Monday, 11 June 2018


So, another release is out, but first I need to address some issues with the downloads.

So, some of you have said the links do not work, and others say they do but sometimes and what-not. I suspect that it is something to do with locations, though I am not certain. Perhaps some countries have a ban on Mediafire? Regardless, from next week on, I hope, I will try and have another host on top of MediaFire.

Anyway, for this weeks release


  • Added a new city part to The capital! Try and find it, it is amazing.
  • Added 3 stores to the new city part so far (4 if counting a sloppy one).
  • Added a sex scene for each of the three owners currently in-game with a different approach to each one.
  • Added a runner to the new area so it is connected like the rest of the capital.

Adding a new area is always difficult and so the actual content in them is slow at first, but from here on out, it should be running smoothly in the new one. The actual area is fully fleshed out, though only three interiors have been completely finished, namely the three stores mentioned above. All other stores will be added as we move on. It is the first city part that changes with the weather, too!

Also, it will be the capital's shopping centre so hopefully it will become a lively place. It is already very pretty, so thank Mugginns for that, it is a fantastic new place!

The new sex scenes are all our own original art! So enjoy that, I think Asera did a great job on those!

Anyway, there is much to do with the new release and I still have little time for another week or 2 so I can't promise a release unless I happen to have a bit of spare time.
Thank you all for sticking around and, to our patrons, we love you ;) Thanks! 

You all make this possible, by still showing interest and sticking with us!


Wednesday, 23 May 2018 - a bug-fix release

  • Fixed Delangue quest problem that had noblewoman repeat; 
    • Noblewoman: My! If I didn't know better, I would think she was trying to hide something from me! But that can't be possible. We're family after all...

      After she was done. 

  • Fixed curtains in elven noble’s house. You can now walk through them
  • Fixed Sophie repeating her talk in the elven homeland
Mediafire Reports of not working
Mediafire 2

A short fix release.

A little info about the next 3 to 4 releases;
Exam season is coming up! And because of that, I won't be able to promise weekly or even bi-weekly releases. If I have the time, I will be doing releases, but I can't say whether it is possible yet. Sorry!

Keep staying with us, it makes us so happy! ;) And thank you to our patrons, you all rock!


Thursday, 17 May 2018 release

A new release is out


  • Added more to hospital


A short release, I know, but I won't have much time for a while, sorry.

I will try to focus on more bugs for the next few releases, so if you are having issues post them. I will go through the discord and the last few releases on the blog.

Anyway, that is it. Thank you guys for sticking with us! And, as always, a huge thanks to our patrons ;)


Wednesday, 9 May 2018


New numbers uwwwwoooooooooooooo!!!
Hope you are all excited.

Release notes:

  • A few fixes have been added to minor things
  • Added the hospital in Ceeves Ocean

If the link does not work for someone, write below and I will try and do something about it.

So, I see a few bug reports here and there. When reporting, make sure to tell me where it is, what it is how it is and what you did. I don't remember every character in the game by name and such, so I need details. I also need to know what is happening and how you got there.

Anyway, the new area.
This area has been ready to implement for a while, but I needed to activate it so it took an extra week, sorry. I managed to add a bit of stuff and I started a quest in there but it is not yet possible to turn it in. 

For next weeks release, I will try and find any game breaking bugs and fix them and then I will work on the casino stuff and the hospital to further make the hospital into what I need it to be for later stuff.

Thank you all for playing, and allow me to bow to our patrons again, you guys make so much stuff possible. Asera gave me the sketches of our next batch and they look amazing. Can't wait to add them to the game.


Thursday, 26 April 2018

No description available since I have zero time. Sorry, but a longer description will come for the next release

  • Fixed orcs not despawning after winning in the Divine games.
  • fixed the Cia Rape event from Kin’s picture to not end in blackscreen.
  • Fixed blackscreen after bedding Shaundi in the casino
  • I think I fixed a loop when sending Delangue to the castle? I redid the event since I couldn’t spot any errors?

  • Added new sex scene

If someone with the Delangue art errors can tell me what exactly happens and what pictures are affected, please let me know, as I can't find them without knowing exactly what to look for.


Thank you all for playing! New artwork is underway ;) (Thank you, Patrons, for that!)


Tuesday, 17 April 2018 release

Here is a quick release.


  • Added a tad more casino content (though it would appear a bug is preventing progress in this questline?)
  • A few minor fixes has been added.
  • Added a line making the bug cleanser place text bubbles at the buttom in case that something happens as a bug, placing it in the middle or top of the screen.



I will make this quick, sorry I am very busy right now!

Next week I want to do some bug cleansing. So, if any bugs are found, please post them here or the bug section of the discord. I will probably do a pure bug-release next week unless I get a bit of extra time.

I will try to hunt for the biggest bugs first. The picture bugs for the casino questline and other stuff preventing actual progress in the game. After that I will try going for smaller bugs.

Anyway, I just ordered some more custom art for the game! Can't wait.

Thank you all for plÊaying, and a huge thanks to our patrons for making these new original artwork additions possible!


Sunday, 1 April 2018


Another release is out.

This release has been focusing on some minor additions to the Casino questline while adding a random encounter in the capital if you have legalized slavery.


  • More of the Casino Questline
  • New Event
  • Added the last piece of the Ancient armour (Casino questline related)


That is it for this week.
I like doing the Delangue stuff, and I want to make her more important than I had originally planned, since I enjoy her character. So look forward to that :P

Regardless, thank you all so much for playing and staying around!
A huge thanks to our patrons as well, for allowing the game to have its own original artwork and such. It makes it so much more fun to create, and hopefully, so much better!