Friday, 9 September 2016

Thanks for the wait! New stuff should be coming tomorrow!

So, I have gotten back from studying abroad, and while things haven't settled down yet, I feel like I have the time to do another update on the game tomorrow. I have been doing a bit here and there to add and fix the game, and tomorrow I plan on working for a few hours to have a large enough release for you guys to enjoy!

I am sorry about the delay it took, I was actually planning on releasing a build last week but things got in the way I'm afraid.

Also, just to let everyone know that we aren't wasting the patreon money, I am searching for a good artist willing to do our artwork!

I tried contacting legoman, but he did not do colour commissions, and thus I had to look on. I have now tried writing on Aka6's hentai foundry (very unprofessional lol) and I am waiting for a response from him whether or not he wishes to do some work for us!

Anyway, I just wanted to keep you guys up to date.

Thank you so much for sticking with us for... A month? I think it has been a month by now, and I see that people are still visiting the blog in almost as large numbers as before the small break! Thank you! I will do my best to make tomorrow's update worthy of your time!



  1. Well, getting art for the game does sound good, but uh... Are you getting enough money through patreon to be able to do that? I mean, you haven't reached that $150 dollars per month goal just yet. Maybe some custom art would bring more patreons to the game though? So long as you don't strain your personal finances, some custom art would be nice.

    Which character were you thinking of getting art done for first? Would you host like a public poll to determine that?


    1. I always planned on spending the money on artwork. The $150 would ensure monthly updates on a somewhat larger scale, but as we are now we will be pooling the money together from each month to spend on the artwork.

      As for the first set of artwork I have asked the artist to do a noble I will be needing for the game soon, and we are currently talking back and forth on the subject. There may be polls in the future, but for the time being I would like to fill out unique characters that are in need of relatively small amounts of artwork, as redoing all artwork for one of the major characters would cost several hundreds and take a very long time.

      But, polls are a good idea, and I may do so when I have done the first few orders :)

    2. Ah dang, I forgot the most important part... Thanks as always for all the work you and your team put into the game, Crouler!

      Thanks for replying so swiftly to my comment as well. Could I maybe get a sneak=peak as to what kind of personality this new noble character will have? XD


    3. Haha, it isn't too much of a secret, so far she is thought out to be a rather powerful duchess in the southern part of the lands who is used to be the ruler, not gonna say much more as everything is liable to change should anything happen in "production" xD