Monday, 27 November 2017 release

A new release is out, this time in collaboration with Hoonters!

If you guys are interested in the game you can find it here:

I found it fun to play and appreciate the chance to work together for some shared publicity.
Give it a go!

Now, for Alone, here are the release notes:

  • Added a new area for you to meet a character lost in a vortex when sailing near Rei-Long Oak.
  • Added a new sex scene
  • Added a new trader and several unique weapons to her store. (The weapons come from Hoonters universe)


That is it for this time around! Thanks for staying with the game. I realize I have begun having 2-week development cycles and I will try to get back to weekly releases instead. To our patrons, thanks! We appreciate it a lot! A new set of pictures are under development and I can't wait to see them. 



  1. Hoonters looks pretty good... However, since I can't post on their Patreon page I'd like to ask on here: Are there any plans in the future to allow you to select the gender of the protagonist?

    1. Howdy! Sorry I never answered this before, wasn't aware this question had been asked here, and the answer is yes, this is the update I'm working on right now, actually.

  2. so-i got my champion title.....what now?