Thursday, 16 October 2014

Update log 16-10-14

So, just some things I want to let you guys know.

I'm still not with my own computer as I'm still visiting family. I did take the game with me so I could work on it, but I realized how much of a habit person I am. It's nearly impossible to work with stuff I'm no longer used to. Therefor I have decided to instead flesh out some improvements I wish to do. I'm writing them in a way that can pretty much allow me to do this in a  matter if a few hours when I get back to my own computer.

Anyway, these are the things that I can and will do here.

  • Tweaking summoning.
    • I will be buffing pretty much everything, making it all much stronger and more durable.
      • So, to be honest, the summoning system is something I'm proud of. I personally find it very unique in the rpg maker genre and I've spent a long time making it better. From the old pre-match summoning, to the actual skill, I have spent a lot of time and thought making it work.

        And to be true, it makes me sad when I know no one really uses it because it is useless :P So I will be majorly buffing all summonings. Here's what I'll do.
        • Huge buff to health
          • Currently they all die to easily and they aren't worth healing, so I'll make them much harder to kill, which will make them better taknks and take more hits away from the player, hopefully making them better partners.
        • Attack buff
          • Their attack is pretty weak, and many don't want to waste a turn summoning them due to their small hits. I wish to make them not only slightly tougher in health and defence but also in hits. They should not hit 100 while the player is slashing with several thousands of damage.
        • With these two things in mind I hope people will be using the summons more, so people can unlock the higher tiers of summons. The highest tiers and the special summons. This is likely to leave the game in a period of unballance until I make the summons just right, but I really want to make it a viable option.
    • I have also though of making 2 different catagories of summons. Attack and defence. These are pretty self explanatory, but I'll give a bit of info.
        • One side will be the tough creatures which will have tons of health and mainly buffs rather than attacks. The other will be attackers who will be heavy hitters but with only a low amount of health, making them die in a few rounds.
      • I'm not to sure if I will implement the attack and defence part as I'd rather keep it as is, but maybe the other thing would be more ballanced, I am not sure.
  • Filling empty areas
    • I will be adding a lot of quests to the now empty areas or at least stuff to do.
      • Currently, the world is so pretty, thanks to all the great mappers who decided to help me, and it's a shame that so much of the game is currently just there. But let me assure you, it has always been the plan to fill it all up.
        • All cities will be at Everlight VIllage, Rei-Long Oak and Capital standard in quests, and even more, as more quests will come in them as well.
        • All exploration areas will have more stuff to do. This includes quests, treasure and other small things that will make the player want to be there, not just go through there to get somewhere else... Hopefully :P
        • The houses and other places will have more stuff. While houses could just be there for the rpg feel, that isn't entirely my intention. I wish to make the player want to see what's inside. While not everything will have something, a lot of places will. Both quests and other random stuff that will make the player want to explore... Hopefully... Again :P Especially places like the giant mansion to the west of Rei-Long Oak, which will have major roles and tons of content to make the player want to visit the places frequently to unlock new stuff and try new things such as party events, unique people events and so on.
These are the things I have started working on. Not in game making it ready for in game.

The summoning tweaks are quick, but obviously all quest things take ages. Hopefully you guys will like what is coming up when it is released next. I can't give any date yet, but hopefully it will be in the near future.

As always, thanks for the support. This game would have stopped a long time ago if not for you guys!



  1. it's cool your fleshing out the Summoning i admit its a nice peice of game its just sad when like after Rei-long oak village i Summon a monster only for it to last a turn while eveyone gangs up on it :( i am enjoying the Story alot and cant wait till the next update i wanna see more of the Nameless Adventure's and his badass godhood powers

  2. In the past I've tried lvl'ing the summons, and (besides them being weak) this is my only problem with them, They take forever to get from one tier to another (I'm not sure if that was by design or not). Other than that I really like the system

  3. I have another gripe with summons actually. I find it very bothersome that i have to summon them every fight. So I'm thinking maybe let people summon them out of battle and choose when they leave the party. Of course to balance it out later you may need to do something like temporarily reduce their max mana while the creature is summoned. You could also make such creatures grow in strength with you Though if you are killed its still a game over if you cant be revived in short order. Lets face it if summons can use items they can bring you back and if you make the summons strong you can weaken the main characters stats a little without making fights too hard because you have allies. I get that its called alone but if you can summon a creature i feel like you should be able to maintain it also.
    omega pheonix-

  4. Summoning certainly could do with tweaking. At least there are a few items and quests to help level it faster later on.Looking forward the added content.

  5. You should work in advertising, can't wait for next update :D

  6. Thanks for this- it's really exciting!
    Is working on the marriage stories also close the agenda?

    1. Not to high on the to-do list at the moment. I have a lot of things that needs doing first, and a lot of the story needs to fall in to place before the player gets the choice to even get concubines and wives/ a wife.