Tuesday, 20 June 2017


A new release is out. This release focuses on adding the content introduced last week, but locked away for the time being.
I also received the new maps I needed for the last big event for Michelle's questline. I will now add that next time I get the chance.

But, I will likely not do a release for some time due to me moving soon, so sorry about that.


  • Added a new area with 5 different events possible upon entering. I think it works.

It is basically 5 maps in one, so this one took some time. Well, not 5 times as much, but more than a normal encounter would have taken.


That is it! As always thank you very much for all your support! And thank you to our Patrons for their continued support in making the game better! Today a new vote will be posted on the patreon for the patrons, so do come by if you want to vote!

Also, sorry for not being able to post too much from here on out and until I get settled at the next temporary place. I will be as quick as possible.


Wednesday, 14 June 2017 release

Hello once again. I new week, a new release, though I can not promise any regular updates for a while from now, though I will get back to that after this.

Anyway, new content! Yay!


  • Added new sex scenes (some are not available, but in the game files)
  • Added more to Michelle's questline. It is drawing to a close!
Next release will hopefully add another few sex scenes, a new encounter in the world map and add the climax to Michelle's questline. (Not finish it entirely, but close)

So anyway, that is the stuff for this week.


Now, for the next few weeks, I am not sure how things will pan out. 
I am in the middle of a double move, and I will be needing to do exam related stuff, though this may only happen at a later month, as its date has yet to be released. 

Thus, I do not know when releases will happen. They will likely be irregular, on other days than we I normally would, depending on how things turn out, and I won't be able to promise weekly updates I'm afraid. But I will do my best to make them weekly.

Anyway, thanks for your understanding and thanks for supporting the game, both patrons and non patrons! The game is here because of you guys!


Saturday, 10 June 2017

Info about next release

The next release will be Somewhere near Monday. Maybe Tuesday, depending on how things go. If any other issue happens, I will let you guys know.


Monday, 5 June 2017


Another release! Things have slowed down till I need to move houses, but for now and the next few weeks, posting updates shouldn't be a problem, I think.

This update is just a quick one with slightly more content being added.


  • Added a new encounter in the world map.
  • Added another part to Michelle's questline.

I will continue working on both of these next week as well, so as to start making the world map interesting, and hopefully managing to draw Michelle's story to an end. Though there is still some way to go with both.


Hope you all enjoy this small release. It isn't big I'm afraid, but I will put in work here and there whenever I have the time for it.

As always, thank you so much for following our game, and a huge thanks to our patrons. The next commission is rather large, so I will have to save up some more, as I don't have enough money to put out myself anymore, but the patrons we have are really helping us make this game better!