Saturday, 19 December 2015

About the next release

So, I am, as I write, sitting here, churning out more content for the game, and I have been doing so for the past few weeks, even though no update has been released. I have decided to postpone the next update till after new years eve, likely January 2. I have made a lot of stuff already, but I'd like to finish the current party, as making it half would make it uncompletable, and unexitable, and that combined with my exams in the previous weeks has made me unable to complete it yet. My goal is, however to have it ready for you guys there! Sorry about that, but hopefully it will be justifiable with the new content.

Thanks for continuing to drop by, and sorry for not being there to respond to questions and such in the comments, I'm still searching for someone who is willing to help with that, so please write down below if you are up for it!


Saturday, 28 November 2015


Now, a short explanation on the upcoming period.
This release has fixed the brothel issue with the picture for Shavrone.
After this, I have only done little today, the reason being I'm currently entering an exam period.
The next few weeks will be similar with either relatively small updates, or none, I'm afraid.

The good thing is, I'm currently working on the party system, making a small party at Sandy's house at the brothel.

You can currently start the party, but if you do you WON'T BE ABLE TO LEAVE so DO NOT accept her invitation for staying over there without a savefile outside the house.


  • Fixed error causing player to not be able to re-enter the brothel.
  • Added tons of art-stuffs (not used yet, but ready for later)
  • Added first part of Sandy's party


That's it for today. It is short, but I will hopefully be able to do more per release after christmas.

Thank you for the continued support, and sorry for being bad at writing back! I'll try and find a day where I can catch up on all the outlets to respond to questions and such, but for now, you'll have to make due with an update! ;)


Saturday, 21 November 2015


So, time for another release.
Quite short again, and likely will be for a few weeks as exam period is coming up.
I'll do my best to do as much as I can in my free time :) In any case, here is today's stuff!


  • Added new stuff to the brothel questline
  • Added 2 new noble families that will be expanded upon.
  • Fixed a bug where Shavrone could be sent to brothel before fulfilling requirements.
That is it for this time, though it looks kinda sad, doesn't it? :P 


As soon as the exam period is over I'll try and get back on track with some larger updates, but for now this will have to do. Thank you for keeping on coming back, it really motivates me to keep working, even if time is scarce! :) This game is all thanks to you! The drive behind it is our fans! So keep rocking!


Sunday, 15 November 2015


So, this is a short release. Didn't have much time this weekend I'm afraid.
I also don't expect a large amount of traffic for a while, as Fallout 4 just came out, and I believe most people will prefer that lol.

In any case, here are the stuff I did.


  • Fixed (I hope) an issue that made the battles in the new area (succubus and crystal) crash.
  • Added a basic system (will be expanded) for who visits the brothel.
  • Added new part to the brothel questline
  • Added new functions, mean to be expanded, to Shavrone so she can start liking the player.
  • Added new map for the brothel questline.
That's it, it seems a lot more than it actually is I'm afraid.


That's it for today, sorry for the small update, but time kinda just fucked me over this week.

I hope you enjoy, and thanks for supporting the game guys! :D


Saturday, 14 November 2015

Release delayed till tomorrow

Sorry about that, but release will be tomorrow as I haven't the time to finish and upload now!


Saturday, 7 November 2015


So, here is a new release for you guys!
It's pretty decent this time around in size I think, and I added 2 sex scenes to the mix.

Now, I'd like to make a small list on how I plan on making the next couple of releases-

  • I plan on adding more to the brothel questline for the time being. Probably 2 or 3 more releases.
  • After that, I plan on making a release dedicated to fixing known lesser bugs that are not fixed in the normal releases.
  • After this I plan on continuing the main quest and Michelle's questline for a bit before adding the buildable city to the player's island.
So that's pretty much it for the foreseeable future.
Time is, as always, an issue, but I hope to get this done soonish.

In any case, this release

  • Fixed the scene where you were required to let the girl in Fuar achieve anal orgasm. Now it calculates the player's sex prowess correctly.
  • Added 2 sex scenes to Shavrone. (Both are threesomes, and they are randomly picked)
    • I plan on adding tons of single sex stuff with Shavrone too.
  • Added several new parts to the brothel questline.
That's it for today!


So, this is likely it for today. I originally planned on adding a bit more, but sex scenes really do take a shit-ton of time, and I did have a few people tell me they'd wanna help, but they have become very busy, so I'm still doing it myself.

Now, one more thing, if you are interested, I need someone to help out with the "public relations" kinda thing :P I am horrible at actually responding to people, so I need someone who can simply check for me and answer for me if needed. I'll of course keep in contact so it won't be like you'll need to figure out everything yourself, but you just need to look over the blog and forums.
Write if you are interested. 

That's it for today. Thank you guys for sticking with us, it is amazing that this is still going on! It is thanks to you guys that I can continue doing this, as I would have never done this if people weren't interested in my game, so thank you all very much!


Saturday, 31 October 2015


There! Finally a new release :P

I successfully (I hope) added the next part of the brothel questline. This was a hassle to make, but I hope it works out fine.

An answer to a frequently asked question, the cheat function is working. You need to advance the main quest to where you meet the angels and have a fully upgraded divine's private room.

Now, for todays stuff! :D


  • Added the new area outfitted for the brothel questline.
    • Currently once you exit "the place" you'll have reached the end of what is in now.
  • Added new chars to the game.
  • New fighters
The new area may take a while, and is very difficult, save before entering! 



Before ending today's message, I'd like to thank the guys at kimochi. Their service is really great, and I've been playing a ton of new games, getting a lot of inspiration on some RPGMaker functions, so hopefully it won't just benefit you guys with new games, but also making this game better! :D So thanks Kimochi! And congratulations on getting so many new games!

That's pretty much it for today, thanks for waiting, I do hope the new content is interesting for you guys :) As always, thanks for all the support you are giving this project, even though there are so many others out there, you take the time to play Alone, and it warms my pervy heart :D


Saturday, 24 October 2015

AloneXP release - MINOR

So, this is a minor release. I've spend some time adding new maps and such, preparing for the next release, and originally I did not want to release it until then, but seeing as I'm not likely to do more today, I wanted to release this version to fix the new spawn bug.

New content:

  • New stuff to the brothel questline (very limited)
  • Fixed starting point
  • Added maps for next release
That's it for today, sorry about this, but I'm all out of time.


Kimochi - Get the launcher :)

As always, thank you so much for the support, and I'm very sorry about this last release's bug with the start, and how I did not fix it until now!


Saturday, 17 October 2015

Release -

So, this week a release is out! Sorry about last week...

I' as mentioned last week, have fixed some of the bugs presented in previous versions.

I have also added new mission stuff, and I have added a cheat function! Yay :D lol, here is today's stuff


  • Added new content to the Brothel Qustline
  • Added a cheat function. 
    • Can be found in the max upgraded divine room in castle.
    • Cheats will make the game into a cheat game, which will disable things later on, though no gameplay will be altered, just achievement like stuff.
    • It can be found in the shape of a small note on a table to the west in the room.
    • Can not be undone so far.
  • Fixed several bugs, so please report things that remain after this, as I'll know what to focus on.
That's it for this time! I'll make it brief. At first there will only be a MEGA download link, as I'm having some issues with Kimochi. Hopefully this will be resolved later on.


MEGA - Fixed

Kimochi - Fixed and up

Thanks for all the support, hope you all enjoy!


Sorry about the link not working, Mega seems to have changed how their downloads works.
Fixed now!

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Next release

Sorry about there being no release with this post.

Basically, I've been crunching at the game for a few good hours, but I have very little to show for it.
I did fix quite a few bugs, most notably the one where you couldn't enter the brothel :P Sorry about it being so late, but apart from that, just a bit of stuff for the questline. So I've decided to postpone this weeks release. It will either be in the upcoming days. If not it will be next saturday. I can't promise anything, sorry, but that's how things are right now.

Sorry to bother you guys with this tedious message, but just wanted to let you know it's being worked on, just not fast enough ;)


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Release - Bugs and content

Sorry for the delayed release. I fell asleep before uploading the new version yesterday, my apologies.

So, I've fixed several bugs introduced in the last version, and something I have no idea when happened, namely the old woman in Rei-Long Oak that did not work properly, meaning she was unavailable :P

In any case, I'll make this short.


  • Added several new pieces to the brothel questline
  • Added new sprites and artwork for the questline
  • Fixed the brothel questline, as it was broken from last time.
  • Fixed the second floor of the brothel's staircase.
  • Made the entire upper floor accessible.
  • Fixed the old Imp woman in Rei-Long Oak.


That's it, I have to cut this short, but thanks for all the support you guys are giving this game, it really means a lot! Hope you guys enjoy the new stuff, and have a nice week!


Sunday, 27 September 2015


So, a new release is out. Fixed a few bugs from the old versions and added more content.

Again it is the brothel questline that has been updated. Things went bad today, so compared to the amount of time I spent, I don't have much to show for it. Too much time making assets...

In any case, here's the log! :D


  • Added new content to brothel questline
    • Added sex scene for brothel. (It currently ends after the sex scene)
  • Fixed the lady selling workers in Rei.Long Oak still wanting to sell after selling once.
That's it for today! Hope for more content next week, but it is kind of high asset needing stuff, so I don't know what speed I can create at. In any case, here are the download links.

Download Via Kimochi! -Please see last post for guide on how to move old saves to the new version.

That's it for this week, hope you guys enjoy! I need to head to bed, so see you all next week and thanks so much for the support!


Saturday, 19 September 2015

AloneXP release

Right, here I will get into the new content and a bit on kimochi, so let's begin!

New release:
So, I've had little time this week, but I did manage to pour in a few hours in to the brothel questline.

I also fixed the bug that stopped it from progressing last time.

Here are the notes.


  • Added 3 new parts to the brothel questline
  • Fixed Poison's event not advancing to allow the player to buy workers.
That is pretty much it, as I only had 4 hours to use, and much of it was spend planning, so only 2 hours of actual work this time I'm afraid :/


Anyway, about KIMOCHI

The guys at Kimochi have been really great, and I've aired a few problems, and they have fixed all, or started fixing them as I mentioned them, so I am very happy with them so far, and I hope to make them the main platform for aloneXP in the future!

As for things in the future, I have inquired about the fact that it makes new folders, thus causing the games to loose saves, they have said it will be fixed, and in the future, I asked if they could make it so you guys don't even have to move save games in to the never versions.

In any case, when using Kimochi, you need to move your savegames from the kimochi folders and move them to the new folders for now, but it could be fixed soon.

So, how to move savegames in kimochi.
  1. You can simply press the options button in the top right corner of the launcher.
  2. Press "browse downloaded content"
  3. you will see several folders. Find the one called "app.xxxx" that is the one you had the game in. If in doubt, check them all for your games, though it is likely the latest one.
  4. Copy paste the saves from the oldest AloneXP in to the newest one!
That should be it, it is really quite straight forward!

In any case, I need to round this off. Thanks for the posts, messages and general contact about the Kimochi launch, and thanks, as always, for all the support! :D Hope everyone is doing well, and hope you'll enjoy the new update!


Sunday, 13 September 2015

AloneXP Release and

So, hello everyone! I'd like to start out by telling you guys about something new.

So, I was contacted by someone at who offered me to try and add my game to their launcher.

What they aim to become is basically a steam for adult games.

I have accepted, with the condition that the game of course remains free, and you guys won't have to pay anything, and they had no issue with this.

So, I wish to ask you guys to try it out, and please tell me if you like it, as I do this in hope it gets easier for you guys.

Pros I found:

  • You guys will automatically get downloads when you open the launcher, so you won't have to worry about staying up to date.
  • I could simply upload to that, making things much easier (I hope).
So far, I can't see any cons, but I have not been using it for too long, so if you guys will give it a try, maybe try some of the other great games there (super deepthroat rocks lol), and give me any feedback you think is necessarry in this post, and I'll tell the guys at

For now I will post the versions to both MEGA and but I hope you'll give it a chance and tell me if I should keep doing it. I think it will make you guys have a lot less hassle when getting updates for the game.

Now, for the new version info!

The new version is out! will add some more drug stuff, and expand on the brothel questline.

In any case, here are the notes for the update.

  • Added several new drug events.
    • They will work on top of the old ones, making things more varied, I hope.
  • Added 4 new parts to the Brothel questline
  • Added sex scene for the brothel questline. (Be good at anal for extra sexyness :P)

That is it for today. Please try kimochi, I really hope it'll help make things easier for everyone!
And as always, thanks for your support guys! It really helps seeing you guys coming back for more! 


Edit: The game will be up on kimochi soon, sorry for this, there was some technical problems.
Edit 2: The game is now up on Kimochi, please try it out. Also, try out the other games, they are really good!

Saturday, 5 September 2015


So, here's a new version for you guys.

All it has is a new system that I have been working on for the last 2 weeks, though only for very little time due to university :P Still, I felt like it was about time to release the current state.

Basically, here is what it does:

Added function to them, apart from scripted events, so now the player can take them too.
Basically, random stuff will happen upon doing so. I have yet to add the full amount of options, unfortunately. That being said, I intend to make an achievement in the castle for getting all the different options, though I will finish them all before doing so.

So far, I think I added 7 things that can happen if the player takes them himself, but later on a secondary layer will be added, so it is very bare-bones at the moment.


Anyway, that's it for this time, sorry for the lack of updates, I will work on the game whenever I have time, promise!



I also wish to make a quick apology. I know many comments are left unanswered by me, sorry! I simply don't have the time. Most times when I go in here, it is to make some quick updates or the like, and I rarely have a lot of time commenting. I won't promise anything, but I'll try getting better at answering!

Sunday, 16 August 2015


Right, after a few weeks of no release (sorry) I'm back on track. Without further adieu, here is the next release:


  • Added more to the virility questline in Fuar. (Had a lot of requests for this, so decided to go off track and do it) Unfortunately, this involves sex scenes, which take a long time, so not too much new content.
  • Fixed lag in the player-castle area (I hope)
  • Fixed Rei-Long Oak Sailor, that takes you to the cove, where pressing no could fuck shit up.
  • Fixed Gwyens Virgin scene. This is not retroactive, and people who did her already won't be able to see her entire first time sex scene. I only just realized it was broken. May add an option to reset her virginity in the next release.
  • Fixed impregnation sex scenes in the temple to no longer leave a black screen half the time.

That is it for this time. The new bug report system really helped. I had very little time, so the new system was a life saver, as I could find stuff really quickly, getting in a few fixes, rather than none at all!

Anyway, next week I won't be able to do a release, preperations for exam prevents me, but if the other's wish to they can do some stuff. Not sure if they will though :)

Saturday, 8 August 2015

No update this week

Sorry about this, I have an exam coming and I've been reading up on that!


Saturday, 1 August 2015

Blog Gets a Facelift

Hey, everybody! It's Zaroz again, just posting to let you all know about a change that Crouler and I made to the blog. For those of you who don't already know this, (although I am pretty sure that most of you do) this blog has a Bug reports page. ^_^ Well, anyway, for a while now, that page has fallen into a state of disuse because people were concerned that their reports were not being heard. So, I asked Crouler if it would be okay to add a submission form to the Bug Reports page, which he approved. Here is how it works:
1. You guys fill out this form on the bug reports page and submit it

2. Your responses are saved in this Google Docs Spreadsheet:              

3. Crouler, Muggins, and I get notified about a new submission and go to the spreadsheet to check it out!

 So with that said, We request from now on that you please submit bug reports this way, to streamline the troubleshooting process.

That's all for today.

Noob questmaker
Blog gremlin

fix release, and proof read release AloneXP

This release only contains the fixes of the brothel and Lydianne's quests. I finally pinpointed them, and I must admit, I find myself to be stupid now that I know why :P

I have yet to pinpoint the oni oni onsen bug, but will keep looking.

I'll be stopping for now, hence the early release today, but I can't deny that maybe another release will be released tonight with some more content, though I'm not sure.

You may wait until tomorrow if you don't want to risk downloading twice, but for now, I certainly need a break.


  • Fixed issues woth the brothel not proceeding correctly
  • Fixed Lydianne's questline, where. if saying "not now", would cause it to proceed as if saying yes to help.
  • More proofreading of the content. I heard it is at 1/6 of the total game that now has been proof read. 

Also, quick question, for some reason, people seem to have been able to proceed with the brothel quest, by only finding 2 girls in the beginning. How did this work? If anyone knows/remembers please tell me!

Download links


Anyway, that's it for now! Thanks for waiting (as always) and sorry for not having provided more content for the last few updates! For now, see you all later!


Saturday, 18 July 2015

Bug fix release - Upcomming content

So, a quick, very small update <.<


I meant to release this last week, but I didn't get to before going on a vacation, and only just now have I had the opportunity to go to the blog and upload it. (Fortunately I had already managed to upload it :P)

SOrry about that. I'm not home yet, but will be soon. When I get home I'm planning on releasing another update when I get to work on it for a bit. So, sorry about the delayed update!

This is purely bug fixing, so there is no new content in this update to my memory.

Now, I'm running out of time, so I need to end this! Thanks for your patience!


PS: This update is not yet in the download section. Will add the next release there when I get around to making it.

Edit: I've been hunting for the last few elusive bugs, but have been unable to pinpoint their origin, so I will be working on that more. Sorry, no release this week, as I haven't done anything new while looking for these issues.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Sunday, 5 July 2015

AloneXP - New release and the next release info

So, newest release is out. Added some new stuff and fixed a few of the really bad bugs from the last release.

Anyway, to get to it, as I am busy tonight (sorry) here are the version notes!


  • Fixed the soldier transporting to the noble district. Should now work always, not just the first time.
  • Fixed Lydianne's quest. She will now leave the doorway after the first talk.
  • Fixed doors not opening inside the houses of the noble district.
  • Addedmore content to Lydianne's questline. (Semi "much" there)


That is pretty much it for this release. Now, here is what will happen next time, and I need help from you guys, as things have gotten out of hand...

I need you guys to write all bugs you know is still in the game in this post. I will then empty the bug section of the blog so that I can start using that again, as I have neglected it for far too long and now no longer know what is still there and what isn't.

So, next release will be a bug crushing release, so help me please :P 

That's it for today! Hope you enjoy the new release, and as always thanks for the support guys! I really appreciate it!


Sunday, 28 June 2015

AloneXP - Release

So, after much blood sweat and tears I have cleared a good amount of time in the future from work. Here is the first release of the vacation!

I have added a bit of content for you guys, and I'll need major bug testing in a new area, so there ya go, if you want to :P

In any case,

  • Added several new steps to the brothel
  • Added New questline - for good characters. Meet the quest-giver at the docks in Ceeves Ocean.
  • Added new area to the game - in above mentioned questline.
    • Transportation is in the docks. A soldier is there, offering transportation.
So, basically, I need some major testing for the new area. Much like the castle, it is unlikely that no error in the map is there, so please, if you wish to help out, check out the new area for glitches :) 

In any case:

Apart from that, I hope everyone's enjoying their days in the summer (or winter if you are below the equator :P) 


Now, for something I've been meaning to do for a long time! While I know this will endanger myself, as a lot of you will probably leave me for these awesome games, I want to put word out for 2 amazing games!

First of all:

This game is amazing! You probably already know it! It is free, and it is fucking gold! If you haven't tried it alread, do give it a shot! There is no reason not to, and it is totally worthy of your time, and free...


You can check out the hongfire thread for it.
I just found this AMAZING game not long ago.

Warning: It is in Japanese, so you'll likely need to try your way around, and it is NOT FREE. If you wish to support this amazing developer, however, please buy it and help make sure they make more awesome content in the future! :D

In any case, that is it for now! I hope to do a bit more work than usual, as I have some time now, but I won't promise anything.

Take care, and thanks for the continued support!


Saturday, 20 June 2015

A small update

Hello, everyone. In light of Crouler's announcement, of no updates for a while, Muggins and I decided that it was too long for you guys to wait, so I created a small quest with a few new maps that Muggins created for me. It can be found in your room at your castle after talking to azmao (the demon lord) in the main questline. Please note that this isn't a very big update as I wrote most of this myself. Anyway, please enjoy!

Download link:

Noob questmaker XD

Thursday, 11 June 2015

info on next update

Hello Everyone, I'm just jumping in here to inform that there will be no update for this week or the next as I finish up this semester's exams. After this I will be back again.

Unless the other's decide to release something there won't be. Thanks for understanding :)


Saturday, 6 June 2015

AloneXP 7.4.3 Out

So, new release out. This release focuses on the Brothel questline.

No sex-scenes this time around. I feel the last many updates have had enough, and I feel better doing normal stuff for now, as the sex back-log has been filled lol.

In any case, here are the notes for the current release:


  • Added 6 (and more smaller parts) to the brothel questline and added 8 new girls. (It is a hassle to add them to the brothel group lol)
  • Added new sprites for the new girls and the new quests.
This release has no new fighting, it is purely about building up the brothel, and no fighting has been needed yet. Next update will add the customization choice-missions.

Here are the download link:

That is it for today! I know I have not corrected any bugs, and I likely won't for the next release either I'm afraid. Not unless they are really big.

As for the onsen freeze, we know it continued after the last fix, but for now we haven't fixed it. Hope you guys can wait with that one for a bit! 

As always, thanks for all the support, we couldn't continue without you guys!


Saturday, 30 May 2015

Release 7.4.2 out

So, this release has a bug fix (just a single one, sorry) and new content to the brothel.

My current aim is to expand upon the brothel. I've now gotten past the simple "find girls" part, and porn scenes should be less frequent in later releases, so I can start focusing on more story content.

Anyway, here is the log:


  • Added New girls to the brothel, 4 new girls available.
  • Added new sex scenes to brothel.
    • Added new bondage scene.
    • Added 1 humongous scene which includes 3 scenes. (Took fucking 4.5 hours to make...)
  • Added all girls to the brothel speech system for Anasta
  • Fixed (hopefully) a bug where the Onsen quest would freeze game on rare occasions when fleeing the underground monster.
Anasta will ask the player to talk to her for further stuff to do after getting all the girls, but this is currently not implemented.
As you can see, this is mainly a sex update, with that one bugfix.

That is pretty much it, so here is the download link.

That is it for today! I'm sorry for not getting to the bug reports. I intend to, in the near future, make a pure bug fix update for the updates reported. But currently, as long as the important stuff works I will only pour attention to major bugs and new content. Maybe after a few releases of content I will focus on bugs! 

As always, thanks for the time you guys give us by being active here! I've never seen so many posts as the last weeks, and it really warms my heart to see that :P Normally I can just see the numbers on my stats, and I see thousands of people coming, but lately people have been very active, and that made me happy :D Even if I suck at replying, know that I'm reading through the comments.

A small announcement I need to make is that pretty much all the time I have for the game is Saturday, and for a good while that will stay the way it is. This means that all work on the game I can do is added on Saturdays. As you can see, I put in around 6 - 7 hours today, and I aim to do that every saturday, but all other days are reserved till exams are done. Hope you understand!

Now, please take care, and thanks for sticking with us! It is amazing to know your game is getting this amount of attention, and I think a lot of other game makers would be jealous of our fanbase, and I know that I'm in the heavens whenever I see how many people play our game!

Thanks for now, and stay cool!


Friday, 29 May 2015


Hello, all. In response to some of the bugs that have been posted, Muggins and I have teamed up to release a patched version for you. Like the title says, this is not an update, so no new content, just  bugfixes. The bugs fixed in this version include:
*The Startup bug that pops up after renaming protagonist
*The onsen gargoyle freezing the game
*other misc. bugs

Mega Link

P.S. Although there is no new content, there are some spelling revisions (mainly in the Everlight mayor's house) that were not in the previous release that have also been included.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

New Release 7.4.1

So, it is finally here! I can't really say much, except for "RpgMaker is fucked".

So, since Mugginns did most of the stuff for this release, I have very few comments on it. I know it is an expansion to the Onsen, so check it out!

As for RPGMaker, fuck it royally. It can't compress anymore, it can't open anymore <.< I had to zip the entire game straight to the upload so that sucks.... But I digress, there is another issue.

Now, normally, I do backup everything I own, I'm just that type of person, but something bad happened. I accidentally deleted a file that, for unknown reasons, I never backed up. This file contained the progress log I keep to myself to help me remember where I am on which quests... Now, none of the game is gone, luckily, but that file is, so the games progress may look slightly different than originally planed, I'm sorry. It won't change much, I'll just need to do more work when finding what quests are unfinished.

If any of you wish to help, you can write a list of quests that aren't done, it would help out a lot :P

In any case, update log! :D


  • New onsen stuff. (Can't say much here, this is Mugginns stuff :))
  • New girl and more stuff for the brothel.


That is pretty much it, since RPG-maker fucked up everything I have not been able to add the newly done proof-reading, but I've been promised that it will be added later on :P Sorry, and thanks a lot Zaroz!

Right, so that is it for todays update! Next week I hope to add more stuff to the brothel and to the quest of one of the girls from the Casino. For now, have a nice weekend, sorry for the long wait for this update, and have a nice one!


Monday, 18 May 2015

Time for next release soon.

Hello, I apologize for the rare updates from me. I wish to tell you guys about the next release. I plan on making it around next weekend.

I originally planned on releasing it today, but something has come in the way, and I need to work on something in the game, I hope you guys can wait for just a bit more. (I realize the last update was, what, a month ago? Sorry!) I really appreciate the interest in the game, and I feel terrible for being so unproductive. The release is pretty much ready for you guys, I just need to add a few things for mugginns, but I fucked up and realized I need to talk to him about his release first, something I forgot to ask yesterday when I had him, and from what I hear he won't be here for the next many days, so that is why I'm saying next weekend, to not disappoint :P

In any case, know that I'm back for the game on a semi-regular basis, though I need to study as well, obviously :)

Till next time, thanks for sticking with us, you guys are great!


Saturday, 16 May 2015

Yet Another Quick Update

Okay, so I handed over the game to Crouler on Tuesday, but unfortunately I've nit seen hide nor hair of him(him being very busy and all that jazz). That said, a release could come out soon. This update is really just to say I'm not working on it any more(for now).

Mugginns A'GoGo

Friday, 8 May 2015

Quick Update

Title explains it all really. I would say most of the work has been done at this point. The quest has been implemented and play tested(I still expect a few bugs to pop up here and there, you people do unexpected things). Just making a hand full of sprites right now, then its on to filling the onsen with with customers and their forgettable lines.
I should also mention that all of Zaroz's(AKA Spellmaster6) current spell checked work has been added for the next release(which shouldn't bee too long away).
That's all folks.

Mugginns A'GoGo,

Thursday, 30 April 2015

A greeting and a status update

Hello, all! I am the new guy on the AloneXP team. Crouler mentioned me in his previous post about a spellchecker. Anyway, in light of Muggins posting a status update about his progress, I decided to make one of my own.

Before I get into that, though, I feel like I should explain the method by which  I will be doing  the proofing. Basically, I will be proofing maps rather than quest lines as it is easier to take care of all of the dialogue on a make rather than trying to keep track of all of the quest lines in the game.

That being said, I have the intro completed through Everlight, with only the Mayor's house and the Farm maps to go.

Keeper of the Dictionary,

*For those of you, (Like Lurker7) who caught the contradiction in this post, Congratulations! You are one of the few people who caught my twisted sense humor.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Well, that was awkward

Okay, so, had a bit of a problem in that the aforementioned horses rose up in rebellion. Everything should be fine now, we're rolling in glue money, so to speak.  I was going to post a good while back, but Crouler got there before me, so I thought 'It'll be grand, I can leave it for a while'.
I was busy with a commission and a few other thing, and they're more or less sorted. Got a good bit of work done with the Oni Onsen in the meantime. All the dialogue has been written and greenlit by the boss(more fun with the mild-mannered Okura[a bitch to write by-the-way]). I'm also making more sprites(a lot more) sine this is(pretty much) unisex bath house, which means female versions of monsters(Crouler decided to be more creative about this) and other species with their tits out, and an unprecedented amount of male monster junk.
To summarise;

  • All lines written
  • Extra maps made
  • Sprites galore
  • No more horses    

One last thing;
Nikola wanted to see the artwork that was taking up my time, and if anyone else is interested, here it is:
Dropbox 1
Dropbox 2
Dropbox 3
Dropbox 4

I guess that's all from me for now. Might have an update from our resident spell checker soon.
Mugginns A'GoGo

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Update - The reason for no updates for the time being

So, just wanted to keep all of you guys updated on things as they are.

Currently we are having someone go through the game's text (Not sure if he wants to remain anonymous or not so for now I won't write his name :P), correcting typos and such. What's more, mugginns is working on his Onsen questline.

Once this is done you will get the extended Onsen quest, and hopefully a cleaned out text for you guys to read. Hopefully this is OK for you guys too.

While they are working on that, I'm working on getting my own exam stuff done, so it is a win-win situation for me as well! I hope you guys will stick with us! I can't really tell when the next release will be, I'll have to try and ask the two if they have any idea. Once I know more I'll keep you guys updated!

As always, thanks for always making your way to our blog for new stuff! Love you all! :D


Saturday, 4 April 2015

Release 7.4.0 - A bit more sex to open the preggo's achievement! - Edit!!! (AloneXP 7.4.0a)

So, I'll start with content today!


  • Added the last part of the wives questline
  • Added Sex to the temple at the "sex priest". 
    • You can now chose to order "Impregnations" sex. This will allow you to knock up ladies, which will allow you to unlock the concubine at the castle!
Added a few fixes, but can't remember exactly what (Sorry!), as I've been very busy and forgot to write it down.

Download links:

In any case, not much to say this time around! Just wanted to make this release so I could go to bed!

As always, thanks for the support, you guys are amazing! :D


Edit: So, a fix has been uploaded where the wives quest chest thingy no longer gives a black screen. Sorry!

Sunday, 29 March 2015

New release - Version 7.3.9

So, a new version is up! Been a long time in development, and not too much to show for it. I only had 2 days for this update, last weeks Saturday and today, so not too much has been added, but never the less, I think it warranted a release! So, without further ado, content stuffs!

Content: (Of the entire new update, so last weeks stuff too)

  • Added the wives. They are an expansion upon the soldier from Rei-Long Oak who wanted you to deliver letters to her mother.
  • Added a castle event where you are to judge something that happened. It is a random event that can only be activated once (though if you deny to actually do it it will be available later on)
So basically, a small questline and a semi large event. Good times! I'll make this quick, as I wanna sleep, so here are the download links!

That's it for today! Sorry about the long wait on this one, hope the smut is enough to keep ya happy!

Also, I have something like 10 sex scenes ready that will be added soon, so expect a sex update at some point. (Not sure when) I need a bit more new content before I can add it though!

Take care and sleep well! (I know I will)


Sunday, 22 March 2015

update log 22-03-15

So, just jumping in here to keep you guys posted.

I'm still pretty much in a no work period, but I did manage to do a bit of work yesterday.

I've started working on the questline "The Wives", though calling it a quest is a bit much. (It won't be in the questlog lol) I put in a good 4 hours of work. In any case, it will all be released when I have the next release ready, so for now I'm afraid I'll have to just ask you guys to wait for a while!


  • Edited previous events to fit the Wives questline.
  • Added 4 parts to the Wives.
  • Added 1 sex scene.
That's pretty much it for now. Hope you guys are looking forward to the next release, and as always thanks for continuing to support this game!


Remember to check out the Wiki and help develop it if you have something to add!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Good news, Bad news

Okay, so it seems I'll have to put to the side for a little while. Bit of a bitch since I only just made a post on Monday.I want doing any work Tuesday(St.Patrick's Day and all), but I did get a commission, and a paying one at that(You Hear That Crouler!). I should be finished today or tomorrow, though they said they'd like me to do more.
Just thought you should know,

PS. The good news is I'm finally getting paid for my artwork

EDIT: Well, turns out they'd like me to do 2 more pieces for them. So I'll be away longer than expected. In hindsight it would have been better to not make a post about my return at all :/

Monday, 16 March 2015

When you fall off the horse...

...You shoot that horse as an example to the other horses. Show them who the master race is! Letting their riders fall off will not be tolerated! So it seems I'm back in the saddle, probably would have been sooner but I had some work to get through first. So, as soon as I told Crouler I could do some work on the game, add content to the hot springs, Fuar and so on, he went "Great, make me more maps while you're at it". Cracking the whip as though I never left.
The list of stuff to do is;

  • Make maps for a new building(could be extensive)
  • Write up some content for the hot springs(it's devoid of any npc's right now)
  • Make some new sprites(female monsters)
Admittedly the female monsters will just be the normal sprites with tits grafted on(I think), unless Crouler says otherwise.Which could be a problem because of his absence, so I'll just have to make shit up in the meantime. As for the new building, I think it's safe for me to say it's a hospital. Unless Crouler wanted to keep that secret, in which's not a hospital,it's...something else?
Okay, so I think I've covered everything. I'll try to get a post in once or twice a week.

Mugginns A'Gogo,
Keeper of the Brass Monkey,
Banana Whisperer Extraordinaire,
Watcher of Chickens,
Slayer of The Terror,
Usurper of the Throne,
Lord Admiral,
Master of Ceremonies,
Inventor of Original Sin,
HomNomNom Veteran,
Code Map Monkey,
Got Your Nose,
Protector of the Sacred Gnome,
Coffee Nut,
In Too Deep,
Traveler of Arcane Lands,
Illegitimate Child of Scrooge McDuck,
Not All There,
Minister of Sinister,
Rude Dude,
Stole the Secret of Fire,

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Mid-week Update - No updates for a while (From Crouler at least)

So, I'm writing to inform that for about a month, maybe more, I will not be working on the game to focus on studies. Struggling to keep up as it is, and my weekends will now be used to study and not making the game, until the current test-type period at university ends. So, I will be contacting the others and asking them if they wanna add anything and giving them free reigns till I'm back.

Until then, I hope you guys have fun and I hope the others get some work done! *Hint* *Hint* *Wink* *Wink* :P


Saturday, 28 February 2015

AloneXP 7.3.8 - Release and update log

Hello everyone! A new release is out. It adds to the main quest and adds Colonel Tarrie to the game.
Questlog is updated and you can look there to know what to do.

But I'm such a nice guy ad I'll tell you too lol. You need to go to the queen's castle :P (If you reached the last main quest of the previous update of course).

In any case, here's the log.


  • Added 4 new parts to the main quest. (4 and a half lol)
    • The main quest ends rather abruptly, but I made the sex scene repeatable till I do more.
  • Added new sprites that will allow me to do "sex with girls in the wall" events. 
  • Added a sex scene. (Through wall)


That's it for today, I had hoped to do more, but I ended up spending 5 hours on what little content is here due to the sex scene and the new sprites. Ah well, in any case, be sure to keep submitting bugs! Your support is appreciated!

Hope to see you guys later, and thanks for staying with us!


Please remember to check out the WIKI! I just looked today and there has been added so much amazing stuff in there, even a lot of walkthrough's.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Release - Fix version

So, here's the stranger fix version for you guys.

This release is purely patching on broken content, so if you don't feel like it you can simply wait for the next release rather than download this version.


  • summoning in cimex cave
  • minor stuff (can't remember and just got my laptop running again yesterday)
  • side note: castle lag is caused by the range setings of the antilag script, but i won't tinker with this, because all i can do is mess it up





Another thing is, I heard that the new google policy will hit adult material blogs soon.
If anything happens, please go to one of the forum links as I will post anything there should I have to move the blog. I already tried making a new blog not long ago but the blog host sucked, deleting half of the shit I added to the blog, so I'll need to find a new host if I have to change hosts.
(There is a textfile in the game called contact smth, you can see links to the forum posts there)

In any case, I hope you guys and girls enjoy!

Thanks for the support! (As always :P)


Monday, 23 February 2015

Update log 23-02-15

Another weekend with no updates, and I apologize. From what I understand Stranger is still working on bug crushing, going through the somewhat substantial backlog of bugs for the time being, and I haven't been able to contact him since I last updated you guys on my progress. As soon as I know anything I will let you guys know!


Monday, 16 February 2015

Release 7.3.7 + update log

I'm really sorry about not posting anything for a week. Had a test that borderlined failing and didn't want to risk falling behind so I gave the game the backburner for a while. However, now I've come back this weekend to do some more on the game. I didn't have a chance to upload yesterday as I originally wanted to, but I have now finished uploading and have a bit of time before heading to bed, so without any further ado! Here is the log of stuff done since the last log!


  • Added 2 new sex scenes (All I had time for content wise I'm afraid, no new actual gameplay here)
  • Fixed the brothel in Ceeves Ocean's slums where Anasta would talk about Liva, even if Liva hadn't been recruited yet.
  • Fixed sex scene with Sally outside Carrie's mansion and added Sally to the mansion.
  • Fixed Main door in Carries Mansion teleporting the playerto the wrong place.
  • Fixed spy sex event in Carries Mansion always appearing when the player has seen it once.
  • Fixed Champion Dianne's name being Dirillia at the Arena.
  • Fixed the cave hole north of Re-Long Oak changing appearance when interacting with it. - Also fixed it not working the first time.
  • Fixed the black screen bugs that had been introduced with the new sex scenes.
  • Fixed a large amount of smaller bugs.

To those of you who are experiencing perma swimming sprites, it should be because you have an old save game that did not activate the clothing system.
You can easily fix this, just go to your room and change clothes. Doing so just once will fix the problem forever (I hope). It is simply because the game didn't have a tracker on
what you were wearing before the swimming in the older versions. 

I have had lag reported outside the castle. I have yet to find the cause but I will keep looking. Hopefully it isn't just RPG-Maker throwing a hissy fit...

That's it for this week. I really want to add more content next week. I need to add a bit more to the castle, then do the planned content for a few other things and then I will do more mainquest. In any case, here are the download links:

Thanks for all the support! I saw a lot of you guys visited yesterday, and I'm really sorry for not giving you guys this update before the end of the weekend. I'll try to do better in the future!

Also, I'm giving the game over to Stranger for a while where he has agreed to fix bugs in the game, but we'll see how things are for next week! :)


Saturday, 31 January 2015

Release AloneXP 7.3.6

So, here's the long awaited release.

I have added a lot of new stuff to the capital, though some is still hard to trigger.

Check out the museum if you have it upgraded as the achievements go there. All achievements will give something the first time you activate it to see it.

Also some new events involve highly evolved or mid-evolved areas of the castle.

And last but not least, a lot of sex scenes have been added.

Anyway, I'll make a short list here on what the main additions have been.

Update contents:

  • Added new sex scenes
  • Added option to reward priests at Lisanne
  • Added a secretary/greeter (Zandra) to the castle (She has a sex scene, see if you can trigger it)
  • Added new random events to the castle. Remember to talk to Zandra to get a rundown on visitors
  • Added stuff to the museum. It works sort of like achievements, so let's call it that. If you meet the requirement for the ones currently implemented you can go see them. First visit will give you a gift of sorts.
    • Currently only 1 of the sexual achievements has a reward as I plan on making it concubines, so only the pregnant achievement will add a concubine
  • Added Concubine Shtala to the game. To unlock, unlock the pregnant achievement. (Not even sure it is possible yet, tell me if anyone unlocks it.)
I think these were the most important additions to the current build. I will be adding more stuff to the castle. My main focus will be life, as I find the castle really empty, so I want to add more guards and tons of visitors simply there to visit the divines castle. Lesser nobles with little actual content, but making the castle seem more alive, etc.

Anyway, here are the download links

Downloads (If possible, please use depositfiles as that is the only thing I can track downloads by so I get to know how many have downloaded it)

Depositfiles - It would seem depositfiles is still deleting everything I upload.

That's it for now, please enjoy the game and make sure to submit bugs you find to this post!


Thursday, 29 January 2015

Update log 29-01-15 and call for help on writing smut-scenes :P

So, I've been adding even more stuff today, focusing mainly on finishing the museums sex rewards.
I have also started making the games first actually implemented Concubine (potential anyway, since you can send her away).

All concubines will get a permanent residence at the castle with their own private room. They will basically be the divines lovers, or slaves if you are in to that instead (some will only have 1 option though). They will all hopefully have unique personalities and goals and will all have some sort of questing/projects that can be done in the game and they will of course also have sex scenes, being the lovers or harem or slaves or whatever you wanna call them, of the divine.

What I've done today so far is.


  • Added Museum entries for:
    • Anal sex achievement
    • Impregnations achievement
    • Sex Achievement
    • Vaginal Achievement
    • Pegging Achievement
  • Added first painting for the Succubus virgin quests/events. (First event/quest in the series)
  • Added Shtala - Noble concubine (potentially)
    • Shtala currently has no sex as I'm currently still working on the initial meetings, conversations and the story for her, but she will be VERY bangable. You'll know more once you see what type of person she is and why she is it. (in the game, you have to wait for the release :P)
That's it for now! I might work a bit more later tonight, if not I have planned on spending a lot of time tomorrow on the game, hopefully getting a lot more stuff implemented.

Another thing, I am looking for help! 
If you wish to help with the game and know the most basic ways of using RPGMaker XP and you have the program, and can write sex stuff please read on! 

I need some people, 1 or 2, who would be willing to help with writing sex scenes. Basically, I find that whenever I write a sex scene, a lot of work that could have gone in to the actual game and "playable content" is used on the sex scenes instead. Sex scenes take a long time to come up with and I would prefer to focus on the game mostly, though I will still be writing sex scenes here and there of course.

If you are interested, here is what the requirements are:
  • You are willing to write sex scenes following the form used in the game (I will give you a crash course before your first scene)
  • You will be writing sex scenes mainly "commissioned" by me. (I use the word commissioned because I can't think of a better word :P)
  • You know how to make events in RPGMaker XP using text, choices, sounds and pictures.
  • You have RPGMaker XP or you can get it

This turned in to a rather formal looking thing, but in the end, all I need is some help writing sex scenes here xD So if you think you have what it takes, feel free to write down below! I am not demanding any help here, it would just be really nice to have some people help out with the sex scenes if at all possible.

In any case, that's it for today's rather long update log and recruitment poster lol. Thanks for always staying with us, you guys are great! 
Until next time (hopefully tomorrow) take care!


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Update log - 28-01-2015

So, I've been doing even more work, adding some more events to the castle.

Currently this is what has been added.


  • Added A visiting noble to the castle that will sometimes appear. She currently has quite a few events. (Remember to speak to Zandra every time you visit the castle to know if there are any visitors present)
  • Added Several Items to the Museum. They will only appear after the player has done certain things. (Trophies grant different boosts to the player when examined the first time)
  • Added a new sprite to be a statue
The visiting noble has several encounters and the museum has several trophies too. This has been a lot of work, and I will continue to add more. I'd like to add a few more visitors tomorrow and the same with the trophies for different things done. I have planned quite a few other items to the museum, but for today I have to stop as it is too late.

As always, thanks for staying with us! Hope to release the next version next weekend as I really want more content than currently there. 


Monday, 26 January 2015

Update log 25-01-15

So, I wanted to let you guys know what I've been doing on the game.

I really want to work a bit more on the game, so I don't think the next release will be until the next weekend, sorry! I didn't get to do as much as I had hoped on this release I'm afraid and I would like to add more before releasing it.

The release will be focused on the castle, adding events there that makes it more fun to explore (I hope). So far a lot of sex scenes have been added, and I'm pretty sure some of them will be very rare for you guys to find :P I might add spoilers to the wiki if I feel it is necessary for you guys to find the events :) In any case, here's what I've done so far.


  • Added 5 sex scenes. (I think it was 5) All of them are in the castle.
  • Added the ability to reward your priests. (Think I may have mentioned this)
  • Added a secretary that will keep the player informed on what is going on at the castle so the player knows if he/she has to look for something specific at the current visit.
  • Added stuff to Lisanne - other than the reward priests option.
Unfortunately the sex scenes take a long time to make, so it may seem like it isn't very much but it is a lot of hours, I assure you :P In any case, I hope to add unique visitors to the castle tomorrow. Noble's will be visiting the castle and the player will have chances to get to know them this way and maybe start other things.

I appreciate all the attention you guys are still giving this game, I am humbled to be writing these sleazy lines for your entertainment! ;P


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Update log 20-01-2015

So, I thought it would be good to tell you guys what's going on.

I just finished my last exam for the semester and I am back to working on the game. Spend a few hours today so far, and I'm planning on spending some more.

So, here's what I've done since the last update.


  • Added more conversation with Lisanne
  • Added the "reward priests" option in the castle (with Lisanne).

So, here's how the near future looks for the game, content wise.

I will tell you the planned row of which I wish to make the new content.

  1. Adding more life to the player castle (such as rewarding priests, feasts, special events, visitors etc.)
  2. Adding minor quests around the world to fill up some of the more "empty" cities.
  3. Adding more to the main quest.
  4. Adding a few more major questlines. (Brothel questline for example)
  5. Adding 2 new areas to the capital. (Noble quarters and commons)
  6. Adding explorable areas to the castle island.
  7. Adding a buildable city to the island which the divine has his castle on.
  • All the while I will be adding to unfinished questlines such as Michelle's questline etc.

Some other content I have planned but I have made no mental notes on when to actually do would be:

  • (Possibly) making a stronghold system where the player can build outposts in "the wild" where he can then decide on a military pressence to keep away some of the monsters (if he wants to).
  • (Possibly) adding a sailing system where you can go to the ocean and sail to places rather than quick travel where there will be more use for the player's ship and where you can explore areas along the shore and islands.

All of this will take a long time to make, especially with the amount of free time I have, but I wanted to tell you guys about it none the less.

In any case, I'm working on more content, and I expect a semi large release that will add new content to the game within the week, I am not sure how many quests will be with the release, as I'm working on filling the castle at the moment, but I plan on making sure it's enough for you guys to give the castle a some time to explore!

I love you all! The fact that we've had pretty much no decline in visits from you guys even though we've been a buncha slowpokes warms my old perverted heart. (I'm a slowpoke anyway)

In any case, I appreciate the support !


Friday, 9 January 2015

7.3.5 - Yet again (now

I'm not able to upload the game again. I uploaded it to depositfiles again (let's see how long the link works this time :P) and rapidgator. (MEGA)

I have no idea why depositfiles is flagging my stuff, unless someone wants me to stop using their artwork in the game, but no such message has been brought to me as of yet, so I'm assuming depositfiles is simply fucking up.

In any case, here are the download links for the fixed version.

Depositfiles     -     RapidGator     -      MEGA      -      Uppit

Tomorrow I will, if I get the time, start working on new castle content and some bug fixes.

Thanks for all the patience you guys have shown during the freezing stuff!


Edit: It would seem the depositfile uploads are removed the second they have been uploaded. I have no idea why...

Edit:Edit: May the seven hells swallow rapidgator and depositfiles whole... I'm going to bed and added a new MEGA download link... Upload services are so bloody annoying...

Edit:Edit:Edit: Added an Uppit mirror for those who are unable to open mega.

Edit:Edit:Edit:Edit: A new version has been uploaded as the starting position was not placed correctly in the previous version, but has now fixed that.

Current Upload Status.

Depositfiles is currently being a pain in the butt. Crouler can't upload the game until tomorrow. Please be patient, sorry for the inconvenience.

Fix release 7.3.5 + 2 new maps

So, here's a new fix for you all. Things should, hopefully, be working now.

Download - Download the newest fixed version :)


Stranger's fixes:

court event in throneroom b/c noble1, noble2, liressa & little liressa  about michelle talk  fixed
wrong teleport in visitor areas a/b/c fixed

Mugginns new stuff:

Added 2 new maps

That's pretty much it. Now that things are back to working normally with no super game breaking bugs we can get back to adding more content and fixing the other smaller bugs currently in the game. 

Big thanks to Stranger for the help! Without him the game would still be freezing all over xD


Edit: For some reason the file was removed. I put it back up for you guys here! Download is back up.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Its a secret to everyone:

Nah not really. I am just giving everyone an update on me! I am still alive, and recently I have had a few life changes that have put me out of commish for a bit. I have gotten my disability, so I am no longer allowed to work so soon I hope to return to making maps for Alone.  Also within the next few months I plan to work on mapping for VX:Ace. Right now I have to set Tuesdays aside for making maps in general, cause I am typically bogged down by doctors visits and paperwork from the government.  So please be patient as making a map no longer is a larger slot in my time. This also means my maps, as I watch more tutorials and such, might get a bit more intricate.  Another thing is that on the side at some point I want to learn how to program these games, so that Crouler and Muggins don't have to help me with secret things and easter eggs I put in to maps. Anyway thanks for reading, and thanks for all the support with the game. I am happy to be a part of the team, even if it is a small one.


Saturday, 3 January 2015

New test with no anti lag script.

I hope it works this time! Stranger has found an issue with the last file and (holy shit, isn't he dreamy? :P) I hope things will work now! Please help out by trying the new version! Try a few of the freezes if you can, as things might have been messed up in some of my previous attempts to fix them :P



Edit: It would seem the fix has worked. (Correct me if I'm wrong). Big thanks to stranger! :D
Now we can start working on the game again :P

Friday, 2 January 2015

New test

A guy called Stranger told me about a possible fix he had tried for the freezing, and here is a test version with his fix! :D Hope it works! :) Haven't had much time, since I just started the game back up 20 minutes ago, but I wanted to let you guys test it to see if it fixes some of the instances. (Hopefully all :P)