Saturday, 31 December 2016

Next release - Info

Hello Everyone, merry christmas and a happy newyear, or happy holidays and so forth. Whatever you may be having at the moment.

Anyway, wanted to give a bit of information on what will happen, seeing as nothing has happened in a long time.

Currently I am about to move out, or at least, I am hoping to do so soon. The day after tomorrow the office at which I sent an application will open, so yeah. On top of that I have my winter exams coming up. Now, I am currently sharing a room, so even though I wanted to do a release for christmas and today, I can't. Someone's always sitting right next to me, and I don't like that when doing this game lol.

So, I will hope for some breathing room where I can do the next release very soon, as in a week or so. So, I really want to show you guys some new stuff that we have and I am looking forward to releasing a new build for you guys! Sorry for the long break, and thanks for sticking with us!


Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Just a quick update here, I apologize that it came in so late.

I originally had planned on doing a lot today, as I felt like it, but I ended up falling asleep and waking up just now, so that is kinda late... May end up doing a release next week, though I'm not sure.


  • Added a new area to encounter the portals.
  • Fixed a bug where the portals could be encountered whether the quest was started or not.
  • Fixed Elliana's date not working as it never gave the option to the player.

Some new artwork arrived and I have ordered more to come my way soon, so I'm going to be adding a new scene soonish (it will be part of the main quest when we start expanding there) and there will be a change to some existing artwork soon.


That is it for today.

Thanks to everyone for being patient, and thanks for letting us taking it easy in the Christmas period.


Saturday, 3 December 2016

Alone release

Another Saturday, another release. Well, when the release doesn't fall on mondays or tuesdays that is.

But anyway, new release today!


  • Added the first area that has an undead invasion.
    • The system works by having a set chance of happening, and then the player can clear the area.
      • The system is liable to change as the rewards may be too big.
  • Added Elliana's Date!
    • HUGE scene... AND!!! *Drumroll please*
      The game has its first original art! Please read more below.
That is it for today. The new system with the undead invasions will be added to more areas and will be accessible from here on out, also after completing the quest, but after that the spawn chances will be much lower.



As for the joyous news! OUR OWN ARTWORK :D
So, the divine has had his first ever facial appearance. I wish to thank Asera and Ramez for this, Asera being the artist and Ramez funding this for us.

Tell me what you guys think! Get on a date with Elliana and see her and the divine get funky.

Anyway, that is it for today. I'm still not 100% sure about whether or not I will take the rest of December off, but we shall see.

As always, thanks for all the support! Keep playing our game, since it makes us so happy.