Monday, 3 June 2013

Last fix for now (AloneXP Ver. 7.0.3) is here.

As the title says the fix is here. I will now start working on larger projects. Also!

  • To those who have defeated Mordens, go to the top of the temple!


  1. hi, have a big problem.
    after the first dialouge scene (the priest tell "follow me") the screen turn black, a transision i suppose and nothing else happen.

    i try to dig in the forum threads and old blog post but i find nothing. :-\

    (sorry for my bad english)

    1. Can you try to explain it in a bit more detail? Is it the priest in Everlight? And is it the first time you meet her? I'm not sure where you mean this happens?

    2. I found out why. I accidentally made the spawn point wrong! I am uploading a fix now.

    3. thanks for the quik reply, hope the fix are online soon.