday, 12 July 2013

    12-07-13 - Today's day... Thing...

    I've done some more work to the game. Things are starting to look release worthy, however I have yet to test some of the new mechanisms. I'm still a few quests from finishing up the meaty questline completely, but I'm close.


    • 3 new parts to the meaty questline.
    • Got up a new income system. Will need some testing. If it works, both farm and butcher will have a regular income.

    Thanks for following my game. I know this update is dragging out, (as always) but I'm working as fast as I can. I'll do my best, knowing you guys are watching for the next update! Thanks guys!


    Wednesday, 10 July 2013

    10-07-13 - Ok, I'll stop saying maybe...

    As you may notice below, I did not finish the questline today... Fuck...
    Anyway, I'm done with saying "maybe tomorrow" since it would seem it causes me to fuck up...
    Anyway, I did do a lot of stuff today though! Spent a good amount of hours working on the game, and here's what I have to show for it!


    • 3 new parts to the meaty questline!
    • New sex scene. (Will expand on a concept that will be used a lot later in the game)
    • New cave system has been filled and become accessible.
    • New beach area now accessible.
    Tomorrow I most likely won't do much, since a friend is coming in the afternoon. I'll make sure to work on the game before he comes though.

    That is pretty much it for today! As always, your support rocks guys! Without it I'd stop this game in a heartbeat xD

    Keep tuned for more updates on the game, it really helps me out...