Thursday, 17 July 2014

Update log 17-07-14 Bug fixing

So I've been looking around and found some unresolved bugs you guys mentioned and I've not gotten to fix them all. I'm not sure I mentioned the three first in the last update or if I did the fixes after.


  • Fixed guard mentioning that Michelle is looking forward to seing the player when she's no longer there.
  • Fixed clipping issue in theservant quarters
  • Fixed summoned creatures not disappearing after fighting the bandits in Michelle's questline, in the slums.
  • Fixed foodstuffs and wine not working properly.
  • Fixed Fuar trader after starting to sell Orc meat.
  • Fixed Shilash when selling herbs and not giving money.
  • Fixed Shilash's "about yourself" speech.
That's pretty much it. My internet died for a few days, and I've been raging a lot xD But it's back up and things are good as far as I can tell. So this is why there has been no sound from me for a few days.

In any case, that is it for today. Thanks for checking in all the time, it really means a lot!


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  1. hope 2 paly it agin this time (and not destroy my gaem agin cuss of messing up qests and not saving :/ raely shold save before qests iv got 2 saves not for noting) (evinmg more if u make a seprate map for saves :D not in gaem map so u cna name saves :D :D )