Sunday, 1 May 2016

Last bugfix before I go on break! Welcome back crouler!

 Right so here's it should fix everything people were mentioning before:
1. Dash bug in castle fixed, exit from divine bath should work from either side now. (I hope).
2. Oni-Onsen dash glitch should be fixed up for when you get teleported out for having insufficient investment funds. (Also should now send you outside of the Onsen, instead of completely outside of Fuar).
3. Inside the hostel should no longer glitch out dash when you open a door.
4. If you have the elven maids in the castle, when you get to a particular hallway where the sexy scene should trigger, the game will move you to that square once. This doesn't mean that the actual event will trigger, but you now know where to keep checking. (It'll need tweaking later).
5. The bandit group in the slums has been moved slightly to allow you to interact with Carrie as normal. 
6. Poison has been fixed to respond to, and then set, the proper switches after your dungeon crawl. 
7. Naruyan - the bug you've reported with Script'SKD 2.2' Line 5180 is caused by a glitch that usually shows up if there's been a hard shutdown, a power outage, or the like that disrupted the game and closed it before it finished running a script. Reinstalling the game in place, (you can overwrite all the files), should solve this.
8. Balder - Hot Stuff is assumed to be auto-equipped. Just use the tokens in battle like you would an item. Sorry that wasn't more clear.

And with that, I turn the helm back over to crouler. 

md5 checksum is:  6D398B7365FBD60AE0877C99F4B18D63 

RPG Maker XP RTP Link (Don't forget to select XP before downloading). 


  1. J-just don't go too far away. :> p_p"

    1. Also Crouler, ya got email or something that i can use to contact you privately? :> i wish to send you some goodies. :>

    2. 'kay, i take it as "no thanks" then.

    3. Sorry for not replying at all. I normally only have time to work on the game on Saturdays, and that's also when I check the blog. What did you have in mind for goodies? I love goodies!


    4. Well, links to sites to be specific that could be of use to you and the game. Maybe you know them already but i'm not posting them for everyone to see regardless so i need a mail or something. :>

  2. Reporting a couple bugged quests:
    Brothel - after the dungeon crawl and clearing out the bandit house in Rei-Long Oak, the game gets stuck in a black screen after finishing the dialog with the captives. I can access the menu by pressing Esc, but the game screen is stuck black.
    Meaty Goodness - After delivering the letter to the merchant in the Capital, the quest won't progress. The merchant says she hasn't received a shipment of meat yet, while the Journal still says I need to deliver the letter.

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  3. can someone tell me where the concubine rooms are in the castle? I cannot find them (the amason asked me to be my concubine, but I do not find the room)