Sunday, 6 July 2014

Update log 06-07-14

So, a LOT of work has been done today!

I'm nearing the point where I feel confident in releasing the current build.
I'm still pondering if I should add some new features to the castle first though, but we'll see.

In any case, here's today's work!


  • Added swimming sprites. They will now be relatively easy to make in the future for new characters.
  • Added topless Watresses in Carrie's mansion
  • Added stuff to Carrie's mansion, including herself
  • Added 4 new parts to the main quest
  • Added new sprites
  • Added new fighter

  • Fixed an instance of summoned creatures not dissapearing after a match

Today has been roughly 5 - 6 hours of work on the game, and a lot of new stuff has been added.

I did a lot of work on the swimming sprites, and I will in the future be able to add it to pretty much any sprite, so I will start actually using the big pools baths etc. In any case, thanks for staying tuned! Today was a lot of fun, but now I need to relax xD



  1. errr.....this may potentially be a dumb question, but who exactly is carrie?

    1. I think Carrie was a noble who invited you to a party at her place and had been one of the investors on the Orc meat quest though not sure without replaying that part of the game.. Regardless an imminent new release is fab news.

    2. Carrie is the woman who helps out in Michelle's questline near the end of the current build, who used to work for the other side, but started working for you.

      She demanded payment and the mansion as well as a lot of money was what she got.

  2. Is there any way to get a suit of ancient armor? I've found all the other 'ancient' equipment pieces, and I want to finish the set.

    1. I don't remember, which is really embarrassing <.< As I'll need to place the last piece if it's not already out xD This set was actually meant as more of a smallfun thing with the mimics, so I forgot to keep track xD

  3. I dont think that piece has been added yet