Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Things fixed.

Issue wasn't that great, no worries. I went to a place where my old computer no longer had a monitor that worked with it :P Just needed some new cables, and I have those now. Tonight and tomorrow I can work a bit again, and when I get back home I can do even more as it feels kinda clunky working on this computer when I'm used to my other one :P

In any case, things are solved and there are no problems anymore! I'll try doing something now and tomorrow, so hopefully I have something to report tomorrow.



  1. see u stil at it crouler good keep up the good work im itching whit enticipation for when il try teh new realeses if missed in my absence due 2 not anaf time :)

  2. whev, good think it was only that, i feared it was the curse of the failing HDD that got you :S

  3. Yah! Glad to see you making the game again crouler? Question is the painting quest doable yet the one where you gather paintings to compete with the casino owner?

    1. unfortunately not. Right now I'm focusing on a few tweaks and some content that has been pushed up the queue such as the brothel questline and the sleeping quests, as well as some smaller ones to fill up relatively empty spaces in the game.

    2. Thanks good to know! Also I have a suggestion if you don't mind. There should be a way to upgrade the castle to hold more tiltih(Not sure of the spelling). I run upstairs and do something, come back down and its already full again XD