Tuesday, 31 December 2013

(Delayed "Merry christmas and a) Happy new year!

Another year has passed!
A lot has happened, and I can not express my gratitude in anyway near enough.

Thank you to you all who have supported this game!

I hope we all will have a great new year, with lots of smut and goodies!


Sunday, 29 December 2013

Fix out AloneXP Ver.

Now, what is to be the last fix (I hope) has been released.
It addresses a few issues that has been mentioned, and adds the Journal.



  • Journal for sciencey stuff


  • Fixed reward from Sciencey stuff
  • Fixed bandit in the crossroads, still using the old summoning system.
  • Fixed arena match with justice fighter, so you can no longer flee and win.
Hopefully nothing else is needed for this release!

We will be starting on the castle, however, while Mugginns and Nagi works on the castle stuff, I will not be making a lot right now. I have 1 exam left, and I will be focusing on that for some time, till it's done.

That being said, I'll be doing a few minor things, adding to the game, no worries!

The support you guys have shown has been amazing! Even though we have had relatively few posts, so much support has been shown to us! So many visits, which really makes things worthwhile! And fans posting here with good or bad is really helping out. This game would not have been here if not for you guys! So pat yourself on the shoulder and know, you are the only reason why this game can continue! I appreciate every single one of you! Thanks! My Christmas is raised to another level with the support of you guys on my game!

Thank you!


Monday, 23 December 2013

Fix 2 AloneXP Ver.

So, to fix the issues that was found in the previous version here's a fix!


Hope this makes it work now!


Friday, 20 December 2013

Mandatory fix

So, as always, you guys busted us. Yea, we make mistakes :P

And thus, mistakes are meant to be fixed! And so I give to you!
A fixed version of the game! Hurraaaaaa!

No journal for the new stuff yet. I will be doing some tweaks to the game over the next few days,
fixing a few errors and making a few design choices better, and with that fix I'll add the journal.

To clarify, NOTHING will be missed out by playing this version, there just won't be
journal entries yet. They will be added to the game in the next update, but even if you
complete some stuff now, they will still be there once implemented.

Download here.

Also, a bug fix:

  • Phallia questline now works (I'm fairly sure)
If the questline does not seem to allow you to go any further, it probably means you
had a fairly low score. This fucked up the game due to the game having a faulty trigger.

It is fixed now, but: If you already have the bug in your save you won't be able to fix it.
Send your save to me, and I'll fix it. (If it is a problem that many of you encountered (too many to fix manually) I'll add a thing in-game where you can fix it by talking to it.)
Anyway, that's it for now! Hope you guys will enjoy the new content! Mugginns really did a lot of hard work here!


Huzzah! It's here!

Yes lemons,it's here.The new release that I've slaved over for the best part of 2 weeks(I think).Sciency Stuff parts 3 and 4 work,I played through them myself.Be warned,part 4 is a right nut buster(not in a good way).I've fixed all the bugs I found on the way but don't hesitate to let Crouler know if you find any more.Without further waffle

...I lied...

Download link

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Updates on the next build

So, going through Mugginns stuff, I find that, seeing as I have no idea of what he meant on
different story parts etc. fixing the bugs is impossible for me. I'm pretty much
in a state of "Da fuq just happened" all the time :P So, until Mugginns has some time
to explain to me what he meant to happen I can't release this build since it
would be bugged.

He is very busy, and I'm not sure I'll see him until the weekend, and I'm sorry about
that. We all wanted you guys to play the game as soon as possible, but we need to
attend to these bugs first.

I hope you'll have a bit of patience, waiting just a few more days!

As always, thanks for all the continued support! I love you guys! :D


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

About the next update. (Will be out soon)

So, I am currently going through the game.

What is important to understand is that the game is complex due to the mechanics I'm using.
And I need to do some fixes here, as Mugginns has left a few out. I will
make the game work for you guys soon, don't worry!

That's pretty much all!

I realize I haven't posted in a long time, but I will be the one doing the game now, so prepare for more of me! You know you want it! :D


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Aaaaaand It's Gone

A post just to say I'm done.Sciency Stuff 3 and 4 are in the game(but not yet tested) and all bugs will be sorted by Crouler.The game is back in his hands,the transfer is official.I'll be back to map making in a few days,the next project will be(I think) the player castle,which I'll enjoy after the up hill struggle that was/is Sciency Stuff.I also threw in an easter egg,though I doubt most of you will understand.And so I'm off to do...things.Not the kind of things you're thinking of.Just things.Got it?Sweet.Byeeeeee.


Saturday, 14 December 2013

Looking good

Right,Overlord Crouler has been cracking the whip and telling me to post an update so you don't leave.
The script for Sciency Stuff 4 is done but a lot of the boring dialogue was assigned to the cutting room floor.Yesterday I got a good start on the quest,maybe a third or so,and some unimportant conversations.
It would have been more but I spent 3 hours on Borderlands 2(yes I know it's an old game) looking for "Badonkadonks" and screaming profanities at robots.Even so,I should get the majority of the quest done today and spend some of sunday finishing it.Mugginns out


Thursday, 12 December 2013


Right,sorry for the lack of info for the last few days but I've had a lot of bad luck and little time to work on the game.I'll have even less time come Monday,so I plan to get all my stuff done on Sunday and hand everything back to Crouler.If I finish it then I'll post a small release,if there's no release on Sunday then it means I lost all my data because my laptop committed suicide.


Saturday, 7 December 2013

Busy Busy Busy

A second job,just what I never wanted! This is just a little notice to say that for the next 6 months I'm gonna be a bit bogged down with work.Crouler is also busy(even if it doesn't look it).Good news is that I'm back to writing the script for Sciency Stuff part 4 and am about half way done.Needed to make a few changes but it's all for the good of the story(which may or may not be good depending on your view).Right,I guess that's all for now.
And here's a video to explain what I'm up to

Writer's Balk


Friday, 6 December 2013

Hotfile is dead... DAMN YOOOOU!!!

So, hotfile has been closed permanently...
I had like 2 Tb of hotstorage there, meaning premium storage sharing speed, as well as tons of important files I'll never get again... For fuck sake... I feel like kicking a stone, though the prospect of breaking my leg prevents me from doing so. (Stone is a metaphor for other stuff too, in case you did not realize...)

So, no more hotfile... I'm really quite saddened by this, but not much to do about it at this point.

I will find an alternate download site, or more for you guys. Maybe that multiupload thing where I upload to a billion pages in one upload lol. In any case, that's what's been happening. A darn shame, but we will keep working!

Thanks for all of the support you guys are showing us in our long development phases! It really means a lot!
Until next time, take care and stay safe!


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Quick Fix

Right you lemons,Seems that either me or Crouler fucked up but thankfully no charges are being pressed.As some,or a lot of you might have noticed,the start point is in the wrong place.Why it took 6 days for someone to realize this,I don't know.Now,since I'm the one putting this out some of you might find that part 3 of the Sciency Stuff quest is implemented but not finished(or maybe it'll take another 6 days).I would recommend not doing it until the official release because changes will be made and could possibly corrupt some saves.I would have liked to have finished before anyone gets to see it but this problem needed to be fixed quickly.
You have been warned.
Okay,by request I'm uploading a mirror,though actually it's a slightly more updated version.Sciency Stuff Part 3 is finished but not yet tested.I don't have a lot of time so I'm working fast.Please leave a comment of any bugs and such you may find.
I've updated the download link