Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Current time-table

So, I am getting an overview of when things will calm down for me. I believe I will be getting back to working on the game either at the end of this month or the start of the next. If I manage to get a release out before, it will be because I have managed to find a bit of free time, of not, I don't expect another release until then.

I hope you all understand, and I apologize for the lack of releases in January!
I hope to see you all when the next release is out!



  1. No worries on my part I understand how life can get overwhelming at times.

    Besides this time off from the game might give you some time to think on what you might want to add next to the game.

    1. I agree, but I hope certain things will get resolved. Things like drugs and marriage seemed to be in limbo. Also I don't know if that crime solving part of the game has been abandoned. I just know it was halted for being buggy. I should have checked the work in progress page, but I hardly see any difference on it. I'm starting to rant. Good luck.

    2. Sorry for the long delay with replying (as always). I just wanted to respond here.
      The new update is ready and being uplaoded, I just need time to publish it here.

      Drugs are a work in progress, and marriage, since it is rather large, is likely going to come in a series of updates.

      As for the detective stuff, yes it was super buggy and in the end I put it on hold. Likely, just before I release the final version of the game, I'll go over things like that and see if it is worth actually adding it in the end or if I cut it completely.

      Finally, I am very happy you mentioned the work in progress thing. I haven't even used that in years! Damn, that was hella outdated! It's gone now, lol. Thanks!