Saturday, 7 November 2015


So, here is a new release for you guys!
It's pretty decent this time around in size I think, and I added 2 sex scenes to the mix.

Now, I'd like to make a small list on how I plan on making the next couple of releases-

  • I plan on adding more to the brothel questline for the time being. Probably 2 or 3 more releases.
  • After that, I plan on making a release dedicated to fixing known lesser bugs that are not fixed in the normal releases.
  • After this I plan on continuing the main quest and Michelle's questline for a bit before adding the buildable city to the player's island.
So that's pretty much it for the foreseeable future.
Time is, as always, an issue, but I hope to get this done soonish.

In any case, this release

  • Fixed the scene where you were required to let the girl in Fuar achieve anal orgasm. Now it calculates the player's sex prowess correctly.
  • Added 2 sex scenes to Shavrone. (Both are threesomes, and they are randomly picked)
    • I plan on adding tons of single sex stuff with Shavrone too.
  • Added several new parts to the brothel questline.
That's it for today!


So, this is likely it for today. I originally planned on adding a bit more, but sex scenes really do take a shit-ton of time, and I did have a few people tell me they'd wanna help, but they have become very busy, so I'm still doing it myself.

Now, one more thing, if you are interested, I need someone to help out with the "public relations" kinda thing :P I am horrible at actually responding to people, so I need someone who can simply check for me and answer for me if needed. I'll of course keep in contact so it won't be like you'll need to figure out everything yourself, but you just need to look over the blog and forums.
Write if you are interested. 

That's it for today. Thank you guys for sticking with us, it is amazing that this is still going on! It is thanks to you guys that I can continue doing this, as I would have never done this if people weren't interested in my game, so thank you all very much!



  1. when i defeat a magic stone during the brothel quest line a succubus appears in it's place and the game freezes the music and the rain animation continue but it doesn't move on to whoever's turn is next it's just stuck

  2. Well... i've managed to pass the cindy quest, but i'm stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill blocked with no way to give the picture back to shavrone......

    1. How? I'm still stucked with cindy.

    2. You have to retry until it works (you need approx 30 in anal sex i think)

    3. i have 31 and still nothing

  3. can give the burning sword a more slash animation and not make it so identical to the fire spell?

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  5. Where u guys found the rest of girls I upgraded and put the old save data in the new version but I'm not seeing any other girl for the brothel?

    1. there's only 2about 3 or so so in the capital

    2. there's only 2about 3 or so so in the capital

    3. Thanks but still not seeing any