Bug reports

Please make your reports on the most recent blog post or on the discord (Preffered)

How to make a report:

  • Make sure you have the latest version
    • Check for the latest version on the latest release post.

  • Can you recreate the bug when loading a previous game?

  • Describe the bug.
    • Tell what you did right before and after the bug appeared.

  • Where did you find it? Place, person/event and time.
    • Place - The map the bug happens on
    • Person/event - The trigger of the bug? A conversation? A scene? A teleportation? (Going from one map to another)
    • Time - When in the game? (Saying "Michelle is bugged in the barracks" Leaves me with a 100 different "Michelles" to test.)
Following these steps, please feel free to drop a comment bellow!

*Last time the bug section was cleaned out; 12:30GMT 20-09-13
*Bugs fixed will have their comment deleted to show it will be fixed in the next update, and to make room for more bug reports.
*If you get an error saying "RGSS104E.dll could not be found" or something similar, you likely have not got the RTP or RPGMaker installed. If this continues, try redownloading the game. If this fails as well, feel free to drop a bug report below!