Friday, 29 August 2014

Best Laid Plans And All That

Okay,as you know,Crouler is pretty busy at the moment and has left the game in the hands of me and Naki. I had planned to make a new section of Fuar and add a mini quest to introduce two new characters but for the last week the demand for my time has never been higher.
That said,I now have time to start work on a few maps and character design. The far east of Fuar(Snow Town) is accessible at the moment, but I plan to plonk down some hot-springs and a brand-spanking-new Onsen(I admit I really like making them).
And on a minor note,I am also now the teams only fledgling artist. Don't expect anything amazing, I'm only making a few battlers and such. I'm not gonna be replacing all the ingame art with my own,that would take more time and skill than I have. I've already made a battler for Crouler, and one for myself. I have a third underway but I want to finish the maps and dialogue before continuing with it. I may post some of the sketches from time to time if there's any interest in it.

Not a whole lot to report but it's better than no posts for a week. I'll be posting my progress every couple of days until Crouler returns.