Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Well, that was awkward

Okay, so, had a bit of a problem in that the aforementioned horses rose up in rebellion. Everything should be fine now, we're rolling in glue money, so to speak.  I was going to post a good while back, but Crouler got there before me, so I thought 'It'll be grand, I can leave it for a while'.
I was busy with a commission and a few other thing, and they're more or less sorted. Got a good bit of work done with the Oni Onsen in the meantime. All the dialogue has been written and greenlit by the boss(more fun with the mild-mannered Okura[a bitch to write by-the-way]). I'm also making more sprites(a lot more) sine this is(pretty much) unisex bath house, which means female versions of monsters(Crouler decided to be more creative about this) and other species with their tits out, and an unprecedented amount of male monster junk.
To summarise;

  • All lines written
  • Extra maps made
  • Sprites galore
  • No more horses    

One last thing;
Nikola wanted to see the artwork that was taking up my time, and if anyone else is interested, here it is:
Dropbox 1
Dropbox 2
Dropbox 3
Dropbox 4

I guess that's all from me for now. Might have an update from our resident spell checker soon.
Mugginns A'GoGo


  1. I really like Rael :D
    As for the game where will the bath be located?
    What town or is it a new zone altogeather

    1. Thank you.
      The onsen is already implemented, to a point, it can be found on the eastbound road in Fuar. It's just an introductory miniquest at the moment.

  2. by any chance, will the main character be able to have.... relations with the male monsters?

  3. "not likely, as most scenes like that have both males visible, and I'm not about to commission a ton of unique stuf. I'm not that rich ^^" -Crouler

  4. Will we ever see the owner's daughter again

    1. Yup, and you'll also get to meet the mother.