Saturday, 28 June 2014


Truth be told I have not done anything on the game today, sorry about that.

I have, however, been writing a bit in the wikia.
I'd like to point out that I under no circumstances will add everything there. I'm probably close to done with what I'll be writing there, I've just put up some basic stuff and background stuff. What is still missing is quests and other things about the world and the cities.

I ask all of you guys to go there, if you have time, and start writing on this stuff! Create new pages if needed, add to existing pages if something is needed and make the wiki grow for the people who like playing with the wiki's in mind.

As mentioned no walkthrough's have been added yet, but I have added the cities and a section under each city called "quests" where the walkthrough's could be.

The article on Everlight is probably the best one to look at so far to get a feel of how I had thought it could be anyway.

In any case, feel free to go and add to the wiki! I'll probably add some more here and there, but in general I think I'm done for now!



  1. I won't be able to for a month but after I'm free I'll check the wiki out and contribute where possible. Lol leave that stuff to us, you continue with the game!

  2. A guide is super appreciated