Sunday, 29 March 2015

New release - Version 7.3.9

So, a new version is up! Been a long time in development, and not too much to show for it. I only had 2 days for this update, last weeks Saturday and today, so not too much has been added, but never the less, I think it warranted a release! So, without further ado, content stuffs!

Content: (Of the entire new update, so last weeks stuff too)

  • Added the wives. They are an expansion upon the soldier from Rei-Long Oak who wanted you to deliver letters to her mother.
  • Added a castle event where you are to judge something that happened. It is a random event that can only be activated once (though if you deny to actually do it it will be available later on)
So basically, a small questline and a semi large event. Good times! I'll make this quick, as I wanna sleep, so here are the download links!

That's it for today! Sorry about the long wait on this one, hope the smut is enough to keep ya happy!

Also, I have something like 10 sex scenes ready that will be added soon, so expect a sex update at some point. (Not sure when) I need a bit more new content before I can add it though!

Take care and sleep well! (I know I will)


Sunday, 22 March 2015

update log 22-03-15

So, just jumping in here to keep you guys posted.

I'm still pretty much in a no work period, but I did manage to do a bit of work yesterday.

I've started working on the questline "The Wives", though calling it a quest is a bit much. (It won't be in the questlog lol) I put in a good 4 hours of work. In any case, it will all be released when I have the next release ready, so for now I'm afraid I'll have to just ask you guys to wait for a while!


  • Edited previous events to fit the Wives questline.
  • Added 4 parts to the Wives.
  • Added 1 sex scene.
That's pretty much it for now. Hope you guys are looking forward to the next release, and as always thanks for continuing to support this game!


Remember to check out the Wiki and help develop it if you have something to add!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Good news, Bad news

Okay, so it seems I'll have to put to the side for a little while. Bit of a bitch since I only just made a post on Monday.I want doing any work Tuesday(St.Patrick's Day and all), but I did get a commission, and a paying one at that(You Hear That Crouler!). I should be finished today or tomorrow, though they said they'd like me to do more.
Just thought you should know,

PS. The good news is I'm finally getting paid for my artwork

EDIT: Well, turns out they'd like me to do 2 more pieces for them. So I'll be away longer than expected. In hindsight it would have been better to not make a post about my return at all :/

Monday, 16 March 2015

When you fall off the horse...

...You shoot that horse as an example to the other horses. Show them who the master race is! Letting their riders fall off will not be tolerated! So it seems I'm back in the saddle, probably would have been sooner but I had some work to get through first. So, as soon as I told Crouler I could do some work on the game, add content to the hot springs, Fuar and so on, he went "Great, make me more maps while you're at it". Cracking the whip as though I never left.
The list of stuff to do is;

  • Make maps for a new building(could be extensive)
  • Write up some content for the hot springs(it's devoid of any npc's right now)
  • Make some new sprites(female monsters)
Admittedly the female monsters will just be the normal sprites with tits grafted on(I think), unless Crouler says otherwise.Which could be a problem because of his absence, so I'll just have to make shit up in the meantime. As for the new building, I think it's safe for me to say it's a hospital. Unless Crouler wanted to keep that secret, in which's not a hospital,it's...something else?
Okay, so I think I've covered everything. I'll try to get a post in once or twice a week.

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Mid-week Update - No updates for a while (From Crouler at least)

So, I'm writing to inform that for about a month, maybe more, I will not be working on the game to focus on studies. Struggling to keep up as it is, and my weekends will now be used to study and not making the game, until the current test-type period at university ends. So, I will be contacting the others and asking them if they wanna add anything and giving them free reigns till I'm back.

Until then, I hope you guys have fun and I hope the others get some work done! *Hint* *Hint* *Wink* *Wink* :P