Saturday, 31 October 2015


There! Finally a new release :P

I successfully (I hope) added the next part of the brothel questline. This was a hassle to make, but I hope it works out fine.

An answer to a frequently asked question, the cheat function is working. You need to advance the main quest to where you meet the angels and have a fully upgraded divine's private room.

Now, for todays stuff! :D


  • Added the new area outfitted for the brothel questline.
    • Currently once you exit "the place" you'll have reached the end of what is in now.
  • Added new chars to the game.
  • New fighters
The new area may take a while, and is very difficult, save before entering! 



Before ending today's message, I'd like to thank the guys at kimochi. Their service is really great, and I've been playing a ton of new games, getting a lot of inspiration on some RPGMaker functions, so hopefully it won't just benefit you guys with new games, but also making this game better! :D So thanks Kimochi! And congratulations on getting so many new games!

That's pretty much it for today, thanks for waiting, I do hope the new content is interesting for you guys :) As always, thanks for all the support you are giving this project, even though there are so many others out there, you take the time to play Alone, and it warms my pervy heart :D



  1. Hey, the game is great but I seem to get stuck from a few updates:

    - In fuar once shavronne sends you to find the girl, she immediately appears outside the house so you can talk to her (as if you had done the quest)
    - If you talk to her you can continue the quest, if you don't you go to the girl but are never able to "win" at her game (how do you win?)

    Also if you continue the quest by talking to shavrone, you can continue to do all quest well until she sends you to find a picture taken by bandits on fuar. Then you kill the bandits, says something about the picture (but you dont get an item in your inventory?), and you go back to the brothel but you cant enter and says something about retrieving the picture that you just retrieved?


  2. in divine room what i must write in this cart wha a t(special)

  3. and +1 thing more ,my journal said that I need to talk to cial or lial in the main quest. but nothing happen. what should I do?

  4. There are two bugs with the Brothel quest:
    - Event ID 007 (036,036) is "East Path 2" is missing a "Shavrone's Picture" +1
    - Event ID 008 (019,018) has a condition on 0773 but the previous event does not change 0773 (only adds 0774)! Adding an empty action if 0773 AND 0774 seems to work?

  5. In order to "win" at getting Succubus Trainer for Bawdy House Brothel quest" in Fuar at the inn when you try to get Cindy to "Anal-gazm" the event is set to [v0010:Sex <50]
    so don't have sex more than 48 times before attempting this quest...?

    1. Tested:
      >50 results in a loss with one round
      51-1000 results in a loss with two rounds.
      Didn't test higher than 1000

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    3. Used some memory hacks to play around with values. You need basic sex experience to go the second round but you need anal sex experience specifically to make her cum. Event succeeded with sex xp at 73 and anal xp at 50 (hacked)

  6. Wiki updated!

  7. If anyone knows the source of the pictures used in Phallia's scenes I would LOVE them. *Wink Wink*

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  9. I'm still stuck with the journal telling me to get the picture back to shavrone and the brothel telling me that I need to find it.
    Is thre a way to end this quest ? or is it just bugged ?
    Also, still didn't found a way to win at the cindy game

  10. Alright, if you have the part of the 'In the army....' quest-line where you are searching for Carrie active at the same time as the leg of 'Lydianne's faction' where you are hunting groups of suspicious people you can break both of the quests. This is because one of the groups of suspicious people is sitting right on top of the trigger for eavesdropping on Carrie and her underling.

  11. I'm having an issue with the Brothel Quest. I get to the point I'm doing extra tasks before you make a new branch and it says something about getting a stylist. Well it says that is already done but after it it says something about medicine fro the girls. And it won't give me anything instructions on that. When I try to talk to her about it. it just says the girls will have to pay and be mad. Did I mess something up?