Sunday, 24 February 2019 is out!

This time around, we have a bug-focused release. Long overdue, I might add...

It became a two-week wait, and I have yet to even finish all of the bugs so I expect more bug fixing while maybe continuing a little questline that will end out with new characters in the game that were also added to this release!

-Fixed Zandra transporting the player to an upgraded version of the entrance
-I need info on Michelle being available at several different stages of her quest at once? Where?
-Fixed a glitch that would freeze the game when speaking to Sicila and Michelle was supposed to walk away.
-I am interested in knowing when Sicila appears in two places at that point?`She is both in the room with the bed and the entrance?
-All transport points between maps "Should" be fixed. Let me know if they are not
-Fixed Museum decorations. Fixed wrong paintings taken + No more Typos and mistaken info.
-Created New templates for all custom sprites due to unforeseen deletage of old stuff... Damn...
-Fixed a potential bug with clothing
-Added first few events for a new character in the onsen of the castle


That is it for this release! The woman in the onsen is planned to be expanded upon! Hope you guys like this release. A lot of the bugs, I am simply unable to pinpoint since I need to know exactly where they start and where and what they affect. Hope you can all help me with that part! Thanks for all the bug reports so far! I hope to, some day, make them all "disappear" lol.

A huge thank you to all of you for sticking around! And, to our patrons, we extend a huge thanks as well. Thank you!


Tuesday, 12 February 2019 release

That was a long break! I actually had the release ready the first weekend of February but unfortunately, I did not have time to post it! So, without further ado, here is the release


  • Added a new scene in the noble's district
  • All main connections of Arn-Amren should be done
  • Added 2 new quests that rely on each other in Arn-Amren.
  • Made the start of a quest that is not yet ready
  • Added a new item that is not yet complete
I have things from all of December and February here so I may have forgotten something. I will make sure to add here if I ever remember something.


After the break, I have begun working on the game more regularly again and hope to continue doing so. I will be keeping you all posted! As always, thank you for playing and, to our patrons: We love you! :D