Thursday, 31 July 2014

On the current build work

So, just heading in here and writing to let you guys know why things are slow, and some other things obviously.

So basically, it's so fucking hot right now, that I'm dying... I love the summer and the nice hot weather, but my room is 35C all day and night, and my computer isn't helping. So whenever I sit here and work on the game I end up sweating like a pig and getting all drowsy from the heat, hence the lack of updates. Sorry about this.

Something more, I want to thank you all for the work you did on the Wiki. A special thanks goes out to Kezhael who went crazy and did a ton of stuff as he went through his last playthrough! Thank you!

Remember, you can all help out by editing and adding to the wiki! Kezhael has done an admirable job, and so has the others who added to the game, but the more who go through it the more will be there in the end. 1 play through will normally only give you one way of playing, and a lot of the stuff in the game has several outcomes :)

Not trying to pressure anyone here lol, but I'm currently unable to do much more myself.

Now, about the next release. As mentioned above, the current speed is not really all that impressive. Sorry about that, but I will be adding as much as I can.

While I may not write every day, it does not necessarily mean that I do nothing that day, as I normally want a certain amount of content to show before posting!

So, that's pretty much it. I hope you guys are still looking forward to the updates and are still enjoying the game! Your support is what's keeping the game alive!



  1. buy a fan and keep your windows open, it has a really significant effect, especially if you are directly in front of the fan

    and its not that expensive

  2. id love help but my grammer wodent help mutch and u cna post not for weeks as long as u make sure we knwo u alive couler :D ow and a good tip take a day off and enjoy the beahe (sun sae women !!!) if its that hot ;)

  3. Here's what I do when it's too hot at home:

    Step one: Soak cotton t-shirt in cool (not cold, just cool) water.
    Step two: Wring out the shirt until it stops dripping.
    Step three: Wear the shirt.
    Step four: Repeat as necessary to keep comfortably cool.

    It works pretty well, at least for me. Just be careful about what furniture you lie/sit on, since some materials don't react well to the moisture.

  4. Another good way is to make an improvised "AC". If you have a fan place a 5l water bottle that has previously been frozen in front of it and let the air pass over it. As the fan blows over the bottle and ice it will cool down and will be able to chill down a bit. Just make sure to put the bottle onto something so the condensation doesn't run on whatever is under it. Should help you a bit.