Monday, 12 February 2018


Hello everyone! <- New intro these, huh? 

I apologize for not releasing anything last week, but there simply was not enough for me to actually give to you all.

This release has been focusing on more of the Jean and friends questline. I only managed to add a bit last week, since there was a large sex scene with multiple choices and such, so a lot of time went into that rather than actual game and gameplay.

  • Added more Jean stuff
  • Added more sexy stuff ( I remember adding 2 different ones, one of them being rather big)
  • Fixed a few battles that would not unsummon the players summoned creatures.

I hope this is a good release for you all. I have completely given up on following any plans I lay out, since I often times end up working on something else lol. The main reason for that is to keep myself interested in making things, since continuing the same thing over and over gets so repetitive that I wanna  barf at times. So, no promises for next week, though a bug sweep should be coming soon due to the number of bug reports I have gotten.

Anyway, thank you so much for playing the game! And a huge thanks to our patrons! Once a bit more rolls onto the game-balance we will commission more original stuff!


Tuesday, 30 January 2018


And we're back, after an amazing break :P

I have been enjoying some time of the weekly updates, and it has been nice only working when I really felt like it for a while.

I have added a few new things for this release and I thus release it now rather than next week.

  • Added a few new sex scenes
  • Added a new character in the noble area
    • This character has a questline. Currently, you can save 1 of her friends.
  • Added some life to the noble area


Not much for a month, but I was taking time off so I'm OK with it :P

I will probably soon do a bug fix update and continue to add life to the lifeless area's as well as continuing the Casino stuff and other minor things.
The elven city and the buildable city comes to mind as well, but being alone on the non-map making part, it takes time to add things and I will try and balance my workload to make the releases interesting to make and interesting for you to play.

I'm happy to be back and hope to start creating releases with renewed vigor!


Sunday, 31 December 2017 out and a happy newyear to you all

Here, get the link!

Now that "that's" out of the way, let me just say a bit about this release.

Basically, this is a 3-week release. I have been working on it throughout the three weeks it took to release, but I never had the time to sit down and release it so that's why I'm only releasing it now.

So, here are some notes on the new stuff...

  • Added a new character that can be found around the capital for the time being. She is a tough fighter so be ready for the later battles!
  • Added more to the Casino questline. (Once they leave the museum the current stuff ends)
    • I also fixed how the player couldn't get one of the last pictures.
  • Added A LOT of new sex scenes. 
  • Added some stuff to the main quest, BUT you will be stuck in the Elven town which is empty for the time being if you do it, so don't save, is my advice. 
    • This has now added 2 scenes with our own custom art so do check it out

I will be continuing the casino stuff and I will be adding the elven city step by step for the next releases. Whenever there are new areas, especially cities, it takes a long time to add all the entrances and also adding the people to make it seem lively. 

I would also like to add that I still need to add a lot of stuff to the noble area of the capital since it is sort of deserted, so that will also gain some life as we move forward. In general, all the deserted areas will be expanded upon to make them interesting and lively. 


I don't know for how long, but I will probably take some time off now. Perhaps not, perhaps I will, but I reserve the right to do so since I warned you all here, haha.

As always, I am so happy that you all keep coming back for the game! It makes pouring countless hours into it worth it, and a huge thanks to our patrons. You guys are the reason we can make our own custom stuff for the game and that's an amazing feeling as a creator! Thanks!

So, may the new year bring you all lots of happiness!


Saturday, 23 December 2017

Info on this upcoming period of time

I just wanted to let everyone know a few things:

1 - To our patrons; Patreon decided not to go on with their extra fees, so you should be safe!
2 - I will likely do an update somewhere between Christmas and new year, but after that, I think I will take a short break.
3 - I don't know how many updates will be here before February, but I don't believe my break will be all the way until then.

That's it. I think I might work on an update on the 25th or 26th or maybe tonight, but I don't think there will be one next week or the week after.

Thanks for staying on board, and I hope this schedule will help you guys out in some sort of way!


Wednesday, 13 December 2017


Release notes:

  • Added the option to legalize slavery at the court (I actually added last week but I forget to mention it)
  • Added more to the casino questline
  • Added several new sex scenes, mostly to support the slavery stuff.
I feel like I really have to write something about this release...

I personally sort of find playing evil difficult. I enjoy being a good guy, but the goal has always been to make Alone into a game where the player can do what the player wants to do, whether that be good or evil.

I feel, however, that it must be mentioned that the slavery option is a very evil option.
I feel bad writing some of these scenes for God's sake! lol

I must, in particular, warn about a certain ritual of sacrificing slaves... Unless you guys are into some sick stuff, be good boys and girls and don't let it happen. 
I debated for a week whether or not to add that scene, since it is bloody disgusting to me, as is all the necro stuff, but it is up to the player. Just know that it is a scene I feel is bad for my mental health.

I have also decided to add the "sick mind" modifier to a player that does some of the sick stuff in the game which will make it possible for me to make the players who did this stuff actually be as twisted as their choices seem to have been, haha.

Anyway, downloads!

Also, an important note to our patrons!
As some of you may have heard, patreon has changed their way of getting your money, meaning you will be charged more. Therefore I feel like I need to warn my own patrons, if you don't feel like you are capable of taking a small extra hit to the patreon bill, then delete your pledges. Let's see if they change their stuff.

If you have a lot of smaller pledges you will be hit harder since it is a set amount of money per pledge, as far as I understand anyway.

Now, I need to end this, it is going on for ages lol.

Thank you all for staying, and a huge thank you to our patrons for making our personal art for the game a reality!


Wednesday, 6 December 2017 release


  • Added more to the Casino questline (Until just before SinĂ© is supposed to arrive at the castle)
  • Added new sex scenes
  • A few minor changes
With this release, I am on my way to add more casino stuff. I want that to be my next focus now that the main part of Michelle's questline has been completed. 

I must admit I really enjoy working on the casino questline. It is a fun one since it is very flexible, and I like that.


Only a mega download today, I don't have time to wait for MediaFire, sorry!

I hope to actually do weekly releases from now on. If I had someone to help me I could release Saturday for almost every week, but once I finish the actual release, I rarely have time to sit down and write this post, and that is what ends up pushing it all the way into the next week.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around everyone! As I always say, it really matters when making a game to have people play it! So I really appreciate all of you guys playing our game!

And a huge thanks, as always, to our patrons! You guys keep on allowing us to make more stuff. I will be adding a piece I have had for a while soon, when I make the next part of the main quest, and I can't wait to show you all what it is!


Monday, 27 November 2017 release

A new release is out, this time in collaboration with Hoonters!

If you guys are interested in the game you can find it here:

I found it fun to play and appreciate the chance to work together for some shared publicity.
Give it a go!

Now, for Alone, here are the release notes:

  • Added a new area for you to meet a character lost in a vortex when sailing near Rei-Long Oak.
  • Added a new sex scene
  • Added a new trader and several unique weapons to her store. (The weapons come from Hoonters universe)


That is it for this time around! Thanks for staying with the game. I realize I have begun having 2-week development cycles and I will try to get back to weekly releases instead. To our patrons, thanks! We appreciate it a lot! A new set of pictures are under development and I can't wait to see them.