Sunday, 20 July 2014

Update log 20-07-14

So, I had a few days where I did not know where to start.
There is a large backlog of things I must do in the current game, and that really sucks, as much of it, due to my inability to actually think back when I made some previous events, made some bad design choices meaning I have to put out the updates in a certain order for all the new content to work.

So, I decided on doing something which would cause little problems. That is to say, little problems with previous stuff, as I'm sure it'll be full of problems once it's released lol.

In any case, I decided to add stuff to the castle. As you all know the castle will have tons of stuff, and starting now will be pretty good.

I plan on adding a the random castle event system (Already made the actual system, just need to add more content) and I want to make the "hold a great dance/ball/wahtevz" function before releasing it.

Warning, long description of crap below. If you wish to see the log of what's been added so far, go to the end of this post.

The random system will work like this:
Whenever the player arrives at the castle things happen, and the castle will have various activities happen. Maybe something broke, maybe someone did something like, taking a bath, practicing, having a visitor etc. This will cause the character to be somewhere, where they normally wouldn't be. For example, if Gwyen chose to take a bath, she would no longer be in the throne room, but in the bath. Interacting with the npc will then give some different choices and outcomes, and after it is done the npc will go back to its duties.

I've been thinking real hard on this, as many would like to simply be able to find a specific npc in order to complete a quest or something like this, however, I took in to account that the divine rarely stays at home, and so the npc's will be doing their own stuff when they haven't seen the divine come home.

Hopefully this will add a bit of life to the castle, so everything isn't always "the same guard there, the same npc here, blablabla" but rather a bit dynamic with some random events spicing up the experience in the castle. I plan on adding A FUCKTON of these random events to hopefully make it pretty much impossible to exhaust the different things that may happen whenever the divine is gone.

And fear not, if you miss one it can happen again. I plan on making it so they happen in stages, so if they aren't activated I don't think I'll make them disappear.

The Host a party will work like this:
The divine will tell Gwyen that he wishes to host a party, and Gwyen will of course say OK. The divine will then be asked how much he wishes to invest in various areas, such as entertainment, food, drink etc. A lot of special entertainment will be very normal in this world, so be sure to ask Pellie in the church, once she has been activated in the next release, to tell you about the norms of these parties.

When the party is started it will last for several days. During this time the divine can only go a few places. I'm not sure where yet, but I expect to make it the bath, the visitor area's, and of course the grand hall. During this time the player can continue through time by asking for the next stage of the party to commence. Feast, Dance, sleep, etc. until the 3 days come to an end and the party finishes. During this time the player can speak with his guests and such, which can be good for several things.

The guests of the party will be high nobles, and they will be satisfied if the player spend a lot etc. The noble's who come will depend on several different factors as well as a good amount of randomness as everyone pretty much wants to be at the divines parties (obviously). Some nobles, or other people may only come once the divine knows them.
The divine can then socialize and start events with random guests.

Since the guests are random, I aim to make the parties somewhat dynamic, having new events happen every now and then, and by doing things with the "by chance" system, meaning that every now and then this noble or that noble participates, makes me able to make events based on the current guests and their previous encounters with the divines or other nobles and previous parties etc.

In any case, that's it for the plans, now for the stuff I've been doing...


  • Added Pellie (The woman talking about all kinds of stuff such as traditions and laws in the temple in the capital) to the player castle. She has also been given some info on hosting parties and will be given more later on so the player can read on what is normally expected when dealing with nobility.
  • Started adding the random event system to the castle. This will hopefully make the castle seem somewhat dynamic with people doing different things whenever the divine visits the castle, and parts of the castle being repaired every now and then, as well as setting up the important NPC's to be able to do other things than simply standing still all the time, instead taking baths, training outside and other things, which will also spawn events the player can take advantage of. Of course, naked ladies bathing is awesome, so look in the bath every time guys and girls!
    • Did 5 random castle events
      • 4 "Repair events"
      • 1 Bathing event
  • Fixed lag in Rei-Long Oak and hopefully all other maps by using an anti lag script. -Cheers!

That's it for now, hope I didn't bore you guys too much with the specifics of the upcoming content. Hopefully you guys are as excited as I am for the new systems, as they will (hopefully) bring more life and, of course, more content to the game! Hopefully I'm not being too ambitious, promising too much here xD



  1. Doing my first play through on the game now and quite enjoying it, even though I appear to be unable to find the elven diplomat in the Queen's Castle. But that's ok, because I've got a lovely statue to make me feel better about things.

    I see from reading this update that you've found yourself in a bit of a pickle (with trying to sort out the updating order issues, as not to break the game, so deciding to work on the castle). If you're interested, I'd be happy to lend a hand with some bits of the game. For example, going through and cleaning up the text so that it wraps properly/fixes spelling and grammatical errors (or at least lessens them tremendously)/things like that? Something small, but helpful and that adds polish for you. After that, if you're happy with the work and want any added help beyond that, we can discuss it.

    And if you're not interested, I understand. Either way, I still really enjoy the game and I hope you get your backlog sorted soon.

    1. Glad you like it! If you feel like helping I wouldn't mind at all. Do you use skype? That is how we connect in the team.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Unfortunately, searching for you revealed a billion different people on skype. Feel free to add alone-crouler

    4. thast hwo skype works :D well if u need tester im always lurking in here just shout :)

  2. while this sounds great, I suggest you be careful

    the level of complexity means you risk falling in a buggy hell

    1. 80% of the game would have never been implemented if bugs were stopping me xD lol.

  3. Is there something I need to know about beating the bug queen in the farm quests? She attacks first most of the time, which means that if I'm lucky, she misses me or she only uses greater wind. Then my invisibility goes off and I can start trying to land a weaken on her. If I don't manage a weaken, she hits me for anywhere from 900-1000+. If she paralyzes me before she's weakened, then I'm dead unless she starts spamming greater wind. The best I've managed is to get her through the guards and up to the elite, but at that point no amount of hitting her with power breaks or the flaming sword will manage to weaken her, so I get wiped out. I can't keep up the rotation of throwing a new invisibility every third turn and healing, while trying to manage to land a hit once in a while. Especially when none actually weaken her. Any tips? I'm around level 17, full iron gear, wearing the cape and using the flaming sword.

    1. Nevermind. Finally got it. After I died another couple of times, I decided to just rush the queen and ignore the elite until she was dead. That worked better.

  4. question concerning the elf diploma:? is she implemented or is that something for a later time?

  5. I spoke with Crouler about fixing up the text in the game. Basically fixing spelling mistakes, grammar issues, and word wrap problems. Nothing too major, though I'd be up for helping with more down the line.

  6. Could always use a script editor, to make sure the stuff is nice and neato. Good to have you aboard!

  7. Thanks! Happy to help out however I can.

    I have a pretty basic understanding of scripts, but I'm not sure I'd be much good there, honestly. But if Crouler wants me to keep helping after I finish this first project, I have a few other ideas for things that I can try to lend a hand with if they meet his approval.