Saturday, 24 October 2015

AloneXP release - MINOR

So, this is a minor release. I've spend some time adding new maps and such, preparing for the next release, and originally I did not want to release it until then, but seeing as I'm not likely to do more today, I wanted to release this version to fix the new spawn bug.

New content:

  • New stuff to the brothel questline (very limited)
  • Fixed starting point
  • Added maps for next release
That's it for today, sorry about this, but I'm all out of time.


Kimochi - Get the launcher :)

As always, thank you so much for the support, and I'm very sorry about this last release's bug with the start, and how I did not fix it until now!



  1. Haven't you fixed the bug with the missing cheat note or did you forget to mention it or is the fault on my side and I'm missing it? Should be in the fully upgraded main bedroom didn't it?
    And about the game itself: Beside some missing hitboxes here and there (just for aesthetics reasons) and the royal district in the capitol (it's just to empty in the moment, so empty that I would prefer to let it out), I think it's an nice game you made till now, well done. :)

  2. i cant use the cheat note iether

    iether way nice release

    btw when is the divine castle village/city being added ?