Friday, 13 June 2014

Update log 13-06-14

So, I only managed to do a bit of bug smashing and adding some journal sections today.

Anyway, here's today's done stuff :P


  • Added journal entries for Michelle's new quest stuff
  • Added a new sprite to the game. Inanimate as it may be :P *Hint* *Hint*
  • Fixed the dark shard mine internal entrance which was not working properly.
Notes on the upcoming stuff.
Basically I'm currently adding Michelle's new stuff to the game and I will be working on this for the time being. Then, after that, I will be fixing the last remaining bugs that have been reported. Once finished with that I have 2 new characters in mind as well as the "wive's" quest and the rich and normal quarters of the capital. Hopefully I'll get around to make it all in to the next update. I can not give an exact day as it is a somewhat large update. In no way is it as large as the castle, but it is still fairly large for a content update.
Of course I will be adding castle functions alongside with stuff, but for now they are being made as a side thing as they aren't as important as a lot of other stuff.

That's all for today. I get the feeling that I'll be able to do much more tomorrow, but we'll have to wait and see ;)



  1. just a question does the character has a lvl to get skill, like lvl 10 he gets one and lvl 15 another one? could you make a list of the lvl and the skill you get on that lvl.


    lvl 10 - darkness
    lvl 20 - ???

    i want to know to see how much skills i have to get and how much lvl i need to get.

  2. The only skills that are automatically learned by the divine is:
    Lv. 1: Light, Darkness
    Lv. 25: Greater Light, Greater Darkness
    Lv. 50: Mass Light, Mass Darkness

    All other spells/skills are obtained through other means.

  3. by the way, the itens in the servants area of the castle are inverted, the table is under and the books and others things are above, so it looks like you can get up on the table or put a book up on your head. And the bath house is still with the "going through" issue, so you can go through the wall and water.

  4. can angels protect the Divines Farm? if they can, how can i put them, i completed the farm quest at the beginning of the game.

    1. The clipping issues are known to me, and I will be fixing them whenever I notice one, no worries :)

      About angels protecting the farm, so far nothing along those lines can be done.
      Might add such an option later.

  5. It would be nice if you could add a tool that lists all the rooms in the castle and what level they are, and what is the max level.
    Because I keep on discovering rooms I have missed, and I want to fully upgrade it before opening it to public

    1. I will be making a sort of "map" where you will be able to see the castle room wise. It will likely either be in your inventory or in the divine's office and then have a "teleport to room" function added.

    2. Don't the maids already do the teleport to room thing?... or would we be able to teleport to certain rooms from outside the castle? I'm not going to complain about a separate tool to do the same thing, but it seems it would be a bit redundant having both maids and a teleport map.