Monday, 29 July 2019

We've reached Z... - Wuut

Another release. This will be a short description.
First of all, sorry for the long while of not letting anyone hear from me. I'm still going through the last few things I need to finish :P I'm basically 4 months behind on life, so I'm trying to catch up with everything here.

Now, what you all came for! Content!!!

-Added the reward and upgrade to the player city, though the newly unlocked space is rather bare.
-Added 4 sleepers to find for the pollinator story in the temple
-Finished Fehla for now - making the sleeper 'quest' available.
-Project 'Add loot for explorers' has been set off! Added loot to various places. Currently reached everything Everlight and before.


I have little time, so I'll end things here.

Thank you for sticking with us! Patrons, kisses and hugs and all that shebang!


Thursday, 20 June 2019

release: Alone

-Fixed game's intro. It should now work once more.
-Added a new skill at level 2. A very strong magical skill that debuffs an enemy.
-Added a new skill at level 10. A very strong physical attack that also hurts the user.
These two attacks may be much too strong and are going to be subject to change if they are.
-Added the new start for the game.
-Added difficulty options for new players to help eliminate grind for those who dislike it.
To do:
-I believe there are quite a few issues with the world-map events. Can anyone say if it is all of them?


New release is out. It has, again, been ready for quite a while. I keep finding myself without time to do these updates and it really sucks since the content is ready long before I actually get to upload it, sorry!

Anyway, this week has a bit of love to the start of the game as well. New skills have been added making the player stronger in general, with them being very powerful. I have also implemented a sort of "Difficulty" system. When starting, the player may choose between a series of options that make the game unchanged or add stuff to the start of the player's game, such as items and the like, making grind necessary to anyone starting out the game.

Please let me know if there is anything that does not seem to work gamewise with the new beginning and the new difficulties!

As always, thank you so much for playing the game, and our usual love goes out to our patrons! <3


Wednesday, 5 June 2019 - Yeah, these numbers are getting ridiculous lol

-Added a bit of random life to Player city.
-Added to player city questline
-Fixed picture staying in the starting area's new event


Wow! A fix this soon after introducing it!? Who'da thunk it!? And yeah, it's the only fix... Sorry! Regardless, this weeks release is ready! I took last week off so this is all this week's content only. I don't have too much to add other than thanks for playing our game and thank you, patrons, for the continued support! I'm reaching the point where I can afford the last piece of artwork and then I'll be closing down the patron, so you are all helping the last stretch on that front!


Update on next release

So, I have something put together for a release. All I need is time to upload it. I hope to find time tomorrow night! Just a quick update on that!


Thursday, 16 May 2019


-Fixed (I hope?) Issue where an event in the player castle's onsen ended in a black screen.
-Increased Starter equipment stats
-Added more items to the first few areas to make starts easier. Some very good items too. (Permanent small boosts to stats and some low-level armour and potions)
-Added new boost at first tent in game. (+1 level) for new players. You can't go back and get the bonus now as it is part of Alice's Progression.
-Fixed Elven Duchess' house's travel points.
-Added another encounter for the 'sleeper' quests
-Added the start of a quest after finding three sleepers with the sleeper quests. Not yet done but with some content. The game will tell you where it currently ends.
-Added a lady to the player-city that would love nothing more than to serve. After getting some cash, of course.

I FINALLY got around to uploading and posting here. I have to admit I'm not proud of how late this was. I've had a release ready for so long but I never got the time to post it. Instead I've been working on the game for a longer time, I guess, so this should mean there is more to the release, though I have been busy, so in spite of it being a 3 week wait, I don't think it is 3 weeks worth of work I'm afraid. Regardless, hope you enjoy.


That's it for this time around! Hope everyone enjoys as summer approaches to the northern hemisphere! To the poor sobs in the southern hemisphere that are now facing winter, I feel your pain... I won't switch with you though xD

Thank you so much for sticking with us! It is, as always, what keeps us going! And to our patrons, I am so happy you exist <3 :P


Sunday, 12 May 2019

Upcoming release

I am not dead! I have had a release ready for almost 2 weeks and have been adding to it, but I simply haven't gotten around to uploading it. I will be doing a bit more and then, maybe around Wednesday, I will have a release uploaded!


Edit: The work on the update is postponed until Thursday instead. I will try to upload and post it on at the same time!

Monday, 22 April 2019 and counting!

-Fixed Pickpocket in Market of Capital
-Fixed event in the addictia chain where the player could enter a room without starting an event.
-Fixed Several instances of variables not being applied. For example, places, where you ahd sex, would not count the sex. More may remain, but I fix them as I find them.
-Fixed Spawn position (Sorry!)
-Added 2 scenes for the new Lialle content
-Added an encounter in Fuar that is repeatable after the first time
-Added an event at the castle that can start when sleeping in the divine's bed. It is sort of secret, so no journal entry. Do let me know if the way this one is made is good or bad!
-Added the follow-up event for the previous event.

That was a rather nice update for a single week. It has a lot of smut, which is unlike what I want, to be honest, but it is an easy way to add some events to the game. I would prefer to make more quests with fighting to give more opportunities for levelling that will bypass grinding, so I'm likely going to start focusing on that if I don't end up changing my mind again xD

I can't promise I will have this much content on all releases, but I am glad to get this much out of the way, including the fixes.


I appreciate everyone playing the game, so thank you! Those stats are what keeps this game going. I'm still humbled by the number of downloads and visits to the blog we get, so thank you so much! And, even more so, I am humbled by our patrons putting their money into the game! A huge thanks goes out to all of you!

To the patrons, we have a poll running on the patreon, so take a look if you want!

That's it for this week! Keep posted and we will try and get out another release to you!