Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The newest version is out! AloneXP Demo Ver. 6.8!

After having spent 7H 30M of today, I finally managed to go through the last batch of content for the game!

With what is bound to be 1000s of bugs and even more glitches, I present to you the newest
update to the game!

New Content:

  • New joinable Detective faction'
  • A purchasable farm
  • Some random stuff I can't remember since I'm a slowpoke that spend ages on this
  • Bug fixes
Notable bug fixes
  • The mayors daughter - the bug where the diary was un-reachable.
If this still fucks up, write a comment.

I'll be doing a bug crushing marathon (Sounds fun, right?) after this update.
Once I've fixed all the bugs with this new update I'll start it, and once done with that
I'll work on more content.

So if you know of any unfixed bugs, please post them! I have been bad at keeping track of all the bugs reported, and will most likely need them all re-mentioned

I hope you guys enjoy this new update! As always, take care! And write any comments you have on one of the official forum threads or on the blog!


DL Links:


  1. rgss104e.dll not found.

    1. If you already have RPG maker XP installed try going here


      That's all I can do. As far as I know it's something about the RPG maker client. Not the actual game.

  2. ^Sorry for double posting:

    If this still doesn't help, drop a message, I'll try doing something. Maybe I'll try to repack it or something, but anyway, test if the file works :)

  3. Thanks for the help!
    The game works now

    1. Happy to hear it! A fix will be posted in a few mintes too, just so you know.

  4. First, the bugs. So far I only found one, if you talked to any of the people in the detective basement, it will continue to loop without stopping.

    Second, how do you join the Detective faction?

    Third, I'm enjoying the game!

    1. I am releasing a new fix in a few minutes (though the detective bug should have been fixed in the last fix) which fixes a shit-ton of bugs I found while looking through the new content.

      The detectives faction is part of the things that are fixed xD Try entering the barracks again, should allow you to join then :P

      And I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the game! Small comments like that are what keeps me going! They really help motivate me a lot, so thanks! :D