Saturday, 10 September 2016


And it is finally here! I can't give you the usual content log as I have been working on it for ages and forgotten everything I've done, so I will just be talking general here xD

I fixed some of the game breakers, and I added some new content. 2 new scenes, I think, for all of you sex peepz out there, one of them is only available if you are more evil than good. Most of this update has been dedicated to the castle town, BUT

I have massively boosted the divine games pawn, so she now starts out strong enough to survive at least the basic battles... I hope...

Anyway, downloads!


That is pretty much it.

I would like to have a up to date, oh shit list of bugs, so any large bugs, please post in this thread.

Thank you all for waiting so patiently for this update, I am embarrassed to have taken such a long break, but I should be back now.

Also, for the art, I am currently talking to AKA6 and I think our first artwork will come from him! Though it will take a while :P

Anyway, that is it for today! Thank you so much for all the support, and once again, thank you to all our patrons, we are doing the best we can to make everyone happy with the game!

Love you all xD



  1. I started a new game with this and it takes you straight to the castle at level 1.I didn't overwrite any files just downloaded this and started just south of the castle at level 1 and can't go anywhere else.Was this supposed to be added to the last version,or was it supposed to be the full game?

  2. The sand beach Kagi is on in following acceptance of letting her build your town is not actually something you can walk on, and as such there's no way to access her and do those quests.

  3. Oh~ the cute lil bastrd is back, wb. :P
    Regarding the player town yeah actually if you go south from your castle you enter the map and are stuck in place can only go back north.
    I thought this was intentional till the town content is complete but if not this needs a fix.

    1. Ah yes hope you checked my .txt in the "AloneXP release" thread.
      Also another thing, you get a message that you obtained the new divine games currency in the divine games even if you lose the game, you do not obtain it for real but the message is still there telling you that you did.

    2. As far as I can tell, the win/loss messages are firing based on where you step following a game, with stepping on the tile at the bottom right of the bed following a game firing the win response(and giving you a win token), while stepping on the tile at the bottom left of the bed gives you the lost response. The way this seems to work is that if you win, you land on the win space, which doesn't fire until you move off it and back on, and the same happens if you lose.

      I've also tested the store, and have found a couple issues. Firstly, victory coins don't seem to be disappearing when you make a purchase. Secondly, the amount of boosts you have seems to be triggering... Weirdly. I'm not sure how to explain it.

      I'll also add that as a non-bug balance problem? Boosts currently fire one at a time, leaving you forced to be stationary at the start zone until they stop, or to move with frequent stops. This can leave you attacked by things that even with the boosts aren't possible to beat, because you've had no chance to get to a safe place. For this reason, boosts might function better as a use item, them an auto-use item.

  4. So the move to the beach being fixed..check
    Next encountered (bug)? for me was after killing the beats it says something about a summoner but there's no one and nothing else around the area until you get back down to the beach again... am I just blind and missing something obvious or it there something missing there ?