Wednesday, 17 October 2018 - A new release

So, I managed to do enough work on the game to make for a decent release. It has been mainly focused on the hospital. I really want to get to work on filling the noble quarters, making the player city and the elven city soon, but all of those are major projects, so I believe I want to try and tie up some loose ends for quests before, since once I begin doing those large projects, very little will be released as they take a long time to prepare for actual content.

Anyway, content this release will look simple:

  • Added more to the hospital quest-line
    • *Spoiler* If you get lost and don't know how to proceed, at a point when a party has been prepared, you need to head to the temple area where someone will seek you out.
  • Added new sex scene for the hospital
  • added a few minor things here and there, nothing real to talk about.

That is it for this release.

As mentioned in the last few releases, the plans for the game are pretty much set. Also, the last long *no release* period will hopefully not happen again. Things just did not work out very well. For now, I believe the future will bring back a more stable schedule for the releases. 

Thank you all for staying patient, we really appreciate it! You make it worth continuing to work on the game. Thank you to our patrons! As soon as we manage to get enough funds for the last piece of artwork (we are currently in line for a series, but the one after that) we will stop the patreon, as there will be no more planned for the time being, and then, having people pay us seems shady. So, thanks for all the support! We are fighting on and want to keep working on the game until it is finished!



  1. still stuck after healing all patients at hospital, Genkiana still say "Please help out patiens". Any clue for this?

  2. You can walk knockout around when you summone a monster and he win the fight (go back to town and sleep in bed after a fight with mountain orc when you talk to a person you have immetiately a game over).

    I have had a lot of problems to came out the last mountain (killed all three mountain orcs). It works one time from over 5xtimes so you must look why you can´t go out normal. I looked around if I miss something or done something wrong.

  3. When you have a choose you can´t go back to choose another option from the first side. For examle drug junkie.

  4. Hospital when you choose analyty cure after this you have a black screen.

  5. Fuar
    After sex in hidden room black screen.

    The Quest warning must be optimized
    For example: Thief Island
    I was to bad and my inventory to low and I used all my saves there so I must use a cheat engine to solve it.

  6. Capital
    Sex with Len Wolf you can walk through all

  7. Capital
    Sicila double after Michelle are in Rei-Long Oak.

  8. Hospital
    Investigate Nurse after the scene black screen

  9. Thanks for all the bug reports. I will do a bug-sweep soon. Though I thought I had fixed the hospital stuff.