Sunday, 28 October 2018


A new release is out. This time we are focusing on the player city, so I believe everything is bound to go wrong lol. Hope no major issues have been added, though I have learned from experience that it is unlikely to be smooth lol


  • Added player-city quests for the upgrade of the town
  • Added a few new stages to the city (at least now you can upgrade them.)

The new city stuff is incredibly difficult to add, so I hope it is worth it. 

As for bugs, I will soon do another sweep, hopefully going over most known bugs, though I'm unsure when it will be. Please let me know if anything does not work with the newly added areas and quests!

As always, thank you very much for playing the game, it is appreciated! And to our patrons, we are so very grateful to your continued support! Thank you!



  1. Can't advance the Casino quest after the dinner in the VIP area. Still get the scene prior with Jane, Sine and Shing.

  2. still stuck at hospital questline after healed all patients, but hospital owner still ask for help her patients. i dont know what next move...