Saturday, 29 June 2013

Vacation work.

Greetings, Naki again. I am posting to inform you, that while Crouler is on vacation, I have been given permission to do something special. That special thing is to livestream my map making for the general public. While I know this blog is not amazingly huge, I would enjoy it if you watched and commented. I will be playing all sorts of music, so if you just want to watch, be sure to turn the volume down.

So please come watch here at:


I have crappy internet here, close to dialup in shittyness. So the quality is a bit low, forgive me.

Current Live stream status: Off.

Edit 7/1/13

For saturday and sunday I did no work on my maps. I however was in a D&D session for Sunday(was moved from saturday). I will possibly work after my appointment today, but I doubt it. Overall work on my mapping is coming along just fine. I have been advised to take it slow, and to not wear myself down.

Thank you for your patience.

Edit 7/3/13

Nothing done the past few days, as I have caught the summer flu, called family. Gotta prepare the stupid things for the 4th and my brain is everywhere but on mapping. Please do not kill me.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

27-06-13 - Report - Vacation

So, my vacation is coming up. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make anything tomorrow, and then I won't be back for roughly a week. I'll give Naki some stuff to do while I'm gone so I'll be able to go straight to more work once I get back home.

Anyway, as for todays work, here's what I've done!


  • 3 parts of the Meaty questline

  • Bug testing some of the new systems. So far no problems.

It may seem like little, and yes, it is less than before since I've only had 3 hours today.
Once I get home from vacation I'll be sure to do a work-marathon to catch up.

As for the next release, I'm not sure when I'll be releasing it.
Either I'm releasing it after finishing the meaty questline, or I'll add some more to some
of the other questlines I'm working on. In any case, I'll be sure to keep you guys
up to date on what I'll do once I know!

As always, make sure to drop by, see what we're doing on the game! Your support
helps motivate a lot!


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

First Posts, updates, and greetings.

Hello everyone I am Naki. I am currently working on some maps for Alone. I have a bunch of ideas for the future maps, and a few easter eggs. Please be sure to search every map thoroughly. Since there might be someone lost.

Map Process-

Butchers Basement 100%
Beach 100%
Temples 100%
Detective HQ 100%
Mansion 100%

To do

A lot.

Crouler has a bunch of maps for me to make. So please bear with me, as I am fairly new to mapping.

26-06-13 - A meaty day at work

I do not know what to say except for, holy crap, all that orc meat... To the players who have really old savegames, you're gonna be rich once the next update comes out...

You can now sell your meat at the butcher shop. I made, what I hope to be a genius way of making you only able to sell your meat there lol. Anyway, the days progress!


  • 2 new parts of the "meaty goodness" questline
  • Special system to let you sell your meat at your store. (Likely needs some testing)

  • Some stuff with the old maps for the butcher was broken. It is from months ago (the break) and I just realized lol.
That was pretty much it for today. The meat quests are somewhat hard to do, so they take some time since there is a lot of shopping and unique features that I need to create with every few steps of the quests.

As always, please keep following us! Your attention makes me wanna do this! 
(Cuz I'm an attention whore<.<)
And I'm happy that every last one of you takes the time to visit my blog and the forums!


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

25-06-13 Back at work!

So, I am back to working on the game!
I'm starting out slow. Why you may ask? Not intentionally, I just happened to start late today, but I'm guessing I'll be starting early tomorrow once again.

I did manage to make a bit of work on the game, and Naki has been very active as well, giving me new maps I needed!

New content:

  • The meaty goodness, 2 new steps in the questline.
  • Various fixes from last update that were found after the last release, yet too minor to make a new version to fix.
  • Removed the crystal in Everlight, and the chess piece in the casino suite. Make sure you have used those if you needed them in your old save! If not you'll have to start over!
Naki's stuff:

  • Beach - east out of Rei-Long Oak
    • 2 - 3 Caves for the beach
  • Arena Special area
  • Butcher shop cellar
  • Redid the Detective HQ (the old one sucked...)
We're making some real progress, and I can start worrying about the story and how it is executed in game and let naki worry about the maps! I hope you guys are looking forward to our next release!


Saturday, 22 June 2013

21-06-13 report

So, after the last update I have, as always, taken a few days off. I'm not sure when I'll be back to full speed, but for now I need a small breather. That is to say, the game will still be developing. Know why?

I have found a mapper! From now on, the new maps will be better than anything I could make.
I'm confident that the maps will not be lacking from now on! As sad that I am that Gegerlan no longer maps
for me, I was amazed when the new mapper (Nakiato) made his first ever map in RPG maker. It was better, in spite of it being his first, than the maps I can do, in spite of years of experience. Nagiato seems to have the patience that I lack when it comes to mapping. This also means that the game-making pace may speed up a bit when I need new maps for the update. Now I no longer have to work double.

Anyway, as I stated before, I'm taking a few days of, after the last update. It is always stressful when I near an update release since there are so many things I need to do. Once I start posting about it being close I need to make sure I don't fall behind etc. and that can be really hard on me. Since I'm a lazy bastard.
And then comes the fixing period, that kinda annoys me... A lot... In the end, I end up needing the said breather, lol.

So, as soon as I start on the game again, I'll begin posting daily updates on the blog, telling you guys what I'm doing so you can keep up with game development.

That being said, I'm going on a vacation soon where I won't have access to my computer. If we are lucky Nakiato will be making the maps while I'm gone, making it easy for me to get back to work.

So anyway, that's it for now! I can't set a date for when I start again, but we are not talking months lol.

Take care, and as always, please keep following the game! It survives due to you guys!


Thursday, 20 June 2013

AloneXP Demo Ver. 7.0.4e (7.0.4f, read below) - The last update this time around + Crouler rant

I am fairly sure the last bugs have been eradicated with this last update.

  • Fixed unable to summon after first summon bug.
  • Fixed a few places that still used the old system
  • Fixed some bugs where you could walk into buildings, scenery etc.

As I stated above, I am fairly certain that this will be the last bugs.

Some practical information:

Do not press the old woman in desert above Rei-Long Oak before this version.
She was used to give me higher lvls. She is pretty much giving the player max level.
She is removed in this fix. (I forgot to remove her when I tested some skills)

I have left both the "crystal" and the "chess piece" so that those who bugged out with respectively summoning and the "diary of a madwoman" quest can still progress. They will be removed in the next update (content update, not fix update), so if you have an old save, and do not wish to start over make sure to use them, or you won't get the summoning skill, or advance in the madwoman quest.

Now, for a Crouler rant!
This update has really made me happy! I will explain to you why!
So many new players have started playing my game! The downloads skyrocketed, and hear this;
the first day, when I said for people to keep an eye on the blog, since an update was coming. remember that? Well, the viewers of my blog doubled! Thank you so much to everyone! The stats made me so happy! And what is more, that double viewer part? Well, that is nothing! The last few days I have had 5 times more views than I have ever had!

Thank you so much to all who started playing my game, and thank you to all my old die hard players!
The reason why I can waste my vacation away on this game is because of you guys! If no one played this game I sure as hell wouldn't be making it! And all the visitors, and all the downloads of my game, it almost made me cry a bit! (It didn't, but I was very happy!)

As this is likely the last fix for this version, unless something major is discovered, I will start posting my progress once I start again, and I am thrilled that the audience has expanded. I will keep working hard, hoping that you guys will like the new content.

Information about the next release and further below!
I will be working on half done content for the next update. This means I will be working on the Michelle (soldier) questline, the meaty goodness questline, more casino, maybe some Lej Vakh, some more of the gem you got if you did the fluffy quest, and lastly, maybe I'll add some more to an old questline, with the old lady and her Imp. The reason why I want to start working on these is because I expect to start working on the player's castle after it, meaning the main quest will progress after that. Many new areas will need to be made, making creation slow unless I find a good mapper.

So anyway, thank you guys for supporting the game by playing it! I hope that you will keep following the creation, and keep enjoying being a god among humans! Just for the heck of it.


Download links for new version:


Edit: download links have been updated. 7.0.4f
If you are in a bind by an eternal loop at the Mordens trials thingies, download the newest version. It only fixes that and a few other minor bugs.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Fluffy and Jane made a 7.0.4d

Once again, I am sorry!!!

I have here, what should be the fucking last fix! But as always, I'll probably mess something else up with this...
Anyway, please, work god damnit!


19-06-13 - AloneXP 7.0.4c

I fucked up on one last thing, and I did not know until a player notified me on the forum.

If you wondered why the "diary of a madwoman" did not seem to advance no matter what you did,
it is because I'm a retard.

Please, read if you have started the quest!
   -If you have already found some or all of the diary pieces in the suite, I have placed a
chess pawn near the table. This will activate the quest as it should have been after finding all 11 pieces!
   -The piece WILL be removed in the next update, so please, use it if you already started the quest before downloading this update.

fixing the fixes... 7.0.4b

A quick fix has been made for the 7.0.4a fix. It's the 7.0.4b. I am sorry about posting a new version so soon after the old one. 2 bugs did not disappear on all computers, so I had to make a new version. It was the "Shing not appearing in the suite" and the
black screen after the mayor. This "should" be the last. Or I'm ripping out my eyeballs...-.- That's a lie, but I'll very angry...

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Monday, 17 June 2013

17-06-13 X2 - The new update!

Download the new update now!

I have uploaded a new version-
The explanation is that, since this new update contains so much new content, I wanted to release it now, and hopefully avoid a bug storm. Simple as that really.

Anyway, look at the download links to the right of the blog, and play the new shit!

Update changelog:


  • Added the Casino in Rei-Long Oak
  • Added a questline to go with the casino. (Not finished)
  • Added 2 other small/medium sized quests.
Gameplay changes:

  • Redid the summoning system. (If you have an old save, go to everlight. Talk to the floating crystal for the new summoning skill. It will only be there for this version, so make sure to use it)
Bug fixes:

  • All known bugs has been fixed in this version! Happy days!


17-06-13 possible new version tonight

Right! So, a lot of new content has been added.
I wanted to add much more for the next update, however, as things are right now, there is so much new stuff that could go wrong, that I want to release it now, even if it is lacking in quantity.

I need to go over the last few things, and then I will be uploading the new version to the game.

I will add a more detailed post then, this is just a heads up.

Please keep an eye out for the new version within the next couple of hours!


Sunday, 16 June 2013

16-06-13 And I'm back to work!

having been hindered from doing too much the last couple of days, I've spent a few hours tonight doing stuff with the game. I have now reached the point in the casino quest line where the arena is starting to mix, and the plot will start to pick up speed. Since I had a good deal to do today as well I have only spent 2 - 3 hours making the game today, but I expect to get down tomorrow, and do a fuckton of work.

Anyway, today's progress report!

  • Added New stuff to the casino quest line.
  • Added random immersion things in the game.
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some errors with the quest log.
Known "bug"

  • The summoning system still refers to summoning mana at some points. I need to clean these instances out. Probably first thing tomorrow.

As always, please keep an eye out! Your visits to my blog and my download stats really makes this worth my while! (Even if you don't write, lol)


Saturday, 15 June 2013

15-06-13 I am thrilled to announce a summoning overhaul!!!

I have been working all day on this!

For a long time I have been pondering of new ways of doing the summoning system.
I always found the current system clumsy, the way it appeared in the beginning seemed to
break the flow of the game.

I have tweaked around with some stuff and have come up with a better system!
Your summoning XP is still the same, do not worry it is not reset.
However, I have decided to take out the summoning mana. It is now replaced by normal mana.

The new system makes the summoning a magic, like any other magic. So, once in game you will be able to use the magic called "summon", which will then allow you to summon up the creatures you want.

There are bound to be some bugs and oddities, so when you play the next version, which is coming some time soon hopefully, keep an eye out! Maybe it still mentions summoning mana or something somewhere, or maybe an enemy still has the old system (I had to redo every single goddamn encounter to make this work -.-), or maybe there's just something that feels wrong about it. So, please, feedback and bug reports are appreciated!

Anyway, here is today's update:

  • New summoning system (Look above for details)
  • Added new quest in the casino main quest.
  • Added sex scene.
As always, please stay tuned! You guys dropping by the blog really helps motivate me!
Every day I look at the visitor count, and am astonished. It really makes me want to create more!


Thursday, 13 June 2013

13-03-13 (Today and tomorrow, not much work, sorry)

I've had some meetings I had to go to today, and will have so tomorrow as well. Thus, tomorrow I will be making either nothing or very little on the game. I am sorry!

I am currently working in the game, though I won't be doing so for the same amount of time as I usually do. If I did it would be morning before I finish lol.

Anyway, I hope you guys will still keep an eye out for the game, I will edit this post if I manage to do anything great enough to post about!



I did make a good deal of new content!


  • I made 2 new quests in the casino main quest.

  • After a quick test, I fixed a good deal of bugs in the questline.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

12-06-13 Report

Right, it's somewhat embarrassing to say, but I have done very little today.
Due to having turned my day around, I decided to take an all nighter. This resulted in me walking around
being a living dead...

I did make a few things to the casino main quest, but, I'm sorry to say, I have done nothing worth mentioning.

Tomorrow I will be a bit busy, but I expect to churn out a few hours. Hopefully I will be able to tell you that I did so tomorrow!


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

11-06-13 Work Report

A little thing first. Ever since I started posting my daily reports here, it seems more people are dropping by the blog. Much more in fact. So I will keep giving you guys these updates, unless no one visits anymore, lol. So anyway, on to Le Upgrades!


  • Added, and almost finished new questline. It's about a rapist, using the casino as a hunting ground.
     This will be the most evil the player can get so far. Of course, the player can also be good. I need to add a few things though. In the end the player will be able to demand women, who he can then do crazy things with. This is for the hardcore lovers. Rape, choking, killing, all in the name of sex. Of course, you could be a good guy and not be an evil bastard, you'll decide here.
  • Added a bit more to the "main" storyline in the casino.

That is pretty much it. The first one mentioned took fucking ages, so that's why there is only so few today.
Tomorrow I will add more stuff, so stick around! I'm pondering whether to release the content soon, or wait for more to be made, I'll have to think about it.


Monday, 10 June 2013

10-06-13's work

So I did a lot of work today. I completely finished all the basics for the new casino, and added the first part of a quest. Look below!


  • Casino and all sub maps are done, completely filled with all gambling equipment, as well as people needed. Rejoice!
  • Added intro dialogue with Casino owner. (This will be expanded upon making a somewhat long questline. I might release the game before it is completely done, doing small bits like I do with other larger projects, though this will most likely push it back a bit. I'm not sure yet.)
  • Added 11 porn scenes which are part of a new questline.
  • Added a small part of above mentioned quest.
That is pretty much the outcome of my 8 hours of work. Stay tuned for more updates!


Sunday, 9 June 2013

This days work

I have managed to take a good bite out of the work once again. I'm not sure how much I want to include into the next update. I've been play-testing things a bit and pretty much all the gambling seems to be working great! That's one less thing to worry about.
Unfortunately, since I don't know how much I want to include in the next release I can not tell you what will be there. Yea, I know I didn't have to say that, but I did it anyway...

So, the stuff I got done today!

  • Casino design finished, added new lottery area. But this should be the last area edit.
  • Added the lottery. There are some seriously epic presents to win there!
  • Added new slot machines. Now you can bet either 100G notes or 10x 100G notes. (10x is only in the V.I.P area)
  • Casino has been filled with costumers, bouncers and workers.
  • CafĂ© has been filled with people and workers. You can buy several kinds of food and drink here, some really good too!
  • Finished the office for the owner.
Things I know will be done:

  • I need to add a few more games to the Casino. They are there physically, but I need to make them work as well.
  • The introduction. Once the player arrives he will be introduced to the owner, thus starting a questline.
  • Various sex scenes. - You will be able to fuck the owner, - her sister, as well as using the various offers the casino has, such as "special entertainment" in the V.I.P area, dining (with blowjob), bidding on girls that are unable to pay what they owe, thus needing to sell themselves to the nobles attending the casino, and much more (I think).
  • The Casino and Arena will "merge". This will be for underground fighting, where the rules are quite different from the standard fighting, and the prizes are different too... You will be able to use your picture boxes here, waging them in battle for more of them and sex.
For now that is all I know that I will be adding for the next release. I'm not sure I will be able to add more detective work or farm quests for the next release, since the to-do list on this one is huge since I need to create new maps too. Now that gegerlan is no longermaking them for me they may lower in quality, as well as take more time... Damn I miss gegs <.<

And a friendly reminder!
Still, don't add more pictures to your porn book! Unfortunately the new picture system will remove the porn book. It will be added once the player castle is added.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Progress report toward next release!

Right, so things are going pretty smooth. I'm working on the game quite a lot since my vacation just started.
Due to the nature of the next release however, it will be a bit. I won't be giving any time of release, since I most likely won't follow it anyway... So, anyway, the next release will be the new arena + Casino, which will be linked. A quest line will explain for me once the release hits, so please be patient. Lots of gambling and blood and tears and crap like that.

So far I've done:

New content

  • Casino main body. (This consists of several gambling areas, a V.I.P dining area, and hotel entrance and hotel main area, as well as a V.I.P gambling area)
  • Luxury suite for the player to rent in the casino
  • Cafe - linked to the casino
  • Office, containing the casino owner. (This is still under construction)
Bug Fixes (Since most bugs were fixed in the last version only a few will be fixed in the next release.(Keep in mind you can always report the bugs! I'll be checking for the reports and fixing as soon as they are reported))

  • Condom not disappearing after humping Sheila at the farm.

I just wanted to keep you guys informed, since I realize I'm bad at telling you guys what I'm doing in these major stretches of time between the releases. I will do so every day/few days that I work on it.
Or, in other words, whenever I've done something worth mentioning. 

Important notice!
Do NOT open any more pictures from creatures you defeat! (Read below for reason)

The picture system is about to change, so keep the boxes instead of opening them. I'm sorry, but the porn book is most likely gonna go away. It was a crappy way of saving pictures, thus, I will make another system that will allow for another way of saving your gathered pr0n.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

AloneXP Ver. 7.0.3a

Right, so I forgot to upload the links to the blog <.< Sorry! The update has been here since yesterday...

Anyway, enjoy the game! I hope you guys won't be too disappointed at my stupidity...

Monday, 3 June 2013

Last fix for now (AloneXP Ver. 7.0.3) is here.

As the title says the fix is here. I will now start working on larger projects. Also!

  • To those who have defeated Mordens, go to the top of the temple!