Monday, 28 August 2017


So, another release. I apologize for not releasing anything last week, when Friday came about I still hadn't uploaded and I decided to make both releases into one.


  • More Michelle Stuff 
  • A new scene at the castle
  • A few fixes (Can't remember everything in that regard, sorry. Please write bug reports here so I can do a bug fix release soon)


That is it for this release.

I have some stuff going on currently and will be busy so I can't promise a release next week, but I will try. Thank you all for your support, I still haven't been able to go through all comments and such since I've had a hectic week, but I will try to do so after posting this.

A huge thanks to all of you and a huge thanks to our patrons. We love you all!


Wednesday, 16 August 2017


I don't have much time, but I have some info I need to post with the release, so I will be brief.


  • Added more Michelle stuff
  • Added patron item. It may be edited as we go as it probably doesn't work as intended.
    • Ring name is "Ring of ReJINeration" Location is the mansion west of Rei-Long Oak by boat.
  • Possibly a new sex scene if I didn't post it last week, I'm not 100% sure.


Sorry for not being more active here and on patreon, I will try and do better (as I always say lol)

Next weeks release (this weeks release) will be made later than normal, but I might be able to release monday or so.

Thank you all for staying with us, I must go! Patreons, you rock, players, thank you for all the support!


Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Here we go! Another release.

This week I added more to Michelle's questline and some minor things I can't remember all of to be honest lol.


  • More to Michelle's questline
  • Some minor stuff I don't remember all of xD

As we near the "end" of Michelle's questline it's nice getting to put an end to the current questline, so I am pushing for a smooth round up :)

Anyway, I really have nothing else to say to be honest, so:


Thank you so much for the support! Everyone playing the game is helping its development and I am very thankful to all of you, and a huge thanks to our patrons for letting us get our own custom artwork into the game!

Thank you all! 


Thursday, 3 August 2017


Another release is here. I apologize for the late release yet again. I actually finished the release last Saturday, but I have not had the time to do the update description until now, so it was postponed and postponed, which I regret. I will try to be faster, but it never seems to pan out like I want it to...

Anyway, today I will post the content changes and then I want to share the current plan as it is, though, as always, it is subject to change.


  • Added One more stage to an old quest, sleeping sex questline.
  • Added more to Michelle's questline. We're getting closer to completion here.
  • Fixed bug where Eliana was kidnapped and if you were too low lvl you would get into an eternal loop
  • Fixed a scene in the warehouse not ending correctly.
  • Fixed Cia's scene from inventory staying on screen if you choose to keep looking


Right, so on to the future we go!

I currently plan on continuing Michelle's questline. I believe I can finish it up in a few releases, as there is fairly little left to do. That being said, however, she will have more content once the player city is implemented, if the player chooses to do so.

However, as always my attention span sucks, so I will start doing small side things as well. Quests that were small that were never finishes, loose ends and such. Every now and then I get fed up with doing the same stuff all the time, so I will be focusing on those. But, more importantly, I also wish to make the world map more interesting.
Muggins has made some amazing maps that will be used for random encounters, so more of those are incoming. 

Of the game, a few things that are badly needed are still not finished. But, soon the game will start entering a faze where I can push straight for goal (I hope) in the sense that the essential maps and such are done and ready to be implemented. 

I am not yet sure on what to do, whether to push the main quest or to do that last, so I will do a patreon vote on that I think.

Anyway, that was a lot to read, wasn't it? Sorry about that!

Thank you all for playing our game! It is so nice feeling that you made something that so many people use, and I am personally very proud to have gotten so many players. I truly am very happy that you guys are sticking with us! And of course, as always ( ;-) ) a huge thanks to our patrons for helping us get our own unique artwork. Though the next piece will have more incoming, I do not yet have a date for when it will be started or finished. But it will progress the main quest!

Thank you all! You are great!