Saturday, 18 April 2015

Update - The reason for no updates for the time being

So, just wanted to keep all of you guys updated on things as they are.

Currently we are having someone go through the game's text (Not sure if he wants to remain anonymous or not so for now I won't write his name :P), correcting typos and such. What's more, mugginns is working on his Onsen questline.

Once this is done you will get the extended Onsen quest, and hopefully a cleaned out text for you guys to read. Hopefully this is OK for you guys too.

While they are working on that, I'm working on getting my own exam stuff done, so it is a win-win situation for me as well! I hope you guys will stick with us! I can't really tell when the next release will be, I'll have to try and ask the two if they have any idea. Once I know more I'll keep you guys updated!

As always, thanks for always making your way to our blog for new stuff! Love you all! :D



  1. Could you go back through your previous post and answer all questions we have in the comments section

  2. yes please...stuck on ze main quest with tarrie going off to investigate and just simply disappearing off the face of the map...ect ect ect :O

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  4. currently there seems to be some kind of error in the download, you see, when you download the 7.4 v.rar inside the folder you see the 7.3 v (or at least that's what it says), i just want to point that out since it can either be that you didn't upload the v right or it's just a name error, great work with the game btw, i liked every aspect of it (some enemies you have to grind a lot in order to beat them, but it is a rpg so that's something that i will expect, and there are a lot of things to fix up but it's still a great game ), i'll look forward for more updates :3

  5. Anonymity never appealed to me. go ahead and tell people I'm proofreading it.