Saturday, 25 October 2014

Update log 25-10-14 + Release AloneXP Ver. 7.3 (Bug runs, not bug free!)

I managed to make enough content for me to deem it ready for release. It's been a while since the last release, so thanks for your patience! :D

Anyway, first of all, let's get today's update log out of the way.


  • Added 2 Voyeur scenes to Carrie's mansion
    • They are random, and won't always be there when entering.
  • Added new girl to carries Mansion, currently only meet able at the bridge outside the mansion.
  • Added new small area. Currently not much happens there, more will be added later.
  • Added new encounter with Jane and Sifael.
  • Added the museum workers that will hang paintings in the museum. (Not sure if they were mentioned earlier so saying it now)
  • Do all sex scenes function properly? (No dreaded black screen after scene? :P)
That's the log out of the way.

Now, for the new release.

I'd like to point out that there are a few things still fucked.
I have yet to find a fix for suddenly being unable to summon, the income system has not been tweaked. Sorry, I think the next few releases will be more fix and tweak based than content based.

Now, for things I'd like to know from you guys, as some changes have been made, so please focus on:

  • Are there any in between map issues? When going from one map to another, or getting teleported, do they fuck up?
  • Is the summoning system more ballanced? Too OP? Too weak?
  • Does the new picture system work for the castle? (Casino questline, 3 pictures currently available all currently found with Jane and Sifael)
  • Quest issues with Oni Oni onsen? (Can be found east of Fuar)

Any other bugs are obviously also taken seriously, but these are the things I suspect may have a few issues.

Please, if you have the time and want to help, play the game and tell me of the issues you meet! :D



Sorry about not answering since last sunday. I will be looking at all reports Saturday, but unfortunately that will be the only day in this week where I have time to do anything! Please keep posting bugs, as I will try to make a bug round next Saturday on newly introduced, as well as old bugs from the bug report section of the blog!

Edit 2 - 01-11-14: Won't be doing anything. I feel like shit today, and I'll take the day to get back on top. Sorry, bug squashing will have to wait till tomorrow or sometime next week.

Public service announcement :P

So, I always thought I was the only one who experienced this, but it would seem it is a general issue with the blog. Sometimes when people write and press "post" the post isn't posted...

What I normally do is I copy everything I wrote before posting and if it fails I simply paste everything back in and it works the second time.

I'm thinking of moving the blog as I've had a lot of issues with google's blogs...

In any case, I'll be posting about today's work later, this was purely to inform of this issue.


Friday, 24 October 2014

Update log 24-10-14


  • Added New paintings, (Actual paintings in the world) with following viewable pictures for the casino questline. Currently 2 in game, 16 in all, however the next few will be a lot faster as making the sprites and pictures is half the work. (Making pictures just means making them compatible, I don't draw them myself xD) 
  • Added 2 new encounters for Casino paintings questline. Meet Jane Orc Slayer and Sifael!
  • Added New journal entries for existing content.

Spent a good 5 hours of work on the game today. Whenever you need to custom make sprites and add the paintings to small sprites it takes forever...

I expect to be able to do all of the pictures fairly quickly and I will be adding more pictures so the Casino questline can proceed. I found this pretty fun and will be
working on this for a while as writing porn scenes in general is tedious work. The sooner our newest member is ready the better as he has offered to write scenes for me.

In any case, that is it for today! I need a break for the rest of the day... Which is like half an hour lol xD


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Update log 22-10-14

Just a quick update on how things are going, nothing more this time I'm afraid! :P


  • Added New sex scene with 2 outcomes depending on the players sex skill.
  • Integrated the last of Oni Oni Onsen to the game.

That's pretty much it, a few hours of work. I'm really busy so I have to go, but thanks for sticking with us guys! It really helps a lot!


Friday, 17 October 2014

Update log 17-10-14

So, I managed to put a decent amount of stuff into the game today, and I wanted to share the progress on the blog!


  • Did some major tweaks to summoning
    • All creatures have more than quadrupled in health and some have had raised their mana.
    • All creatures have had significant stat boosts, often 2 to 3 times more than original, and even 5 to 6 times more in some cases.
      • As I mentioned in the last post, I want this to work. I came up with the system, and I don't think anyone else have used a summoning system, so I really want to make it work :P
  • Added 3 New parts to the brothel questline.
  • Added recruitable prostitute. (No scenes yet, questline is more important for now.)
That's it for today. Hopefully I'll get enough done in the near future to justify more frequent updates on the blog.

That's it for today, I'm busy trying to churn through some books for university :P

In any case, thanks for reading!


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Update log 16-10-14

So, just some things I want to let you guys know.

I'm still not with my own computer as I'm still visiting family. I did take the game with me so I could work on it, but I realized how much of a habit person I am. It's nearly impossible to work with stuff I'm no longer used to. Therefor I have decided to instead flesh out some improvements I wish to do. I'm writing them in a way that can pretty much allow me to do this in a  matter if a few hours when I get back to my own computer.

Anyway, these are the things that I can and will do here.

  • Tweaking summoning.
    • I will be buffing pretty much everything, making it all much stronger and more durable.
      • So, to be honest, the summoning system is something I'm proud of. I personally find it very unique in the rpg maker genre and I've spent a long time making it better. From the old pre-match summoning, to the actual skill, I have spent a lot of time and thought making it work.

        And to be true, it makes me sad when I know no one really uses it because it is useless :P So I will be majorly buffing all summonings. Here's what I'll do.
        • Huge buff to health
          • Currently they all die to easily and they aren't worth healing, so I'll make them much harder to kill, which will make them better taknks and take more hits away from the player, hopefully making them better partners.
        • Attack buff
          • Their attack is pretty weak, and many don't want to waste a turn summoning them due to their small hits. I wish to make them not only slightly tougher in health and defence but also in hits. They should not hit 100 while the player is slashing with several thousands of damage.
        • With these two things in mind I hope people will be using the summons more, so people can unlock the higher tiers of summons. The highest tiers and the special summons. This is likely to leave the game in a period of unballance until I make the summons just right, but I really want to make it a viable option.
    • I have also though of making 2 different catagories of summons. Attack and defence. These are pretty self explanatory, but I'll give a bit of info.
        • One side will be the tough creatures which will have tons of health and mainly buffs rather than attacks. The other will be attackers who will be heavy hitters but with only a low amount of health, making them die in a few rounds.
      • I'm not to sure if I will implement the attack and defence part as I'd rather keep it as is, but maybe the other thing would be more ballanced, I am not sure.
  • Filling empty areas
    • I will be adding a lot of quests to the now empty areas or at least stuff to do.
      • Currently, the world is so pretty, thanks to all the great mappers who decided to help me, and it's a shame that so much of the game is currently just there. But let me assure you, it has always been the plan to fill it all up.
        • All cities will be at Everlight VIllage, Rei-Long Oak and Capital standard in quests, and even more, as more quests will come in them as well.
        • All exploration areas will have more stuff to do. This includes quests, treasure and other small things that will make the player want to be there, not just go through there to get somewhere else... Hopefully :P
        • The houses and other places will have more stuff. While houses could just be there for the rpg feel, that isn't entirely my intention. I wish to make the player want to see what's inside. While not everything will have something, a lot of places will. Both quests and other random stuff that will make the player want to explore... Hopefully... Again :P Especially places like the giant mansion to the west of Rei-Long Oak, which will have major roles and tons of content to make the player want to visit the places frequently to unlock new stuff and try new things such as party events, unique people events and so on.
These are the things I have started working on. Not in game making it ready for in game.

The summoning tweaks are quick, but obviously all quest things take ages. Hopefully you guys will like what is coming up when it is released next. I can't give any date yet, but hopefully it will be in the near future.

As always, thanks for the support. This game would have stopped a long time ago if not for you guys!


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Things fixed.

Issue wasn't that great, no worries. I went to a place where my old computer no longer had a monitor that worked with it :P Just needed some new cables, and I have those now. Tonight and tomorrow I can work a bit again, and when I get back home I can do even more as it feels kinda clunky working on this computer when I'm used to my other one :P

In any case, things are solved and there are no problems anymore! I'll try doing something now and tomorrow, so hopefully I have something to report tomorrow.


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Absence from Crouler

Due to an unforeseen issue, Crouler's computer has went pbbbtttt. So he is taking a hiatus for a while, so he can get it fixed.Please be patient with us as things start to slow down.


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Update log 05-10-14

So, you're all waiting for updates, so I shall give them to you! :P


  • Imported Mugginns new stuff to the main game
  • Added functions to the sleeping quests
  • Added scene for sleeping quests
That's pretty much it for today! I'll be working on the game as much as I can, though as mentioned, it probably won't be as much as I used to.

I'll keep todays update short and end here! Thanks for everyone's patience! We're doing all we can to proceed with the game!


Friday, 3 October 2014

Todays news! Update report 03-10-14

I'm back! With the game this time, mind you :P

Mugginns just delivered the game to me, and I shall once again start working on it. He did some awesome stuff with the new area, and it looks amazing.

So, about the content:


  • Mugginn's new stuff
    • A lot of new maps
    • New questline
  • Crouler's new stuff
    • Added sex scene for sleeping quests
    • Added the first basics of the brothel questline
I'll be working on it tonight, I think, and then tomorrow I will be able to start doing a lot of new stuff, hopefully!

I'm glad that all of you remained during this period of not doing too much (though i made Mugginns work a ton, lol) and I shall do my best to do a lot on the game.

I can however say that I won't have as much time as I had last year. I'm settled at my new place, but I have a ton of work for university, and it sucks with the amount of reading I have to do...

In any case, thanks for sticking with us! It means a lot!