Saturday, 30 September 2017


  • The soldiers that take you to the island assault in Michelle's questline will unfortunately remain there if you completed the mission before the fix. Just ignore them unless you are up for restarting.


  • Finished Michelle's questline for now! FINALLY!!!
    • There will be some more expansion on it, but it will be seperate from the "in the army" stuff.
  • Did a new random encounter, though it is not in the game yet. Will be added once the last few details are ironed out.


  • Fixed the Zana portal event that wouldn't let you enter the door after solving the "puzzle"
  • Fixed the brothel party in Everlight not allowing you to leave.

(No mediafire this week, sorry)

Another release is out, and I finally got through the main Michelle questline.
She will have more content since she will be important on a few more occasions, but the bandits and such's questline is finally over. So, I am going to take a break from her lol.

The release here has a bit of important content, such as the end of Michelle's questline and the fixes making Zana's questline available. I hope things are OK for the time being. I'm not sure about what I will do next week, and I will take a bit of a no thinking breather for the next few days lol.

Anyway, thank you guys for sticking around! It helps seeing you all here! And a huge thanks to our patrons for supporting us. I am waiting for the second draft of the artwork that I need to unlock the elven city, so I hope you will be looking forward to that! So until next time, have a great time!


Saturday, 23 September 2017

Another week and another release, and this time I even managed to do the release on the day I made it, yay!

As you will likely see on the changelist this has been a bug fixing release mostly, though I did manage to do some more quest stuff for Michelle. I hope this will make things a lot more enjoyable in the long run!

Edit: Due to some bugs here is a new version with some fixes to the previous release.

  • Starting point has been reset and put back to the starting cave
  • Fixed the entrance to the new cave at the player island.


  • Added a few new things for Michelle's quest. 
  • Added sex scene for Michelle's sister


  • Fixed Michelle date black screen
  • Fixed Skeletons on player island not despawning after being disposed of
  • Fixed another Michelle blackscreen
  • Fixed Michelle's mother only appearing in 1 upgrade level of castle
  • Fixed Michelle's sister not despawning after saying she would leave
  • Fixed the changing laws function that was using an old version in the top upgraded version
  • Fixed Fuar inn top floor Black screen when finding the traitor in the army
  • Fixed issue where the player would not get his party back after noble games
  • Fixed black screen after Elianna's date
  • Fixed the south-eastern part of the docks in the capital, where the soldiers about to raid the island in Michelle's questline would stay after the battle
  • Fixed the capital fast travel using the old system after progressing Michelle's questline
Known issue:
  • Your summoned creatures won't disappear after the fight with some people in the Michelle questline. 
    • Next weeks release will have a fix for this. For now, simply fight a random creature to lose the summoned creature.
Possible problems:
  • People who have an older savegame might still have Michelle in their party after the island assault
  • I could not find and verify a bug that was reported to prevent people from leaving the mountain area between Everlight and Rei-Long Oak
  • Could not find and verify a bug that was reported to prevent Exiting Zana's failed portal in the mountains
  • Could not find and verify a bug where the player supposedly can't leave the house after finishing the party in the Everlight Brothel
  • Could not find and verify a bug where the pictures outside the concubines rooms in your castle won't appear.
If people can please confirm the possible problems so I know for sure that it is not an individual problem, that would be appreciated.



I would like to announce that from now on bugs should either be reported on the current weeks blog post or on discord. They are simply so much easier for me to track. I will add an "Ongoing issues" at some point in the discord where problems that persist against all my efforts are written down lol. 

Anyway, that was it for this week! Thank you so much for sticking around, it means a lot! A huge thanks for playing the game. And a huge thanks to our patrons who help us make our own stuff for the game, making it much better in the end! Thank you all!


Monday, 18 September 2017

Release AloneXP

We are reaching some crazy letters... H? Wow. I must finish up the current part lol. Anyway, a new release is out! Thank you guys for the responses to the last release.

I did some fixes and will fix a bit more next week, as well as some expansions to the Michelle quest.


  • Added more Michelle quest, now you get to proceed a fair bit with the family.
  • Fixed several bugs.
Known bugs
  • I did not get to fix the black screena t the fuar inn, reported last week. Will look at it next release.
So far that was it for this release. I am happy with the progress this week, as I managed to put in a good amount of hours this time around. Hope you all enjoy!


Thank you all for sticking with us, and a huge thanks to our patrons for helping us reach the goal of having more custom art! I have ordered a new huge set of artwork from Asera, and it will allow me to unlock the Elven lands more than just the one way trip it is now!

So thank you all! 


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Release -

After a week of no release, I am back with this weeks release.

Before the release, however, I wish to tell you all that we now have an official discord server.
I doubt too many will go there, due to privacy stuff, which I understand, but if you wish to go there and communicate it will be the easiest way for us to reach out, and there is a fancy bug report section that will be easy for me to check through. Patrons will have their own unique section to chat if they want and I will jump in every now and then to see what they are talking about, so come and join us!
The name of the server is AloneXP Official And I have no idea if you can join with that info but I hope you can lol.

Edit: Discord link;

Patrons can go to patreon and look at a post I will make about how to get your privileges.

Now, for the release,
  • Added a new area that can be entered from the world map when at sea.
  • Added new sex scenes. (I am likely going to slow down on scenes for the time being to focus on story)
  • Fixed several reported issues.
A short yet extensive update from a creation point of view. I wish to continue with Michelle's questline to completely finish it up, which will be soon I hope. Everything is ongoing and I hope to do more story stuff per week for the foreseeable future.


That is it for this week, thank you all for sticking around, we appreciate you all!