Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Release AloneXP Ver. 7.2.2. out + Update log

So I made some stuff yesterday and today I decided to finally release the next release! But first, allow me to give you yesterdays and todays update log!


  • Added new journal entries for the new stuff
  • Added 2 new parts to the main quest.
    • The new stuff adds a lot of lore as well.
so, that's yesterdays stuff, and now I will roughly describe what has been added in general.

New release contains:
  • Numerous bug and clipping issues.
  • Added new content to Michelle
  • Added to the main quest
Here are the download links:

So anyway, this is it. I hope you will enjoy the new content that has been added.
If any bugs appear with the new content, remember to post them here on this post, the bug section or one of them forums!

Thanks for your patience with the last update, and let me know what you guys think!
As always, thanks for all the support! It's humbling to be working on this game with the fanbase being so supportive!



  1. Hi Crouler, love the work.
    Some things of note. First, I think the new part of the Michelle quest has a broken event. When you kill the enemy with the cowardly army member, nothing happens. I would assume this is because you told the event to do something it couldn't.
    Second, for the main quest have you only done up to the elf? Because I cannot find her.
    Third and finally, when I got the statue, it went to a black screen, there was a conflict with the main quest line, and my throne room got reset to the second stage of the throne room.
    Other than that, great update!

    1. Right, I'll have it fixed. Also, yes, only to the elf for now :)

  2. One of the guards in the barracks next to the castle in creeves ocean says 'go in, michelle will be glad to see you'

    despite the fact shes not there

    other than that, ditto what storm said

  3. snake women at rei-long is quest npc right?
    i still have black background for some map example capital barrack and orc cave

    1. Sorry to ask, but what do you mean with black background? Is it the entire map? Maybe a screenshot you can show me?

    2. not entire map but most of background is black
      the soldier barrack in capital near inn is complete black sceen but i can still see npc
      i don't know how to do sceenshot i don't have camera

    3. the print screen button is above the insert and delete. It probably says "Print Scrn SysRq" Then open paint and press "Ctrl+V" It will then insert the screen at the time.

  4. i don't see print sceen button
    but it ok i can remember most of problem map