Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Update log 20-01-2015

So, I thought it would be good to tell you guys what's going on.

I just finished my last exam for the semester and I am back to working on the game. Spend a few hours today so far, and I'm planning on spending some more.

So, here's what I've done since the last update.


  • Added more conversation with Lisanne
  • Added the "reward priests" option in the castle (with Lisanne).

So, here's how the near future looks for the game, content wise.

I will tell you the planned row of which I wish to make the new content.

  1. Adding more life to the player castle (such as rewarding priests, feasts, special events, visitors etc.)
  2. Adding minor quests around the world to fill up some of the more "empty" cities.
  3. Adding more to the main quest.
  4. Adding a few more major questlines. (Brothel questline for example)
  5. Adding 2 new areas to the capital. (Noble quarters and commons)
  6. Adding explorable areas to the castle island.
  7. Adding a buildable city to the island which the divine has his castle on.
  • All the while I will be adding to unfinished questlines such as Michelle's questline etc.

Some other content I have planned but I have made no mental notes on when to actually do would be:

  • (Possibly) making a stronghold system where the player can build outposts in "the wild" where he can then decide on a military pressence to keep away some of the monsters (if he wants to).
  • (Possibly) adding a sailing system where you can go to the ocean and sail to places rather than quick travel where there will be more use for the player's ship and where you can explore areas along the shore and islands.

All of this will take a long time to make, especially with the amount of free time I have, but I wanted to tell you guys about it none the less.

In any case, I'm working on more content, and I expect a semi large release that will add new content to the game within the week, I am not sure how many quests will be with the release, as I'm working on filling the castle at the moment, but I plan on making sure it's enough for you guys to give the castle a some time to explore!

I love you all! The fact that we've had pretty much no decline in visits from you guys even though we've been a buncha slowpokes warms my old perverted heart. (I'm a slowpoke anyway)

In any case, I appreciate the support !



  1. Crown me as king lazy, cause maps I made ages ago are just now being put in :D

  2. this game is awesome so far :) and i would love to see those new update you just listed above :)! but im curious, are you have any thoughts or any plan to make this Alone XP into VX Ace version? i know that might be quite a bit a lot of work but from my experince VX Ace is much easier to work with and it runs better most of time for me :). but keep up the good work and hope nothing worse will happen in long run :)!

    1. Glad you like the game! :) Also, this game started in VX and was migrated to XP. Then VXAce was released and I really like using it, but I will not move the engine again. Any future games will be though :)

  3. Just promise one thing: you will not make any of those dungeons in which you don't see the walls or the floor and you have to "walk in the dark". Could result in several curses and whatnot.

  4. sorry for asking but wil there be more conpanions in the future like lucia havent heard of there being enione more well pc her and sumoning is 3 but would be nice to have a choice having demons or devil and angel in party xD keep on making so i can keep on playing lol