Saturday, 31 December 2016

Next release - Info

Hello Everyone, merry christmas and a happy newyear, or happy holidays and so forth. Whatever you may be having at the moment.

Anyway, wanted to give a bit of information on what will happen, seeing as nothing has happened in a long time.

Currently I am about to move out, or at least, I am hoping to do so soon. The day after tomorrow the office at which I sent an application will open, so yeah. On top of that I have my winter exams coming up. Now, I am currently sharing a room, so even though I wanted to do a release for christmas and today, I can't. Someone's always sitting right next to me, and I don't like that when doing this game lol.

So, I will hope for some breathing room where I can do the next release very soon, as in a week or so. So, I really want to show you guys some new stuff that we have and I am looking forward to releasing a new build for you guys! Sorry for the long break, and thanks for sticking with us!


Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Just a quick update here, I apologize that it came in so late.

I originally had planned on doing a lot today, as I felt like it, but I ended up falling asleep and waking up just now, so that is kinda late... May end up doing a release next week, though I'm not sure.


  • Added a new area to encounter the portals.
  • Fixed a bug where the portals could be encountered whether the quest was started or not.
  • Fixed Elliana's date not working as it never gave the option to the player.

Some new artwork arrived and I have ordered more to come my way soon, so I'm going to be adding a new scene soonish (it will be part of the main quest when we start expanding there) and there will be a change to some existing artwork soon.


That is it for today.

Thanks to everyone for being patient, and thanks for letting us taking it easy in the Christmas period.


Saturday, 3 December 2016

Alone release

Another Saturday, another release. Well, when the release doesn't fall on mondays or tuesdays that is.

But anyway, new release today!


  • Added the first area that has an undead invasion.
    • The system works by having a set chance of happening, and then the player can clear the area.
      • The system is liable to change as the rewards may be too big.
  • Added Elliana's Date!
    • HUGE scene... AND!!! *Drumroll please*
      The game has its first original art! Please read more below.
That is it for today. The new system with the undead invasions will be added to more areas and will be accessible from here on out, also after completing the quest, but after that the spawn chances will be much lower.



As for the joyous news! OUR OWN ARTWORK :D
So, the divine has had his first ever facial appearance. I wish to thank Asera and Ramez for this, Asera being the artist and Ramez funding this for us.

Tell me what you guys think! Get on a date with Elliana and see her and the divine get funky.

Anyway, that is it for today. I'm still not 100% sure about whether or not I will take the rest of December off, but we shall see.

As always, thanks for all the support! Keep playing our game, since it makes us so happy.


Tuesday, 29 November 2016


I am sorry about there being no release last Saturday, but I felt that it was not yet ready, so I worked today as well to give you guys this release.

Now, before I continue with the content description, I would like to thank all of you who helped out expanding the WIKI everyday, and a shout out to barake22 for doing... Well, more than I could have ever imagined in there! The wiki is a great place to search for information, and it is all thanks to the people who help out by expanding it whenever they can! So, thank you!

Now, for the content:

  • Added several new parts to the patron quest, which we will now dub undead invasion quest xD
    • There has been a change to the quest's start, which means it can only be started if your guard quarters are maxed out AND if you have at least 1 upgrade in the rectory. Previously you just needed the guard quarters, so if they tell you to go to the rectory and it is still undeveloped, the quest won't proceed until you have expanded it.
  • Fixed some doors exiting in wrong places.
It may seem small, but this is what I have been able to do. A lot of the work for this questline has been the planning, so it is only now, recently, that I have been able to start working focused on the quest. I'm going to enjoy this, I can sense it already xD As for the previous quest, with the bullied priest, possibly next friday, along some expanding to the undead invasion questline, you will see some goodies :D 


Now, some important information on the December schedule:

I have not yet decided entirely, but I will possibly be taking most of December off, to celebrate and relax with my family. I will do a release next week, no matter what, and then after that I am not sure.

This also means that our patrons would be giving us money for nothing, SO I have decided to refund all December payments, as I don't feel comfortable with taking your money when I'm not working on the game, so I hope, in case the vacation is 2 or 3 weeks long, that you all understand and all stick with us. I may do some christmas goodness for you guys though, but it will be small and just for fun, if it happens.

As always, thank you guys for your support and a huge thanks to our patrons for supporting us financially! 


Saturday, 19 November 2016


Yet another release.
This time I began on a second patron quest. It will start once you have the guard quarters fully upgraded. So far it ends after saving a certain someone, but I must admit, I am content with the amount I did for once, and I don't feel guilty lol. A great deal of hours went into the release, so I hope you guys enjoy!


  • added 2 new maps to accomodate the new release. (They are subject to change though)
  • Added several parts to the new questline
    • It currently stops after saving that certain someone, but I will work on more next week,

No new sex scenes, as I wanted to go all in on the questing. And I like how it turned out so far.

Anyway, downloads!


That is it for today and I'm going to leave with a big thank you! Thanks for all the support, both from our patrons and non-patrons!

You guys are the reason we are still going at it!


Saturday, 12 November 2016

AloneXP release

So, had one week off to refresh and boy was it nice xD

So, this release has focused on a few fixes and some new content for the player city. I meant to do some work on a patron quest, but I ended up needing to not do so, as I, last minute, realized I did not have all the information needed, so I will likely continue that next week.

Also, important note if you are a patron who stands to gain a reward:
All patrons who stand to gain something have received messages on patreon. I still have a lot of patrons who have yet to respond, so if you are wondering what is going on, and why you have yet to receive your tier, please check your patreon messages!

Now, back to business!

This weeks content:

  • Added a sex scene in the Casino.
  • Added new part to the player city
    • This is not yet done and the quest will end in the middle of a party, and the player will, for now, be trapped, so only enter the house you are guided to to see the events, do not save and stick yourself inside.
  • Fixed mentioned bugs from the questline from the last release.


That is it for this week!

Things will likely calm down around here soon, so maybe next week will have a larger release, though I stand to make no promises. Even this release was meant to come out Monday lol.

Anyway, a big thanks to everyone! I really appreciate all the support, and thanks to all our patrons! Thanks to them the game will soon have some original content, and hopefully the game will start replacing the artwork as the game progresses!

So everyone, players and patrons, thanks for your support! Without it this game would have gone a long time ago!


Monday, 7 November 2016

Release info

So, I have just realized that I won't be able to do enough to justify a release.
I managed to do one scene that will be added to the Casino, and next week I will begin working on another patron quest.

So, in other words, I will be taking from here on till next week a break, so I think next release will be next monday. I apologize, but I simply can't stay awake anymore, I haven't slept all week. Sorry.

I want to thank you all for sticking with us, and I hope you will let me have this small break before I start again, when my moving, hopefully, ends.


Saturday, 5 November 2016

Next update on Monday or Tuesday

In house moving hell, will have some time either Monday or Tuesday, none before I'm afraid.


Sunday, 30 October 2016

New release out. Also, the scene I talked about last time was a porn scene in the noble area's inn. And that area has had some work done to it with some scenes, so yay. Anyway,
Hello everyone! :P Sorry for the sunday release, I had a bit of extra time today and decided to finish the release now rather than tomorrow or the day after.


  • Added 4 new porn scenes (Explanation below)
    • Go to the noble area's inn and sleep there and they appear at random.
  • (From last week) Added 1 porn scene
    • A random event that can happen when entering the north eastern room in the inn.
  • Fixed the bugs mentioned in the new questline. You should now be able to continue with the quest.


So, this release is only sex. Now the reason for this is, I actually wrote a huge part for the Elliana questline. 12 pages to be exact, but this will receive original artwork, so I will be waiting for the art to be finished before implementing it. Now, I originally actually wanted to finish after having written this, as it took ages... But! I though, since it can't go into the game yet, and since the fixes would be all there would be if I didn't do anymore, I decided to do the sex scenes to at least have a bit of new content :P So, yea, there ya' go xD

Anyway, the Elliana questline nears its end for now, as soon as the player town gets finished, or at least accessible, she will have more. This means I will start doing the last few patron questlines soon. Firstly, however, I will also be doing fixing and such, though I hope to do that along the way, rather than have a full fix build next week. So more content to come!

As always, thank you guys for sticking with us! it has been a few bumpy weeks, and I am moving, so more bumpiness to come! xD Thank you all, and a great big thanks to our patrons! Hopefully the first custom art will be in the game soon!


A quick message from Naki, who made a ton of our maps!

I will be hosting a 24 hour marathon on Nov, 5th, 2016 at 3pm CST. I will be playing on, and will be marathoning various games. All of this is to raise money for the San Antonio Children's Hospital, via Extra-Life. I would like it if you could support me by watching, you are in no way obligated to donate to me, or even come by. You may also choose what game I play, so long as it (a.) Is not against's rules, (b.) Is free to play, and (c.) You donate at least 10$ to decide what I play.

If all goes well, and as planned, I will also be playing a livestreamed D&D 5e game (one-off) with some people on Roll20.

All of my donation info is in my twitch panels at which is also where the stream will be held.

I am have a goal of only 100$, since this my first year, and I am not a big streamer yet, but 100% chance that I will always be streaming for charity.

Donations are also Tax deductable, and you should get an email from Extra-life about it.

Thank you for your time,

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


So, first of all sorry for no release last week. Truth be told, I actually thought I had uploaded a build last week, but turns out the post was never posted... I had little time, as I am currently in the middle of exams and moving, so I never actually checked until Yesterday... Sorry!

So this means, this weeks build is for both this week and last week. I don't remember too well what happened in last weeks release, but I seem to remember some bug fixes and some stuff on a patron's questline. This week we have more for the patron's questline and some work... Well, truth be told I don't remember 100%, things from these last 4 weeks seems to blurr for me at the moment.

Anyway, the things I know that are there:


  • Several fixes to the game
  • added new map for a quest
  • added several parts to the bullied priest in the capital
  • (I seem to remember doing another sex scene but that may have been the last release you guys had)


That is it. Looking at it, it seems small, huh? xD It took ages to do, so I hope there is enough here for you guys.

I am sorry, this is probably the most disorganized week in the development history of this game, and I apologize. Sorry, I hope you all will stick with us in spite of this bad couple of weeks.

Anyway, thanks to all of you for sticking around, and a thanks to our patrons for helping us slowly change the artwork to our own!


Monday, 24 October 2016

Service announcement

Next release will be tomorrow. I apologize the late update this time around.


Saturday, 8 October 2016


Hello everyone! I finally got around to the next release!
So, first of all, some clarifications on this build.
I had a lot of reports of bugs, but I was unable to find a lot of them, so I ask you, if you have a bug you have reported in one of the previous 5 posts that still remains, please write below exactly how it happened/happens and if possible, link a savegame. I will take a look and try to find where the error is! I spent hours today hunting for some elusive bugs that I have yet to find, and in the end the only bug I found and fixed was the one where the player couldn't exit the player town.

Anyway, here is the content log:


  • Added some stuff for one of the upcoming patron questlines. Get ready for a new concubine/lover/friend.
  • Fixed bug where you could not leave the player city after entering stage 2 or above.
As mentioned, I tried real hard to fix the other bugs, but I simply could not find them, so let's do it like this, this time: Describe where and when and how, and if possible, send a savegame where I can try it myself to check which switches are causing trouble.


That is it for today! Thank you so much for everyone's continued interest! It is amazing seeing how people keep sticking around in spite of me butchering the game with each new release adding tons of bugs lol.

Also, on top of the stuff I already teased, with our own stuff, I hope to be able to reveal more, but we will have to see how it goes before I start giving too much info!

Thank you as always! I hope to make a large release next week, since I hope to pinpoint the bugs in no time when I get some savegames and details on the reports below! xD


Tuesday, 4 October 2016

I ended up having too little time after some reports I had to hand in, which means this update only finishes Mina, and my bug fixes have yet to be implemented.


I apologize and I promise that next week will have a bug fixing spree done to it lol. I read the comments and while I did not have time to finish the bug fixing I will make sure to do so next week.

Also, I will likely be contacting the patrons with the proper tiers about their content this week or the next, so please check your patreons for messages as I will be contacting you that way!

As always thank you all for sticking around, I am really embarrassed by the tiny release, and I will do everything I can to not let this mini update happen again!

A huge thanks to the patrons as well, I am really looking forward to seeing the first art the game will have of its own and implementing it in the game!


Sunday, 2 October 2016

Next release and upcoming releases

So, as most probably noticed, there was no release yesterday.

I do not have my own apartment yet, and I am living with a lot of people. Now, this means that when we have guests in the weekends I end up sharing room with other people, and I can't really start writing smut when people are looking, that's not something I wish to do :P

So, from now on, if releases aren't there on saturdays, please expect them to come out either monday or tuesday (most likely mondays) as I will have my room for myself then.

Also, a lot of bugs have been reported from the last build. I will go through the game breakers with haste, and see if I can do the others as well, but the current schedule is to finish my current stuff and then next week add the patreon stuff and then I may do a full bug fix run for a weekend. I hope you guys and girls understand!

Anyway, just a heads up for the current plans and such!


Sunday, 25 September 2016


So, finally another release.

Before anything else, a short update log:


  • Added Mina's background and some scenes. (Mina is Kagi's aunt)
  • Added some questline for Mina
  • Boosted the divine's pawn in the arena


Now, a short list, sorry about that, but I hope to flesh out Mina next week and then start on the patreon stuff.

Also, it seems there were some comments on the Divine games. They are in no way finalized, but they were never meant to be easy, rather a small mini game for those wanting to feel square one again, or the ones who want to feel a quick ascension, with the power ups and such.
I realize the divine games are currently very difficult, and will of course work to make it work, and I saw some castle defending and assaulting ideas, and I am very much hooked on them and may add them some time, but for the time being, it is tweaking and adding to the ones we are making.

Also, a lot of bugs reported in the last few posts should be fixed, but if you are still experiencing any particular bugs, please post in this blog post, and I will take a look at them for the next release.

This week's release was rather small, and I apologize, I spent too much time working on something that ended up being scrapped, so, yea, that sucks, but I will continue next week, and hopefully it will be larger then.

That is it for this release, thank you guys for continuing to support us, and a huge thanks to the patrons! We appreciate everyone who plays our game, and we read all feedback! So write more if you want, we will take it all to heart :P


Monday, 19 September 2016


So, the next release is finally here. I wanna get the content stuff outta the way first, so here we go!


  • Added new stuff to the castle town questline
  • Added a fix item.
    • This item will be obtained the first time you enter Everlight. Just go there to get one in an old savegame as well.
      • Please, even though you can now play past these bugs, do still report them <.<
  • Fixed several blackscreens
  • Fixed Cerberus bug where just one of them progressed the story correctly.
  • Fixed  all reported bugs from the bug report form.

If any bugs persist that have been reported, except for income, please write them in this post.

Anyway, that is it! Holy shit, today I spent way too much time on this update... 

Now, as some of you probably saw, we have commissioned our first original art from Aka6. It will be drawn at the end of Oktober, as he has quite the queue lol. I am looking forward to seeing what it will be like, but until then I will keep working hard on the game :P

Once again, thanks to everyone for supporting us, playing our game! It keeps this all going.

And for our patrons, thank you! Without you, there would be no original art, and the money we can now spend on that kind of validifies the work we've put into this game through the years. Thanks!

One last note, to those who have donated the 20 and 10 tier rewards on patreon, you are not forgotten, I will likely begin on them in october or slightly before.

Thank you everyone! 


Sunday, 11 September 2016

AloneXP - Fixes

Just did a quick fix on the unwalkable ground, some wrong priority settings for trees, so it would look like the tree's were below you and fixed the spawn for new games being just south of the player castle.

These things should work now, I will probably do a more throughout bug run next week!




So, we have now ordered the first piece of art from AKA6, which will be made when he has time, we assume around 2 months, as he is rather popular and has a long queue.
Just wanted to keep you up to date, and give you a name in case you wanted to check out his other stuff!

Edit: Edit:

Next update will be either monday or tuesday as this weekend is impossible, but there will be one then, as well as one next weekend, if things go to plan.

Saturday, 10 September 2016


And it is finally here! I can't give you the usual content log as I have been working on it for ages and forgotten everything I've done, so I will just be talking general here xD

I fixed some of the game breakers, and I added some new content. 2 new scenes, I think, for all of you sex peepz out there, one of them is only available if you are more evil than good. Most of this update has been dedicated to the castle town, BUT

I have massively boosted the divine games pawn, so she now starts out strong enough to survive at least the basic battles... I hope...

Anyway, downloads!


That is pretty much it.

I would like to have a up to date, oh shit list of bugs, so any large bugs, please post in this thread.

Thank you all for waiting so patiently for this update, I am embarrassed to have taken such a long break, but I should be back now.

Also, for the art, I am currently talking to AKA6 and I think our first artwork will come from him! Though it will take a while :P

Anyway, that is it for today! Thank you so much for all the support, and once again, thank you to all our patrons, we are doing the best we can to make everyone happy with the game!

Love you all xD


Friday, 9 September 2016

Thanks for the wait! New stuff should be coming tomorrow!

So, I have gotten back from studying abroad, and while things haven't settled down yet, I feel like I have the time to do another update on the game tomorrow. I have been doing a bit here and there to add and fix the game, and tomorrow I plan on working for a few hours to have a large enough release for you guys to enjoy!

I am sorry about the delay it took, I was actually planning on releasing a build last week but things got in the way I'm afraid.

Also, just to let everyone know that we aren't wasting the patreon money, I am searching for a good artist willing to do our artwork!

I tried contacting legoman, but he did not do colour commissions, and thus I had to look on. I have now tried writing on Aka6's hentai foundry (very unprofessional lol) and I am waiting for a response from him whether or not he wishes to do some work for us!

Anyway, I just wanted to keep you guys up to date.

Thank you so much for sticking with us for... A month? I think it has been a month by now, and I see that people are still visiting the blog in almost as large numbers as before the small break! Thank you! I will do my best to make tomorrow's update worthy of your time!


Sunday, 7 August 2016

AloneXP release

So it turns out Kimochi is not off the market after all, and Nutaku is buying it or taking over or whatever, which is great news! I am not releasing there just yet, but I may soon return to use it, if the terms remain the same, though I will need to speak to someone from there first.

In any case, here is the new release for you guys!


  • Added more to player city
    • Currently ends in the middle of choosing which lumberjack to use (logger), so it won't finish correctly just yet.
  • Fixed soldiers not de-spawning after defeating them in the elven noble's house.


That is it. It is rather short for a release, but I am having very little time for now.

I am moving away from Japan soon, so I am very busy, and this brings me to the next bit of news.

For the next 2 - 4 weeks I do not think there will be any release. I need to move and begin university again, and will have to spend time there, so I am not sure I will be able to release anything. I will of course try to find some time, but I am not sure it will happen. I will try to write a bit here, keeping you guys up to daye, but that is pretty much what I can do.

I hope you guys understand!

Thank you all for continuing to play our game, and thank you very much to our supporters on patreon. Soon I will be able to flesh out the content for these guys!
All the support is overwhelming, so thank you guys so much!


Friday, 29 July 2016


Hello everyone! Here is another update! And a bit on why there was no update last week, but first, OMG WE JUST HIT 1.000.000 VIEWS ON THE BLOG! As of right now it is 1000.020, so thank you! I am overwhelmed!

Anyway, here are the content notes!


  • Added the new player city to the core game
  • Added quests to advance said questline, currently stops at the getting wood part.
  • Added Sex scene
  • Added a bit of main quest, stops at going south towards the elven lands.
So that is it! Also, can anyone confirm if you lose followers upon entering the divine games? I took a look at the events and they shouldn't disappear? 


Now, I would like to apologize for not doing anything last week. Truth is I actually finished a release, but I went on a trip. So I wanted to release it before the trip, but didn't have time. So when I got home, I wanted to release it, but did not get to it at first, and in the end I just said "fuck it, I'll release it with next weeks release..."

Sorry about that, but it made this release a bit larger than normal, so hope you guys enjoy!

Once again, thank you to all our players! We love you all, and thank you to our patreons, you guys have a special place in our heartseses :P



I forgot to fix the guards in the elven sister's house, so they still do a perma battle! I will fix as soon as I have time, at latest next release!

Saturday, 16 July 2016


A new release is out, and I need to be quick today, so here is a list of content and fixes!


  • added 2 new sex scenes
  • added new parts to the main quest
  • fixed (I think) a bug in Mordens trial realm where you would get stuck in one way.

A quick thing to note, the game has bugs, I know, but please do report them so I can fix them. If I read a comment saying the game is bad because of a bug preventing play, all I want to do is fix the bug, but if I get no actual info, I can not fix it!

Anyway, as always, thanks for all the support! Almost didn't have time this week, but I managed to do this much, so I hope you guys enjoy!

And once more, thank you so much to our patreons! We love all our fans, and some of em love us back with supporting us there xD


Saturday, 9 July 2016


Todays update log will be short, so bear with me!


  • Fixed the equipment bug for Chrystal I think. Seems last weeks update was for some reason removed from the events...
  • Various minor fixes like the entrance to the store etc. 
  • Added new text for the main quest, but due to a server issue with some stuff I needed, this has not been added entirely and remains just text.
That is it for this release, sorry for its shortness, I really almost had no time, so this is all I could do.


Once again, thank you everyone, for continuing to play and support ur game, and thank you to our patrons who are amazing and we owe so much! 


Saturday, 25 June 2016


Update 02/07/2016 - The update will either be delayed for a few days or pushed back to next week, as the end of semester brings about all the bloody exams :P Sorry, and thank you for your understanding!


Hello everyone and thanks for waiting :D Here we have a new release, and hopefully the last fix for the games!

Things are going pretty smoothly at the moment, and I have done a lot of work on this update. So, with the gaming gods willing, it should be a pretty substantial and relatively bug free release... Who am I kidding, it won't, but I hope it will :P

Before I proceed, I can not stress enough...


I do not want you to lose all progress from saving and deleting all old progress when your save has become bugged.

In any case, here are the content notes!


  • Fixed divine games shop, you can now leave properly.
  • Hopefully fixed the equipment bug in the divine games
  • Added a new game area for the divine games.
  • Added new sex scenes to the game, a lot for the new divine game area.
    • The new area is huge and will take longer, but yields more winning tokens.
That is it. The newly added area is huge and may be full of various bugs, so I would appreciate you guys posting anything you come across!


Tat is it for this time.

Once again thank you to everyone here, and a huge thank you to our supporters on Patreon! Even a single dollar helps, so you guys really rock! I am thrilled to see us going above... Nothing, lol, as that was my initial fear xD

Thank you all, you guys rock!

Saturday, 18 June 2016

AloneXP release

So, a new week, a new update!
I have fixed the last few bugs I hope, though I could not find the "looking up all the time" event, so if you know exactly when it happens, please tell me and I will fix it.

A note for the patreons, thank you! I never really imagined anyone would be supporting us, so it makes me really happy that was not the case! Thank you! As soon as it starts adding up, we will invest the money in new artwork for the game! Our very own artwork too! :D Looking forward to it too much!

Should you wish to donate, please do. Even 1 dollar would be greatly appreciated! But just playing the game too is greatly appreciated xD

As for the update, here is the list

  • Fixed the last bugs remaining in the divine games I hope.
  • Various minor fixes reported.
  • Added new sex scene that costs 3 victory tokens with the store clerk.
Note - For the time being, if you encounter a bug in the onsen, the bug making everything stuck in the caves, please note that it is likely because you are either trying to run or move. Just let the event play out and do not touch the movement keys. I will try to fix this later.

I really wanted to add more content today, but the bug hunting took longer than expected.

Download links:

Anyway, that is it for today, thank you so much for your support and continued interest, and a huge thanks to the patreons! 


Saturday, 11 June 2016

Release and Patreon!

New release is out! This time will be kinda small due to some urgent business that came up, but I fixed a bit and added a new sex scene, and I hope to make next weeks release much much larger.


  • Fixed black screen after saving prisoners in the brothel questline.
  • Fixed the summoning bug after facing the bandits in the temple area in Lydianne's questline.
  • added new sex scenes to the game
  • Fixed the game going black screen after entering the god games!
That is it for this release! Here is the download link :D

And now, to another thing! Patreon! :D So, before continuing, let me stress, the game is still free! No delays for non supporters etc, patreon is purely for those wishing to support the game out of the good fluffy feelings they feel towards us :P

Our link is here! _______PATREON_______
Please, if you are the type of person who loves throwing money at things like wish wells and other such things, consider us as well! We will in return strive to make the game better for everyone!

I have never received money for AloneXP, and have never paid anyone to help, so this is the first thing that could change that. Now, the money won't actually go to me, but to buy custom art and such, but never the less, it is still a boost to our morale if you would! 

In any case, there is not really a whole lot to say except for, thanks for your support whether you chose to support our patreon or simply want to play our game! Either way helps with morale! Thank you!


Friday, 3 June 2016


This weeks release comes a day early as I have to go tomorrow and will have no team. But do not worry, I've done a lot of work today and opened up the previously closed content.


  • Opened content from last week.
  • Added new elements to new area
  • Added the first game area so it is now doable. (SAVE BEFORE ENTERING!!! May lose stuff or something, but save for gods sake lol. 
    • Before submitting balancing issues on this, read below! 
  • Added new sex scenes. 
    • 1 at the end of the current map (replayable) 1 at a random event when going to the store.
  • Note about the store - there are currently no useful things there...

I think that is it. Now for the download links, after them comes the important part about balancing the map!


Now, before people start posting balancing issues, keep in mind, first of all!
It is meant to be difficult! You will no longer be OP as the divine, and will have to find upgrades and such and may very well lose. The map will have several skill ups! These will make you stronger and stronger. There are gear upgrades too, and it would be advisable to go for all 4 before battling as the last one will give you damage. Unless using magic, that is best.
Now, all upgrades will give a small boost, and all battles will give a small boost, so before facing the end boss, you may wanna go for a full clear. Also, use potions. The divines potions are key lol.

That is all! Thanks for waiting, and thanks for staying! I appreciate it!


Saturday, 28 May 2016

Release - Mah net is back!

So after raging hard last week over hours of wasted effort, I found a solution to my problem! I am happy to announce that the weekly releases should be back on track xD In sheer happiness I've been cranking out ungodly amounts of hours into this release, though a lot of it won't be seen by you guys just yet. It is simply some added content to the background of the new upcoming divine games :P

I expect to be able to release the first battle or maybe 2 next week.


  • Added several new parts to the divine games story line.
  • Created and added new angel sprite for the angel starting the questline to make him more unique.
  • Created and added 5 new sprites for the divines pawn changing her appearance and battler to accommodate her current equipment.
  • Added the first map to the fighting games (not yet accessible)
  • Added the game store (not yet accessible)

That is it. A large portion is not yet available, and I'm quite sad about not having time to at least creating the first fight, but I really need to sleep right now xD


Once again, I'm thrilled to have my internet working! I'll be working on more content for you guys as soon as I have time again! I'm feeling the passion to create again more than I have felt for a year or so xD

Thank you guys for all sticking with this game, it really helps with the gamemaking when I can see I'm making it for people who care!


Sunday, 22 May 2016

future releases till I'm done abroad

so, yesterday was supposed to be my release day, but it turned out to be impossible... The internet here is horrible, and I spend a good 30 - 40 minutes just trying to log in to write about the delay till I raged and almost destroyed my new laptop lol.

So, here's the deal. I could not work on the game yesterday. I added a few lines, but then I needed assets, and no internet means no assets, so the build got nowhere, and my version only has a few extra lines of dialogue yours don't have...

I get kicked off the net in waves, and yesterday I had to reboot my computer 10 times for less than 20 minutes of combined internet, and the process took well over an hour... So what does this mean? I have decided to stop the struggle, lol. I will try and work on the game, but as some of you know, I only work on it Saturday, my day off, and that also means a lot can go wrong if I have bad net...

So from now on, I will not be releasing weekly. I'll try to, sure, but I can not make any promises I'm afraid... With the net so unstable that even writing this is a massive issue, I just don't have the patience or time to guarantee weekly updates till the net either gets fixed or I get back home from studying abroad.

In any case, sorry about the long, content less message, I really do wish to get stuff done, but this almost made me destroy y laptop out of rage lol. Thank you all for sticking with us, it means a lot!


Saturday, 14 May 2016


So I'm back and I've worked on the first release for a while.
Right now there isn't much to it, and this is just a small addon, adding one more catchable monster and a new area for a new quest as well as a bit of progress on said quest.


  • added a few new quest parts for a new questline. Find it in the castle.
  • Added new monster.


I've had very little time recently, but I cram in some work whenever I can

I'm glad to be back and hope to start doing more work on the game!
Thank you so much for sticking while I was not here, and thank you to Rafael for doing all the work he did!


Sunday, 1 May 2016

Last bugfix before I go on break! Welcome back crouler!

 Right so here's it should fix everything people were mentioning before:
1. Dash bug in castle fixed, exit from divine bath should work from either side now. (I hope).
2. Oni-Onsen dash glitch should be fixed up for when you get teleported out for having insufficient investment funds. (Also should now send you outside of the Onsen, instead of completely outside of Fuar).
3. Inside the hostel should no longer glitch out dash when you open a door.
4. If you have the elven maids in the castle, when you get to a particular hallway where the sexy scene should trigger, the game will move you to that square once. This doesn't mean that the actual event will trigger, but you now know where to keep checking. (It'll need tweaking later).
5. The bandit group in the slums has been moved slightly to allow you to interact with Carrie as normal. 
6. Poison has been fixed to respond to, and then set, the proper switches after your dungeon crawl. 
7. Naruyan - the bug you've reported with Script'SKD 2.2' Line 5180 is caused by a glitch that usually shows up if there's been a hard shutdown, a power outage, or the like that disrupted the game and closed it before it finished running a script. Reinstalling the game in place, (you can overwrite all the files), should solve this.
8. Balder - Hot Stuff is assumed to be auto-equipped. Just use the tokens in battle like you would an item. Sorry that wasn't more clear.

And with that, I turn the helm back over to crouler. 

md5 checksum is:  6D398B7365FBD60AE0877C99F4B18D63 

RPG Maker XP RTP Link (Don't forget to select XP before downloading). 

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Back in business

Hello everyone, crouler here!

Thanks so much for waiting! I see Rafael added quite a few bug fixes and running. Hope things a working, as the main reason for me not adding it before was that it would mess up everything lol. In any case, update on progress!

So, I finally got a computer, and will begin working again. Did a bit already. I am currently writing a new part of the game, and will work on that as quickly as possible, though today will be impossible I'm afraid, as I already spent a good deal of time and need to sleep now. But, more will come! :D

That's it! Just wanted to announce my return!

Thank you all for the patience you've shown, I know it was a long time of no content, but hopefully things are back to what they used to be.


Friday, 15 April 2016

Hopefully fixed it!

Here is

-Fixed Lirency scene in Ceeves Inn.

-Fixed cell door in Meaty Goodness Basement.

-Fixed "Hide and Seek gone wrong" girl.  


Note that the income system is still a known issue. It'll have to wait on crouler's return.

RPG Maker XP RTP link



Links updated to fix bad tileset on first beach. Also, you should be able to exit the Petting Zoo normally in your castle now. If you were stuck in there in a previous version, just click the action button as you move near where the exit should have been. Not sure if it's the power surges, the storms we've been getting lately, or just an RMXP memory leak, but sometimes it doesn't save correctly when I finish work. Please continue to bug report if anything else shows up.

Saturday, 9 April 2016 is out!

I have decided to stop claiming that I have fixed things. Instead, I'll admit only to breaking the thing in a new and hopefully more interesting manner than the last time.
-Dash should work now. I did a test jog from Rei Long-Oak to Everlight, and everything should work. (If you are using another method to speed up the game, you may still run into bugged up cutscenes).
-The weirdness in the Shing concubine quest should be corrected so you're no longer clicking randomly to find an event in the casino that should be touch activated.
-Gave up on the all in one delivery method and went back to the zip.
(MD5 checksum= EBD3E84ACDA1226A561BFE94EC4406E6)
RPG Maker XP RTP link

I neglected to include the Shing Smearer.jpg file in the last release. Here's a 128kb .zip hotfix for that, just unzip it into your AloneXP directory and follow the .txt file's instructions.
Shing Smearer hotfix

Hotfix is unnecessary if you downloaded the link after this edit was made. 

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Must dash!


This is just a quick update before I SHIFT to other projects.
Bug fixes on Shing quest and swimming.
Phallia works correctly when paid now. (She leaves an envelope behind for those who need a bugfix).
Other improvements.
See changelog.


Edit - Dash seems to have borked up a number of things in game. Meatbag is officially no longer allowed to suggest features. :P
Anyway, working on some fixes, will just take awhile. Hopefully before crouler gets a computer and sees what I did to his game.

Sunday, 20 March 2016 - Fixed that annoying Throne Room bug!

Alright, for those of you waiting, here's the fix.

Torrent on Pirate Bay

RTP is still on the downloads tab if you're missing that.

Hopefully this works, it's my first time trying either method.

Edit- Pirate Bay torrent not working, I'll mess with it later, probably my firewall again.

Friday, 18 March 2016

release - Pure fixing spree - Thanks to Rafael367 (Version

Edit: Edit: So, it should be fixed now, after 2 fixes. I also added one sex scene and there is a new lore part in the player castle, where the head priest there explains more on priest hierarchies and duties.

I have reuploaded, the new version is called

Fixed bug that made the forest at the beginning have a eternal loop with the "the bees fear you" text.
It has been fixed now, and download link has been updated

Holy shit, rafael went and fixed all known bugs for the game xD Huge thanks to him, this is monster badass and makes it so I don't have to worry about it, going back and fixing everything, and instead, I can continue doing new stuff :) So, HUGE THANKS to rafael!

Here is the download:


Here is his version notes:

Changes in

You are strongly encouraged to start a fresh new game if you want fixed things to work correctly. (You'll miss some quests if you've already completed those questlines).
Playtesting is incomplete. Bug report any reported fixes that are still not working when tried on a FRESH game.
Anyone unable to start due to missing files or other errors should redownload and reinstall the RTP and the game.
We do not have checksums for the above downloads at this time.
Detective quests debugged
-The former Quest 2 now triggers 1st. (This is the short one).
-The former Quest 1 is now dependent on the completion of Quest 2 above.
-Percentage chance for both quest starter items spawning has been slightly increased.
-Quest in the docks now gives visual hint on where to trigger if currently available.
-Placing evidence in Barracks B now works properly.
-Conversations with Liya are also fixed.

Debugging squirrel added to the first beach (This will be removed later, so use for your cheating needs while you can lol - Crouler)
-Will add various resources to player if triggered to speed up testing.
-Squirrel auto disables after either finding it or entering Alice's tent.

Onsen quests
-WAIT until every character has stopped moving before you hit a button to call up the next line of text.
-RMXP does not like to be interrupted and bugs out. (VX-Ace even has this problem).
-Muggins' code is fine as written, players need to be patient enough for it to finish before they trigger the next one.
-If you're stuck in the cave with the 3rd girl, Go for the exit she took, it should now transfer you and start the next bit.

Paintings of Eros minor fixes.
-Questline should now complete normally.
-Diatar now removed from party at Barracks A to fix continuity. (Diatar's party image is still too large in battle).

Wives of Everlight fixed.
-Quest dependencies changed to ensure that Rieben's event follows Satal's.
-Satal now triggers correctly.
-Quest completes normally. (Assuming you checked your museum).

Gina's squid updated.
-trying to leave south forest by the north exit or Gina's farm now prompts you to hand in floating rape-beast first.

Inn special rooms fixed.
-Anal prostitute now gives +anal.
-Milf prostitute now gives +vaginal.

Ceeves Ocean Priest sex fixed.
-Noble district access guard in docks swapped to switch 0848, this should avoid conflicts with other quests.

Brothel in Ceeve's Ocean fixes.

-Liva has returned to work from an unintentional vacation.
-New Switch added, (2002), triggers Catherine in Docks area.
-New Girls part in Inn corrected for grammar.
-Current Business on all pages is now set to be random instead of cumulative. It was a good idea when you only had 3 or 6 girls, but 14...
-Amazon and Scarlet quests should work right. (Amazon's friend has not been playtested yet).
-Since I was bored and the quicky room was unfinished, you're welcome.
-Walls in cellar are still set wrong, will have to wait til next release to be fixed. (Just looks like you're floating in spots.)

Brothel in Everlight fixes.
-Poison no longer gives the wrong dialogue when you have a lot of anal experience.
-Assuming I made the event correctly, Fuar should now be level gated to protect newbies from the mines.
-A hint has been added to the Everlight Brothel Quests about levelling up.

New Shing quest fixed.
-Shing concubine quest steps have been debugged. You will need to visit her in the blacksmith to set proper switch.
-Your carriage driver next to the inn in Rei-Long Oak has been instructed to leave town during part of this quest.

New Common Event text added to
-Both Brothels
-Main Questline (Holding court, etc). Content unchanged from
-Shing concubine
-Detective questline
-Paintings of Eros
-Sciencey Stuff
-Divine's Farm
Common event will tell you when these quests are complete as of current version.

Main Quest
-Sparing the maid and sending her to your castle also places her in the witness protection program.
-Don't blow her cover, man. That would be uncool.

In light of the coming Easter holiday, "easter eggs" have been added to the game.
Search: easter egg and games, if you don't understand that part. No actual eggs have been added.

Polishing done
Game should feel more polished as many sound and video events are fixed or have been added to previous scenes.
If you notice an error, please bug report it so we can fix it.
If you plan to report spelling/grammar errors, please keep a running .txt or notepad and try to submit all of them you've found in the same report.

For Kimochi users.
-All of your saves are still there
-Kimochi installs a new version of Alone in it's own folder
-All of your saves will be in the folder for the older version.
-R.I.P. Kimochi - we hardly knew ya, but appreciated your release platform.

Again, huge thanks to Rafael! :) Hope everyone knows exactly how much this has lessened my work load lol xD In any case, to all of the players out there, thanks for all the support! I'm proud to still be doing this game, (though not too proud about the speed I'm creating it at lol) and I'm proud to have all you guys playing it! Thank you!


Monday, 14 March 2016

Release - next long period of time

So, here is a small update, adding the beginning of a new concubine. Nothing more, as I only just came home and managed to work for a few hours on the game, and won't have time for a while. Before all that boring stuff, here is the content log


  • Shing has been made concubine potential


This is very little, and again, sorry, but time isn't my friend nowadays :P

In any case, I was contacted by one of the games players and behold! Help has arrived lol.
He/she has offered to help, at least with some of the game, hopefully all ^^

I won't mention any names, as I don't know if he/she wants that.

That being said, I have some bad news too.

I personally won't be working on this game for quite some time from now. 
I'm going to study abroad as an exchange student for half a year, and until I get a computer there I won't be able to work on the game. I hope to get one within a month or so, but I won't promise anything.
For the time being, I hope to let mugginns take over, and our new help, however I can't promise any releases as I don't wish to force this on anyone else, so it may just be small fixes or such things.

As soon as I have a laptop, I'll work on the game (as I don't wanna bring my huge monster of a computer abroad lol). Hope you all understand!

As always, though, thanks for always coming back for more Alone! It rocks to see so many people around, and I'm happy to have started this game, as I can say "that's something I did" (Alas, I wasn't completely alone :P) You guys make me proud of my work, and I want to thank you all for that!


Sunday, 6 March 2016

alonexp release

Here's a new release, sorry for the late release, I went away from home before I could upload it and just got home!


  • Added more to concubine Clete
  • Added more to concubine Shtala
  • Added start for new concubine (added by Clete)
  • Added various events
  • Fixed black-screen after date with Shtala
That's it for this release, I originally meant to add more, but as always time screwed me over :P Or I screwed around with time, who knows.


That's it for the day! Hope you enjoy. I will be using a few updates on the concubines and other such things, as the system needs to be checked. I'll be working on the brothel then, and then I will be adding the Player's castle town.

In any case, I'm glad you are all still here to support the game! It means a lot! I'm horrible at responding, but I hope, for now, that the content makes up for it till I get my finger out and start communicating more, or till I get someone to do it for me xD


Sunday, 28 February 2016


So, finally got the release out.

I'll go straight to release notes, as I have a few things to address after.

Content: (Last week)

  • Added several new parts to the brothel questlines, as well as a new concubine, though she only have few uses so far.
  • Added a large amount of sex for the concubine. 
    • They are one time only, so be sure you want it, or at least, that you save before so you can try the different ones.
    • Also, you can do this one with no sex too, though it is VERY hard. :P

Content: (today)

  • Added one more stage to the brothel questline. 
    • This is no quest part, simply the end of the previous segment, and a reward from it in the form of 3 paintings now hung in the cellar.
  • Started fleshing out concubines. Started with Shtala, who now has the date finished, and; 
    • holy fuck, the longest sex scene I've ever done lol. It's not long in and of itself, it just has too many branching possibilities xD
  • I fixed not being able to move in the cellar. I hope it works now.
No other fixes are included in this release. I hope no other game breakers are there.


Kimochi - None :(

Now, for the stuff I wanted to address.

As some of you may have heard, Kimochi is shutting down. I really hate it, they were great as a platform to release my game. But, kimochi had no hand in the actual development. Only thing is, now the game will be released purely on Mega until I find a better solution (if I find a better solution :P)
I hope the guys at kimochi do well in the future, and will make sure to check out anything they make, if they decide to try something new!

New releases
I often get people asking me to test the game more thoroughly before I release the new releases. 
Truth be told, I'd love to, but as it stands, I have one day, maybe 2, a week where I can work on the game. I know many releases a riddled with bugs, but that is really what the current releases are for. Basically, you guys are the playtesters for the new content, and hopefully I'll have bugs fixed after a few releases, though not always right after, as some of the ages old bugs can attest too lol xD

Ideas for existing stuff and streamlining
While most changes are impossible now, as many things would need to be changed for a small change to affect the entire game, I'm very open to any such idea's. "Add suggested levels" as was asked in the last  post I made is very reasonable, and could be implemented (though not soon, as I wish to finish as much content as possible before I have to take a long break at the end of March, start of April). 

No response from me on any of our media
This one really bugs me, and I really feel bad about it, but I really don't have a whole lot of time, and truth be told, I have separate accounts for smut and such, so whenever I need to respond and check these sites I use a lot of time getting in, and answering. This means that I more often than not get around to it, due to me thinking other things more important than this, especially game wise. I am very sorry about this, and this is also why i wish for someone to scour our outlets and answer questions and such in my stead, writing to me on skype if they have any questions, but mostly working separately. Sorry for my absence, I really wish I was better at the whole social media thing :P

I think that was it. I may edit this post should I have forgotten something.
Also, sorry for the delay, as this release took two weeks. I failed to finish last weeks stuff, so that had to be done at a later point, but in the end I only got to it yesterday, and decided to include it in todays release instead.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Info on update

So, I've spent most of the day working on the next release, but I still need one sex scene before I can release it. Unfortunately, I don't have anymore time today, so I will be postponing today's release till sometime next week.

Worst case scenario would be next Saturday, but I do hope to make it tomorrow or so.

That's it really, sorry for the delay, and thanks for the support guys and gals! :D


Saturday, 13 February 2016


This release has focused on bugs and typo correcting...

There is no real addition to the release except for the rough start of the quickie area.


  • Hopefully fixed assassin. 
  • Fixed Sia not properly auto starting when meeting her in secret.
  • Fixed some assets (Sofa's and such having wrong placing information)
  • Did a lot of typo fixing
  • Did some minor fixing of minor bugs I found in a playthrough.
That's it for this time, I bloody well hope there'll be no more issues lol.
If this is the last that needed fixing I'll once again begin working on the questline for the next release, as well as adding scenes for the quickie area, I already got the art for a lot of it.


Anyway, that's it for today, hope you guys can finally experience the brothel questline!
Sorry for the long wait and the many issues, and thank you for the patience!


Thursday, 11 February 2016

short fix for brothel questline

So I made a small fix that just fixed the hiccup with the assassin not showing up. That's pretty much it lol xD

So, here are the downloads



As for the scene in the castle. People seem to have only found the slum one :P

It is on the top floor, right side, next to the last right-going corridor. I think I remember making it there xD

I'll be addressing some questions in the next release that seem to pop-up every so often, and perhaps make a F.A.Q at some point.

Also, this question seems to pop up every so often:
"Can I transfer my save games".

Well, kimochi should do this for you, but if you manually download via MEGA you will need to go to your old ALONEXP folder and copy the "save 1 through save 4" files and add them to your old folder.

In any case, that's it for today, just a fix for the assassin in the brothel :) Hope you guys enjoy!


Saturday, 6 February 2016

AloneXP update

Hello everyone! Mugginns came by and made me stuff, so I'm happy ^^ So, anyway, new update out. I noticed that last update, a lot of people seemed to be stuck at the assassin... She should be in the game. If you go from Rei-Long Oak towards Everlight, after exiting the first dungeon, she should be in that area. Please tell me if this is bugged though lol.

In any case, here are the update news.


  • Added the divines treasury
  • Added the divines barn at the castle.
  • Added cellar for the Capital brothel.
  • Added elven maids to the player castle
    •  Go outside in the garden, and speak to the gardener at the entrance to the inner garden to get transported there.
  • Added New sex encounters
    • 1st is in the slums.
    • 2nd is in the divines castle upper floor after hiring maids.
  • Added new stuff to the brothel questline
    • New sex scene for brothel
  • Fixed a few bugs that were hindering various places, don't think they've been reported though.
  • Fixed a few typo's
That's it. It may look impressive, but it's not too much... A lot of new maps were implemented, taking a bit of work, and the new sex scenes did take a long time to make, though the weirdness of them made them kinda funny to do, even if one of them is really dark...



That's it for this week. Please tell me if anything's fucked, as a lot of new stuff has been implemented, which normally means bugs galore! Hope you guys enjoy, and thanks for all the support! It warms my old wrinkled heart :P


Sunday, 31 January 2016


Here it is.
Unfortunately I did not manage to do any extra stuff to the questlines that I had hoped, but I did fix quite a few issues, namely all that were mentioned in the post from last week and also previous week, I think.


  • Added new sex scenes - 2 new ones
    • First is an addition to the divines farm
    • Second is a voyeur event in the temple area - outside.
Then comes the fixed bugs.
If I don't get a hold of Mugginns for next week I'll need to do something else until I reach him, so it may affect the level of our maps until he's back, but I can't do random stuff anymore, I need to continue the main stuff lol.

Anyway, here are the download links!

Thank you for waiting, hope you enjoy the game and the fixes + new sex stuff...
I'll be making a recruitment post soon lol, in the right side of the blog, seeing as I'd really be doing a whole lot more if I had some help on the non story stuff.

Anyway, thanks for your continued support! Hope you have an awesome week! :D


Saturday, 30 January 2016

Quick update

The next release will be tomorrow. I unfortunately have no more time to finish the current stuff so I'll try adding it tomorrow and releasing there!

What's more, I haven't been able to get a hold of Mugginns for a few weeks, so the new maps I need aren't there, so the stuff in the update is all stuff that isn't related to any current in game stuff as in continuation of storylines. Unfortunately that won't be able to be continued till I find Mugginns again :P

Hope the wait will be worth it!

Take care and thanks for the continued support!


Tuesday, 26 January 2016 release

I finished the current build, though, it would appear there are some bugs from the previous version. The people commenting on the last post, I shall go through some bugs in the next release, but this one only fixed the worst of the worst and added new stuff.

Here's todays release content


  • Added new warrior, hire-able
  • Added new concubine (first stage)
  • Added several parts of the brothel questline
I also fixed some bugs that were disturbing the game, should work now.

Thing is, RPGMaker XP is fucking up for me on AloneXP. I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse, as currently buttons and such seem to completely fuck up and leaving more bugs, as they sometimes fail... lol

In any case, here are the download links :D



That's it for today. Sorry about last weeks short post, found blood in my piss so kinda panicked xD Hope you all take care until the next release!


Saturday, 16 January 2016

Release 7.4.4a

Here it is. Now an emergency has kinda come up, and I need to make this quick. It kinda cut short my current work on the update too I'm afraid, but here it is, though smaller than planned!


  • Added new brothel stuff - Currently ends after climara

That's it, I won't be able to do anything until next monday, so see you all later!


Saturday, 9 January 2016

Next release info

I probably won't be able to release the next release today. I simply haven't done enough, and nothing of interest has been added.

Thing is, I'm not sure what to do at the moment lol, so I will try and gather my thoughts for the next few days, and add the next part when I know what I want in detail, rather than in general.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Saturday, 2 January 2016

7.4.4 release

So, here's a release, still not all that big, I'm afraid, as sex scenes are a pain in the ass to actually make, and they drain hours upon hours of development time... If anyone wants to become an erotic scene writer please say so lol. I would be able to focus on story development then ^^

In any case, the new release has most of the party added, though it is rather small at the moment.
It most certainly isn't worth a month of no updates, I'm afraid... Sorry!
But I have had some vacation as well, so I suppose it is OK.


  • Added tons of sex
  • added Party (Not entirely finished) It is repeatable.
  • Added a new potential concubine, though she only has the initial meeting so far.


That's it. Not too much there, but I will try to finish the party and go on with the questline so I can continue the real stuff.

As always, thanks for supporting us! Merry X-Mas and a happy new years to everyone!