Saturday, 18 May 2013

New progress update

It is truly strange. As I'm working on my exams, I seem to find more time to work on the
game than I normally do. I have done a huge bit of work on the game. I'm thinking of releasing the game after
I finish the next part of the farm quest. That would leave it far from done, yet I could make it a
"For every update, you'll be able to further upgrade your farm" kinda project, and I like the idea of that.
If things go as planned I might even have an update as soon as later today or maybe tomorrow.

Right now I'm working on my exam, and see what happens. The last few days, it has been easy to spend
my relax time on the game, so I guess, depending on when I need a break, I'll start working on the game!
I hope you guys are still following the game, I'll release the update as soon as possible!

Unfortunately, there will be no fixes, and I will be asking for any bugs found once the next version
is released, and then, rather than working on more content, I'll work on fixing the major bugs in the old


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