Sunday, 27 September 2015


So, a new release is out. Fixed a few bugs from the old versions and added more content.

Again it is the brothel questline that has been updated. Things went bad today, so compared to the amount of time I spent, I don't have much to show for it. Too much time making assets...

In any case, here's the log! :D


  • Added new content to brothel questline
    • Added sex scene for brothel. (It currently ends after the sex scene)
  • Fixed the lady selling workers in Rei.Long Oak still wanting to sell after selling once.
That's it for today! Hope for more content next week, but it is kind of high asset needing stuff, so I don't know what speed I can create at. In any case, here are the download links.

Download Via Kimochi! -Please see last post for guide on how to move old saves to the new version.

That's it for this week, hope you guys enjoy! I need to head to bed, so see you all next week and thanks so much for the support!



  1. You're amazing Crouler, the fact that you have an update every week is very cool.
    Every week you get the same work done that some other game makers do in 2 months, and they have a patreon, lol.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. I'm lovin this game and incase i end up sound mean or insulting ima say now that I don't intend to offend...So that being said what I dislike the most is the fact that since Pattack Pdefense and Mdefense don't rise with level and only by equips this impart an... for lack of a better term artificial hard cap and with quests you can or can't succeed despite when one can begin it and this is no more so apparent than in the arena no status effect spells of you own no summons to do this for you and lack of status effect inflicting items mean that you must progress very far into the story to get Armour to survive a single hit or level to an obscenely over high level to to have the hp to survive a single hit from a super fast enemy to even make matter the only real offense benefit of levels that being Int which by that point may be so freaking high that a simple cast off light or dark will OVERKILL the said foe by a good bit so what you can and can't do is determined "almost" entirely by the best equips one can have at that time.

    Again just my 50 Cents so now you are bulletproof.So keep going strong.....just watch out for head shots would ya?

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    2. Are you certain that those stats don't rise with level?

    3. They don't, but your ability to withstand damage and apply physical damage increases with other stats that do. I'm also not sure what he's complaining about in terms of equipment; you can get the Steel Armour as soon as you get to Rei-Long Oak and I've gone as far as each quest is done so far without changing it.

  3. Oh me ^^^ this guy ^^^ again i also forgot can we have funtime runtime please?

  4. Lots of issues with the new parts of the quest. The new maps are buggy as hell (entrance path masks the sprites, you can't go back downstairs in the brothel) and you can't stop talking with Shavrone in Fuar.

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  6. Got a bug when you talk to succubi trainer at the end your stuck in the convo you cant escape it

  7. Pretty much what the other commenters said.

    New brothel map (outside) is in 2 levels and can't access half of it?
    New brothel (inside) go upstairs and you can't go back inside
    New brothel quest when you go to Shavrone in Fuar you get stuck in the convo.
    I edited my save so I could continue and in the following quest (trying to not spoil) when you talk to a certain person you get a blackscreen if you lose (I haven't been able to win yet), when you lose you can move, and the sound is OK, you can even teleport to fuar but even after teleporting you still get black screen (but fuar music, so I guess the tp went through).

    Other than that, amazing game, keep up the good work!