Sunday, 12 May 2019

Upcoming release

I am not dead! I have had a release ready for almost 2 weeks and have been adding to it, but I simply haven't gotten around to uploading it. I will be doing a bit more and then, maybe around Wednesday, I will have a release uploaded!


Edit: The work on the update is postponed until Thursday instead. I will try to upload and post it on at the same time!


  1. "i am not dead" Letter from beyond da grave? xD lol. Oh but i believe in you as always of course. :)) I mean, who'd stick with something for more than 5 years now otherwise. xD Shit, i wish we could just do stuff we want instead of stuff we need. That would rock so hard, oh yeah.

    1. Haha, I'm doing everything I can to go toward the end now. Thing is, I could finish the main quest and all unfinished business now, but that would leave several parts of the game empty. So I need to add things to other places too, even starting new quests, I'm afraid, or places like the noble's quarter, the elven village or the player city would be bloody ghost towns xD

      That said, I am aiming for the last stuff now. Let's see if this game can't reach some sort of conclusion "soon". (Soon in Croulerspeak: Within the next 22 years, unless catching a cold. That shit delays stuff by a few years.)