Monday, 20 May 2013

Another small update on updates and stuff

So, basically, I've decided to do a more... Well, a somewhat better way of doing these
updates, making it easier for readers to see what I've done. Then, I'll write all the unnecessary crap up
her and below like always, so you can skip it if you think I'm being boring as shit.
This first one will have all the updates I remember doing before the last game update.


  • Added a joinable detective part of the town guard in Ceeves Ocean
  • Added an abduction case to the detective work
  • Added a smuggling ring to uncover in the detective work
  • Added new maps for the farm. 2 exterior (one upgrade) and two interior (one upgrade)
  • Added quests for the farm

Bug fixes:

  • The bug with the mayor in Everlights daughter, where you couldn't reach the journal "should" be fixed by now... Though it probably isn't

Forum Changes:
  • I'm changing the % for the farm to "how close to next update" rather than the full and finished farm.

Since I'm doing this now, there is most likely lots of crap which I haven't written down here,
but I hope I got most of it.

The idea for this update was to make it huge, but time has a way of making me release early, simply because I don't want you guys to be waiting for several months for every update. Updates are slow as it is already, and I don't intent to make them slower, even if it means releasing the update before reaching the goal I set out.
The things I wanted to make for the next update will still be added to the game, though over a period of several updates. I hope it is ok with you guys


Important stuff - I hope you like this way of showing my progress! I'll be using it from now on, unless
I hear that you guys prefer the old way... Which I doubt you do... Still, can't be to sure...

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