Thursday, 16 May 2019


-Fixed (I hope?) Issue where an event in the player castle's onsen ended in a black screen.
-Increased Starter equipment stats
-Added more items to the first few areas to make starts easier. Some very good items too. (Permanent small boosts to stats and some low-level armour and potions)
-Added new boost at first tent in game. (+1 level) for new players. You can't go back and get the bonus now as it is part of Alice's Progression.
-Fixed Elven Duchess' house's travel points.
-Added another encounter for the 'sleeper' quests
-Added the start of a quest after finding three sleepers with the sleeper quests. Not yet done but with some content. The game will tell you where it currently ends.
-Added a lady to the player-city that would love nothing more than to serve. After getting some cash, of course.

I FINALLY got around to uploading and posting here. I have to admit I'm not proud of how late this was. I've had a release ready for so long but I never got the time to post it. Instead I've been working on the game for a longer time, I guess, so this should mean there is more to the release, though I have been busy, so in spite of it being a 3 week wait, I don't think it is 3 weeks worth of work I'm afraid. Regardless, hope you enjoy.


That's it for this time around! Hope everyone enjoys as summer approaches to the northern hemisphere! To the poor sobs in the southern hemisphere that are now facing winter, I feel your pain... I won't switch with you though xD

Thank you so much for sticking with us! It is, as always, what keeps us going! And to our patrons, I am so happy you exist <3 :P


Sunday, 12 May 2019

Upcoming release

I am not dead! I have had a release ready for almost 2 weeks and have been adding to it, but I simply haven't gotten around to uploading it. I will be doing a bit more and then, maybe around Wednesday, I will have a release uploaded!


Edit: The work on the update is postponed until Thursday instead. I will try to upload and post it on at the same time!