Friday, 5 December 2014

The great "I give up" thingie :P

So, I have released a new version of the game where I have removed the anti lag script. Please tell me if the game is better now. You may encounter maps with intense lag, but this is the price we have to pay for the moment. I will seek a new way of fixing the lag issues on some maps, but for now, the anti lag script has to go... So many issues that aren't fixed when fixing them because they are fucked :P

In any case, please test this version out and tell me if the hanging freezes disappear!


Tell me if this fixes it! Please... By all that is holy, let this fix it...


Edit: One case of the freeze has been confirmed to still happen, however I would like for you guys to try some of the other ones that used to freeze the game in case it is my fix to this particular freeze that caused it to freeze now.


  1. Crouler I have to say I really like this game, I played it for a good 2 days and stayed up till 3 am to get to the castle and after not taking the queen's hand nothing really happens I was wondering what am I supposed to do after the hiring of the gardener, then the servant master guy. Plus I having trouble with the mine shaft quest, I got the necklace and tried to talk to the mayor after I visited Magven. (I think I spelled her name right.) also I am having a hard time finding the troll even though it was in the south forest, plus I was wondering if there is stronger armor than iron and also as for weapons wise I am up to the battle axe for the moment.Plus I do hope you answer back to this.

    I am having trouble with a few more things, after talking to the people like I need to be alone for awhile makes me feel like the quest isn't finished yet but I dont know where to go next. As for the sealed door in northern everlight gives me a suspicion that there is something around in the game I haven't found yet. There is also the problem of trying to do laws, court, hire hunters and chefs at the castle, is there something I am doing wrong or is it not input in yet? I do hope you reply, also have a good December. -A addict of rpg's

    1. Glad you like the game. Though I hate the freezes at the moment :P

      Next you should head to the servants quarters, that's where the main quest proceeds. If my memory is correct. Mugginns is likely the one who should answer about the darkshard mine quest.

      There are stronger armors, yes. They are scattered around the game, not purchasable but lootable. A lot of stronger weapons too.

      Try checking your questlog for the time being and see if you have any quests remaining there, as they show the official quests. There are a lot of stuff not put in there as well, as they are not exactly "quests" but small stuff that simply happens.

      Laws in the court is not implemented yet.

      Again, thanks for taking the time to write, it means a lot! :D

  2. talking to the one person who is supposed to teach you attacks in Everlight still has the game freeze up when the subordinate walks out of the room

  3. what happened to that turn invisible skill anyway? if its still in, how can i acquire it again?

    1. I don't remember taking the invisibility skill out, I will try to go through the game and see if it is still there. I don't remember where I used to give it to the player though.

    2. I found it. It is in your castle after the michelle questline and castle questline appear the angels give it to you.

      --The Omega Pheonix--

  4. My castle (Throne Room) scene after the queen asked for marriage is still affected by the freeze even after so many updates i downloaded :(

    However, my heartiest appreciation to you in creating the game. Best RPG!

  5. This seemed to fix the Michelle freeze for me Im not sure about the second noble yet.

  6. This solved all the problems I had. Michelle questline and second noble too. I also don't have any lags. I'm at the "second noble" point for now. If I find any issue I will tell you :D And I'm waiting for next version of your awsome game :)