Sunday, 28 February 2016


So, finally got the release out.

I'll go straight to release notes, as I have a few things to address after.

Content: (Last week)

  • Added several new parts to the brothel questlines, as well as a new concubine, though she only have few uses so far.
  • Added a large amount of sex for the concubine. 
    • They are one time only, so be sure you want it, or at least, that you save before so you can try the different ones.
    • Also, you can do this one with no sex too, though it is VERY hard. :P

Content: (today)

  • Added one more stage to the brothel questline. 
    • This is no quest part, simply the end of the previous segment, and a reward from it in the form of 3 paintings now hung in the cellar.
  • Started fleshing out concubines. Started with Shtala, who now has the date finished, and; 
    • holy fuck, the longest sex scene I've ever done lol. It's not long in and of itself, it just has too many branching possibilities xD
  • I fixed not being able to move in the cellar. I hope it works now.
No other fixes are included in this release. I hope no other game breakers are there.


Kimochi - None :(

Now, for the stuff I wanted to address.

As some of you may have heard, Kimochi is shutting down. I really hate it, they were great as a platform to release my game. But, kimochi had no hand in the actual development. Only thing is, now the game will be released purely on Mega until I find a better solution (if I find a better solution :P)
I hope the guys at kimochi do well in the future, and will make sure to check out anything they make, if they decide to try something new!

New releases
I often get people asking me to test the game more thoroughly before I release the new releases. 
Truth be told, I'd love to, but as it stands, I have one day, maybe 2, a week where I can work on the game. I know many releases a riddled with bugs, but that is really what the current releases are for. Basically, you guys are the playtesters for the new content, and hopefully I'll have bugs fixed after a few releases, though not always right after, as some of the ages old bugs can attest too lol xD

Ideas for existing stuff and streamlining
While most changes are impossible now, as many things would need to be changed for a small change to affect the entire game, I'm very open to any such idea's. "Add suggested levels" as was asked in the last  post I made is very reasonable, and could be implemented (though not soon, as I wish to finish as much content as possible before I have to take a long break at the end of March, start of April). 

No response from me on any of our media
This one really bugs me, and I really feel bad about it, but I really don't have a whole lot of time, and truth be told, I have separate accounts for smut and such, so whenever I need to respond and check these sites I use a lot of time getting in, and answering. This means that I more often than not get around to it, due to me thinking other things more important than this, especially game wise. I am very sorry about this, and this is also why i wish for someone to scour our outlets and answer questions and such in my stead, writing to me on skype if they have any questions, but mostly working separately. Sorry for my absence, I really wish I was better at the whole social media thing :P

I think that was it. I may edit this post should I have forgotten something.
Also, sorry for the delay, as this release took two weeks. I failed to finish last weeks stuff, so that had to be done at a later point, but in the end I only got to it yesterday, and decided to include it in todays release instead.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Info on update

So, I've spent most of the day working on the next release, but I still need one sex scene before I can release it. Unfortunately, I don't have anymore time today, so I will be postponing today's release till sometime next week.

Worst case scenario would be next Saturday, but I do hope to make it tomorrow or so.

That's it really, sorry for the delay, and thanks for the support guys and gals! :D


Saturday, 13 February 2016


This release has focused on bugs and typo correcting...

There is no real addition to the release except for the rough start of the quickie area.


  • Hopefully fixed assassin. 
  • Fixed Sia not properly auto starting when meeting her in secret.
  • Fixed some assets (Sofa's and such having wrong placing information)
  • Did a lot of typo fixing
  • Did some minor fixing of minor bugs I found in a playthrough.
That's it for this time, I bloody well hope there'll be no more issues lol.
If this is the last that needed fixing I'll once again begin working on the questline for the next release, as well as adding scenes for the quickie area, I already got the art for a lot of it.


Anyway, that's it for today, hope you guys can finally experience the brothel questline!
Sorry for the long wait and the many issues, and thank you for the patience!


Thursday, 11 February 2016

short fix for brothel questline

So I made a small fix that just fixed the hiccup with the assassin not showing up. That's pretty much it lol xD

So, here are the downloads



As for the scene in the castle. People seem to have only found the slum one :P

It is on the top floor, right side, next to the last right-going corridor. I think I remember making it there xD

I'll be addressing some questions in the next release that seem to pop-up every so often, and perhaps make a F.A.Q at some point.

Also, this question seems to pop up every so often:
"Can I transfer my save games".

Well, kimochi should do this for you, but if you manually download via MEGA you will need to go to your old ALONEXP folder and copy the "save 1 through save 4" files and add them to your old folder.

In any case, that's it for today, just a fix for the assassin in the brothel :) Hope you guys enjoy!


Saturday, 6 February 2016

AloneXP update

Hello everyone! Mugginns came by and made me stuff, so I'm happy ^^ So, anyway, new update out. I noticed that last update, a lot of people seemed to be stuck at the assassin... She should be in the game. If you go from Rei-Long Oak towards Everlight, after exiting the first dungeon, she should be in that area. Please tell me if this is bugged though lol.

In any case, here are the update news.


  • Added the divines treasury
  • Added the divines barn at the castle.
  • Added cellar for the Capital brothel.
  • Added elven maids to the player castle
    •  Go outside in the garden, and speak to the gardener at the entrance to the inner garden to get transported there.
  • Added New sex encounters
    • 1st is in the slums.
    • 2nd is in the divines castle upper floor after hiring maids.
  • Added new stuff to the brothel questline
    • New sex scene for brothel
  • Fixed a few bugs that were hindering various places, don't think they've been reported though.
  • Fixed a few typo's
That's it. It may look impressive, but it's not too much... A lot of new maps were implemented, taking a bit of work, and the new sex scenes did take a long time to make, though the weirdness of them made them kinda funny to do, even if one of them is really dark...



That's it for this week. Please tell me if anything's fucked, as a lot of new stuff has been implemented, which normally means bugs galore! Hope you guys enjoy, and thanks for all the support! It warms my old wrinkled heart :P