Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Time to lay the cards o the table

So, you guys may have noticed a distinct lack of updates. I began working on the game, as my previous posts showed, but something came up.

Two deaths my nearest social circle have happened, and I have been mourning their loss.

I tried going back to work, but I am unfortunately a person who does not work very well under these
sort of circumstances, and I have had to stop every time with little to nothing done on the game.

I have however decided to do things like this:

I will be working on the areas I can before the castle, and I will be releasing a game before the actual castle for you guys to enjoy. As for the content I will be able to give you guys, I am not sure.

It all depends on what I can make myself do. I will however not leave this game.
I love working on it, and I love the reactions of the people playing it, so for you guys, and for myself, I will be working on this game as always!

Thank you! You have stuck around, and I truly appreciate it! You rock!


Monday, 24 February 2014

You Must Construct Additional Pylons

It's been a very busy week for all,so I'm told. I've had my hands full with more interruptions and building Mugginns 2.0(he still needs a network adapter). That being said,the castle first floor is very close to being done. I just need to redesign the Players quarters and the toilets,then throw in a smattering of detail and we're good. After that it's the basement and cutting room floor,then it's Croulers problem.

Just letting y'all know we're still chipping away at this despite the lack of posts.


Monday, 17 February 2014

Mugginns 2.0, Coming Soon

Six Million Dollar Mugginns

Okay,so maybe not six million dollars,but still an improvement.Can't argue with that.I spent all day today building my new desktop computer. Preliminary results are good,it turns on.I'm probably gonna be spending all day tomorrow finding a virus free torrent of windows 7 and moving all my files and such over to it.No streaming though,because of the fucking weather.

I'd like to say the first floor is done but I have a few questions and ideas I'd like to bounce off Crouler. As you know,he's indisposed at the moment,dealing with life and that.So I'm putting that on hold until he gets back up to speed.For now I'm getting design ideas for the basement,the dungeon and the top secret Umbrella Corporation Facility under the castle.Okay,that last one was a lie.I really wanted to put that into the game but Crouler shot it down.
I guess that's all for now. Cheerio(as in good bye,not the breakfast cereal)


Sunday, 16 February 2014

The loyal fans! (You rock)

It seems like it was so long ago since I last posted. Lots have happened. Very personal things. I will be working on the game again as soon as I can, and I understand both Naki and Mugginns are still at it!

This is just a short message to tell you guys that I'm still here. I'm looking forward to beginning again soon! Thanks for your loyalty! We have not lost a lot of views since we started having this "not so much work" period, and it truly warms my heart!


Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Sorry for not posting anything for a while,I've been in a communications black out.Well,not really.The weather in Ireland is pretty rough,and my modem hasn't been able to get a signal.My time has also been taken up with a shower of unannounced guests and appointments.That said,I should be able to get some solid work done in the next three days.
The player castle as it is now is maybe over the half way point.The ground floor is done and the 1st floor is about 38%. 400 or so guest rooms is a bit of a bugger but it should run smoothly.After that there's the basement,pretty straight forward and uncomplicated and some miscellaneous rooms and we're done.
Should be done soon if there's no more interruptions(not bloody likely),maybe 2 weeks on the outside.
That's all for now folks.
You stay classy [INSERT LOCATION]


Saturday, 8 February 2014

Status Update: Revenge of the stitches.

The stitches in my arm are out. I should be starting physical therapy in two weeks. So, so far I am doing well. I am occupying my time with youtube, and vidya games. Expect to see a lot of designs based on a few games I have played while out of service.

Inspiration from:

Tales of Xillia
Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns
Resonance of Fate
Ephemeral Fantasia
Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
Metal Gear(All the games)

And last but not least

Sleeping Dogs

Also I have been considering making the Castle Gardens Three or four different ways. If crouler wants to put a vote up for it.

YOur garden can be in the shape of, Boobs, Penis, Vanilla(just a fancy garden), or Japanese themed.  While I have been out, I have been thinking on several things to do. I am antsy to get back when I am able to do more than press a thumbstick.


Friday, 7 February 2014

Poll Results!

No, feel free to use ads
  149 (59%)
Please don't!
  11 (4%)
I will stop coming here if ads are enabled!
  4 (1%)
Lol, bitch, I've got an ad-blocker TROLOLOLO!
  88 (34%)

As you can see, most people either have an ad-blocker or don't mind.

While it would be easy to simply insert ads now, I would like to give the 
"Please don't!" and "I will stop coming if ads are enabled"'
people a chance to tell me why. I am concerned about these people, even if it is only a few, I would like to make sure that we don't step on anyone's toes, so please, if you are one of the people who do not like me adding ads, please let me know your reasons! I listen to all of you!

The decision to add ads is not yet made, so we can still cancel it. Your opinions are being heard, so please let us hear them!


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

It's going to be a slow week

So, Naki is still recovering from the surgery, and both Mugginns and I will not be able to do a whole lot for the upcoming week. So just a heads up, there won't be a lot going on for the next week or so.

I will still try to do some stuff here and there, as I'd like to make as much a day as possible, so I don't end up with a week to do 3 month's worth of work lol.

In any case, we're going to slow down for a bit, and once things settles, we'll try to pick up pace once again!

I hope you guys understand!


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

(03 - 04) - 02 - 2014 Update log

So, for some reason, bugs introduced long ago are turning up now.
I must admit, I never meant to fix bugs in these releases, but since we find them, we need to
fix them. So, here's to another bug crushing day (2 days :P).

Sorry for not posting yesterday! I did fix a lot of bugs, but I ended up heading to bed before actually writing what I'd done on here! This also means I can't remember all the bugs I fixed. But I do remember some, so here's the log!


  • Fixed some clipping issues in the houses of Fuar
  • Fixed Various issues in the Cimex Caves
  • Fixed bug in Mordens plane, where you could not actually chose to leave, as you were stuck if you did not fight Mordens.
  • Fixed the princess' guards remaining after she left at the capital
  • Various other fixes.
Finding the reasons behind bugs is hard, and so some bugs, if they are well hidden, take more time than creating actual content for the game.

I hate the fact that I have not added anything to the game for several days, but in the end, bugs are just as important to fix, as introducing new content is. Hopefully this will be the last fix needed for now so I can begin focusing on new content.

That being said, I'm on my last day of my vacation, thus, I will have much less time for the actual game, so please bear with me. I will still have work time both on free days and in the weekends, and of course when I get home on normal days.

In any case, that's it for now! Thanks for reading this post, as it is as long as always, which is TLDR long lol.


Sunday, 2 February 2014

Update log 02-02-14

Right, so the business that kept me from working yesterday kinda extended till today, but I did some work on the game when I got home. Only fixes today though.


  • Various name errors where yhe player would see "/n[1]:" instead of the players name.
  • Various clipping errors where items would go behind the character instead of in front. (Like rocks going behind the player when walking behind the rock)
  • Tried to fix fucking Deily in the fucking barracks fucking up her fucking only fucking appearance! FUCKING WORK YOU STUPID CUNT BITCH! I'VE FUCKING FIXED YOU 100 FUCKING TIMES ALREADY!!!!
*Ahem* anyway, that's pretty much all there is to report today.
Hopefully I will further do some quests tomorrow, but for today I'm done.

Thanks for your continued support, it really means a lot to me!


Saturday, 1 February 2014

Live Stream Results

Major apologies about the live stream,seems my internet connection was rather shitty and the hour long stream was broken into 4 parts,and down to 12 minutes.I'm quite frankly pissed with my provider about this so I'll be scouting out for better internet for future streams.I did however save the full video to my laptop and will upload it to my channel so you can view it at your convenience.

Just to cover what got done;
After a talk with Crouler,the ground floor now has 38 rooms,all of which are done bar 2 needing a touch up.
This,I think might have been the toughest part of the castle,the rest of it's pretty straight forward.Hopefully I'll find a good provider before the next stream.
Once again,I'm very sorry about the lack of live streaming.

I've uploaded the full video to my channel.It's called 'Castle 02' and is 1:17:19 long.A little extra was added to it for some reason but it shouldn't affect things at any rate.The quality is not as good as I'd like it to be but once again,when I find a better internet provider things will get better.


Naki's situation

So, as some or all of you may know, Naki has had surgery.

And good news! Seems it was a success and the bandages are off at this point. He will need an arm brace for about 4 weeks, so please don't expect him to be able to do anything for the game for some time.

According to Naki he will likely be able to resume making maps at the end of the month, but he won't be allowed to unless he is completely healed at the time, as I'd hate for him to mess up anything for the sake of making the maps.

So basically, surgery was a success, and Naki will now need some time to recover, and we will respect this and not demand anything from him until he feels completely up to the task!

Take care Naki, and get well so we can overwork you once more with the shit-load of maps we need for the game!