Saturday, 10 October 2015

Next release

Sorry about there being no release with this post.

Basically, I've been crunching at the game for a few good hours, but I have very little to show for it.
I did fix quite a few bugs, most notably the one where you couldn't enter the brothel :P Sorry about it being so late, but apart from that, just a bit of stuff for the questline. So I've decided to postpone this weeks release. It will either be in the upcoming days. If not it will be next saturday. I can't promise anything, sorry, but that's how things are right now.

Sorry to bother you guys with this tedious message, but just wanted to let you know it's being worked on, just not fast enough ;)



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  2. No problem, good luck with everything

  3. Hey Crouler :> Jus wanted to say that really enjoying the game :>
    When you're Referring to the Brothel Quest. Are you talking about the Painting you have to get at Faur. Because i can't go inside even i have the painting. :>

  4. Thanks for news

  5. about the bothel quest...

    with the painting i kinda had the same issue... its about Shavron right ?

    about your bothel in everlight ? it looked cool building etc... shame u cant play it... cuz its buggs

    her house quest, and friend(the anal issue) keeps failing.. tried even 100 times...from making her cum first... but nooo chance...
    u get her @ ur bothel instandly after talking 1x house though from shavron,
    But... once u start the quest to find her picture right after it gets bugged... even if u collected the picture and wana go back to her,
    Fuar got quiet few buggs. to with the sauna baths and the cave u gotta rescue 3x girls ina cave... had to teleport out of it... cuz i was stuck... couldnt even move :p
    but apart from that

    the game is realy fantastic...

  6. Hello love the game, Quick question im having issues finding the priest in Everlight Village you know the one for the castle quest im not sure if my game cliched but ive talked to everyone and cant find her

  7. @ post above me, shes hiding under the tree close to the gaurds while there up in running... look very carefully and ul see her standing in a corner,
    but what quest your talking about infact ?
    the 3 priest u need catch trying to murder u?

    or the quest from start in everlight
    (in buildings first on right side when u come from starting area)

    or the one that your gona make the bothel with ? >> poison or something shes called

    she will stand in the Inn on start ... but that faaaar close to end quest for last personal bothel.. wich u need shavrons help etc from faur and get her picture... wich is kinda buggd to be honest,