Saturday, 18 July 2015

Bug fix release - Upcomming content

So, a quick, very small update <.<


I meant to release this last week, but I didn't get to before going on a vacation, and only just now have I had the opportunity to go to the blog and upload it. (Fortunately I had already managed to upload it :P)

SOrry about that. I'm not home yet, but will be soon. When I get home I'm planning on releasing another update when I get to work on it for a bit. So, sorry about the delayed update!

This is purely bug fixing, so there is no new content in this update to my memory.

Now, I'm running out of time, so I need to end this! Thanks for your patience!


PS: This update is not yet in the download section. Will add the next release there when I get around to making it.

Edit: I've been hunting for the last few elusive bugs, but have been unable to pinpoint their origin, so I will be working on that more. Sorry, no release this week, as I haven't done anything new while looking for these issues.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Sunday, 5 July 2015

AloneXP - New release and the next release info

So, newest release is out. Added some new stuff and fixed a few of the really bad bugs from the last release.

Anyway, to get to it, as I am busy tonight (sorry) here are the version notes!


  • Fixed the soldier transporting to the noble district. Should now work always, not just the first time.
  • Fixed Lydianne's quest. She will now leave the doorway after the first talk.
  • Fixed doors not opening inside the houses of the noble district.
  • Addedmore content to Lydianne's questline. (Semi "much" there)


That is pretty much it for this release. Now, here is what will happen next time, and I need help from you guys, as things have gotten out of hand...

I need you guys to write all bugs you know is still in the game in this post. I will then empty the bug section of the blog so that I can start using that again, as I have neglected it for far too long and now no longer know what is still there and what isn't.

So, next release will be a bug crushing release, so help me please :P 

That's it for today! Hope you enjoy the new release, and as always thanks for the support guys! I really appreciate it!