Thursday, 25 April 2013

Update on my progress

I finished the current detective quests I want to have in the next update.
I will be starting on the purchasable farm, and the things you can upgrade etc.
After that, I will see if I release it, or I go on to the next part. The time taken has been too much,
so I'm guessing I might release it prior to what I wanted to.


Friday, 12 April 2013

A new mapper?

I have been in contact with a person who would like to try and create some new maps
for the game.

I have asked him to show me some maps he has created. With any luck I may welcome
a mapper on board!

Nothing is decided yet though, so I can not really promise anything

On the other hand, I have updated the progress bar with the things that will
be in the next update. Hopefully I will be able to keep you guys more up to date than
I have before. The new update will be somewhat large, and have many components,
so the % may be slow, but I will work to finish as quickly as possible.


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

What will the next update have?

So, I'll be starting on the next update today, and thought that I needed to give some info on
what I will be working on.

First of all, it will be a somewhat large update, thus taking some time.
Second, I will be making some changes to the "porn book" system. I have yet to figure
out how, but it will be necessary for some of my future plans to do it. I will figure
out a way, or at least try to figure out a way, which will allow you to keep your
current findings.

Anyway, what will the next update include?

The things I'm planning on including may change before the release, but I will keep you updated.

1: Detective work. I will be adding a lot of different detective quests. In these quests, various crimes
have been committed, and the divine can choose what his course of action will be. I will not go in
to too much detail, but it will be different quests, rather than a long quest line. I will however add
a character the player can get close to during his detective work.

2: Farm investments. The player will be able to invest in a certain farm. He will be able to upgrade it,
purchase new farm animals, and such, as well as producing human milk, hiring breeders for your female
cows, etc. Not a lot of this quest has been planned yet, only the outline of what it will include.

3: The wives. I will be creating a "quest" or maybe more of a leisure time activity for the divine
to have some fun with. It will be about having fun with them, on your terms. Do you want to have one
cheat on the other? Want to make them do some crazy shit together`? Fuck them both behind the other's
backs? Well, I will be working on implementing several ways of having fun with them, so you might
be able to hit your very own fetish. This will also be the first time in the game that the player can
be the cause of some netorare, since I know a lot of people like that stuff. This questline/leisure activity will
take some time, since pron scenes in general are hard work... But I want this to be in the game so
it's not only game play, but also some porn you'll get in the next update. (There'll be more than this
one though, *Hint* *Hint*)

4: The arena. I will be trying to open up the arena. I will be making it so that the player can buy
the arena. Also, this is the main cause of my change in the picture system. In the arena the player
can bet cash for more cash, or his porn pics for sex. So the reason why I'm in need of a new
picture system is this...

So that's about it for the next release. As you can see there is a lot of stuff for me to do, but I hope
you guys will stick with me.


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Demo version 6.6 (Edit: 6.7)

Yea, big surprise, more bugs were present...
Here is the new update

Edit: Yea, another gamebreaking bug... Hope this was the last of them!

It's fixed now anyway...